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Laura asks…

Has anyone ever been to a professional tennis tournament?

I am trying to go to the Sony Ericsson Open this spring and I would like to know where it’s best to sit? Have you ever been to any professional tennis tournament? Not just the Sony Open. What is it like to sit in the the last section, meaning the top? Is hard to see what’s going, or to see the ball? Is it worthless to buy? It’s the cheapest tickets so that’s why I’m asking. Or should I just buy a more expensive ticket to get closer?
Thanks in advance

admin answers:

Looks like Ericsson has backed out of sponsorship, as the tournament is now called the Sony Open:

Here is their FAQ page:

In the link above, they said their main stadium is about 2/3 as large as Arthur Ashe stadium in New York, so maybe the cheap seats won’t be so far away.

They sell grounds passes when the main stadium is sold out.

***It’s the cheapest tickets so that’s why I’m asking. Or should I just buy a more expensive ticket to get closer?***

I would get the most expensive tickets you can *afford.* The prices go up as you get closer and closer to finals day, as you might expect. You might also look into Grandstand tickets, which are for their smaller stadium.

Spend some time with their web site and plan your trip as accurately as you can.

All the best, hope you get good weather 🙂

George asks…

Has anyone used Tomoe Nage or any sacrifice technique in a Judo tournament?

If so, could you give me a link to a match that does this?

admin answers:

Since I did not feel like do a whole lot of research for you I found one

Betty asks…

How to sign up for Pokemon Autumn Friendly Wi Fi tournament?

My computer is being stupid, and won’t let me view the global link on it. So, tell me how to please -_-‚

admin answers:

That’s the only way. To use the computer on the Global Link website. Try using another computer or another web browser, maybe even an updated computer.

Robert asks…

When can I start playing in ITF futures tournaments?

I want to play ITF futures but I don’t have a national ranking yet but I’m playing a tournament next week so I was just wondering how many of these tournaments do I need to win or what national ranking do I need to achieve in order to enter into ITF futures.

admin answers:

The title of the link below is „Mens and Women’s Pro Circuit FAQ’s.“ If you click on it, you should be able to find the answers to most basic questions regarding entry into ITF Futures. There are two pdf files, one for men, another for women.

Joseph asks…

How do I connect 4 XBOX 360’s to play one game on 4 different TV’s?

I’m running a Halo tournament on 4 52′ big screen and for the final match I need to connect the 4 TV’s into one game. I was planning on using a hardwired router but didn’t know how to connect them or how many ethernet cables to have on hand.


admin answers:

You can use a wired/wireless router(whatever you already have) and then connect all the ethernet cords into the same router; then you should be to do some xbox live/system-link

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