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William asks…

ok this is about slot machine.what do you think i should do in get it out to the plubic that i rent them?

i want people to know i rent out slot machines 4 privet parties,fund raiser and in home use.phx, and surrounding area only. call 4802292745.i have poker tables too.basicly i can bring the games to and ck out the prices.see how you can rent a game 4 as low as $29.95.every month theres a savings. see how you can save over $200 per and see how you can rent a game 4 free.some restickion apply.

admin answers:

Since your trying to serve a specific area i would defenitely rent out a few lines in my local news paper it’s rather cheap . And with a little marketing ingenuity as far as a catchy phrase or ?? And also there are always the free local reviews that you can advertise in .
Also i would take a trip to the library and check out books on marketing products and services

David asks…

Question about vegas

If I’m playing the slot machine or even video poker, will I still get free drinks?

admin answers:

Yes but not as often as people playing the tables unless you tip the waitresses plenty but then you may as well go a buy your own drinks. This was my experience at the MGM Grand

Ken asks…

Looking for the game „The Vaults of Atlantis“. I thought it was on pogogames, but wasn’t on list?

I played it on my friends computer. I thought it was a free game offered on When I go to that site that game doesn’t appear. I know the background color is „green“, but when I go to I get a different looking screen than I did at my friends house? Other games at that site was a poppit-balloon game, variety of video slot machine games, video poker, and a bowling game, etc. Can anyone instruct me where to find this game and this site? If someone can help me I would be so thankful! If possible could you include detailed instructions how to get this site to come up on my computer. I am new to my computer.

admin answers:

Those corner screen shots of games change all the time. Go to Sign up for a free pogo acct. Then when you are signed in click on the favorites and go to Edit. You should be able to change your list of favs and put Vaults of Atlantis on it.

Chris asks…

So a guy dies and goes to hell…?

This joke is on Y/A but this is the way I heard it.
Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

So a guy dies and goes to hell…

He isn’t happy.

It’s kind of hot. He is pretty sad and lonely until an emmissary comes along…

„Hey Buddy, What’s the problem, why so blue?“

„A duh, I’m in Hell“ he says

‚I can tell you’re new. Hell is not so bad‘ says his new friend…

Do you like drinking?

„Yes, I like drinking“ he begins to brighten..

On Monday nights we have the best happy hour in the universe. Every concoction you can think of and it is all free!

Do you do any drugs?

„Yes. I love my drugs“

Tuesdays is drug night! Anything and Everything goes..we have drugs here you never thought of or even heard of.

Do you like to gamble?

„Yes. I love to gamble“

Wednesday Casino Nights are the bomb!
We pull in slot machines Baccarrat, Poker tables, We even have a roulette wheel…

Are you gay?


You are not gonna like Thursdays

admin answers:

Hey! If hell is just a big party of sins then i’m heading there in a handbasket!

Sandy asks…

How to make and shuffle a deck of playing cards?

Implement a Card Game class that represents an ordinary 52 card deck with four suits
(hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades) and 13 cards per suit: ace, king, queen, jack, 10,
,…,2. Represent the deck in any convenient way. Overload the extraction operator to
display different card suits using cout. Derive a bridge class that includes a method deal
to divide the deck into four 13-card hands. Derive a Poker class that includes a method
deal to divide the deck into a specified number (between 2 and 7, inclusive) of 5-card
hands. After creating the classes, write a test client (program) for the class hierarchy.

admin answers:

Language! What language are you using.

An array is the way to hold a pack of cards. You now have to decide how to identify a card. Each card is made up of two elements. The value of the card and the suit of the card.
In some languages you will have to have this as a string, make the first character the suit and then a number following identifies the value. Or perhaps you just want to use a numeric value and then in the program you will somehow identify which card that is.
Some languages allow you to have a card class where you can separate the suit and value into two variables. You can even use int types to help with comparison.
But how do you cope with an ace which can have both a high and a low value in some games. Or sometimes a high value and sometimes a low value?

When dealing from the pack you could use a random number to select a card, however there is a risk of duplication.
The best option is to have a top card variable. This variable just moves through the pack and wraps around when it gets to the end.
So if you are using a top card variable the pack will have to be shuffled.
Transferring the ordered pack to a shuffled pack array using random numbers is the way to go but the nearer to the end of the pack you will find that the process will slow up as the „free slots“ are less so there is less chance of finding a free slot.
The best way that I have found is to divide the pack in half. Randomly transfer half the pack to the shuffle array and then sequentially transfer the rest of the pack to the empty slots.

Define shuffledPosition;
for (int i = 0; i < 52 / 2; i++) {
set found = false;
while (!found) { //Loop to keep finding a random number
set shuffledPosition = random number
if (shuffledPack[shuffledPosition]==null) { //Empty slot
set shuffledPack[shuffledPosition]=this.pack[i]; //Transfer from ordered pack to new pack
set found=true; //Set exit of loop
} //End if
} //End while
} //End for

for (int i = 52 / 2;i < 52; i++){
shuffledPosition = 0;
set found = false;
while (!found) { //Loop until empty slot found
if (shuffledPack[shuffledPosition]==null) {
set shuffledPack[shuffledPosition]=this.pack[i];
set found=true;
}else {
} //End if
} //End while
} //End for

Have fun.

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