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Paul asks…

Would this ~Graphics Card & Power Supply work in my system ?

Here is my current spec :

Manufacturer: Asus
Motherboard Name: PTGD-LA
HP/Compaq motherboard name: Puffer2-UL8E

PSU: Bestec ATX 300 12Z – 300 watts

Graphics Card: Radeon X600 (PCI express)

My system is running DDR2 533 Ram

Now I am looking into upgrade to this spec:

Tagan TG480-U01 480W ATX2.0 Power Supply Unit


BFG GeForce 8600 GTS OC2 ThermoIntelligence 256MB GDDR3 (PCI express) Grpahics Card

Would this be compatiable to my system ?
Would this power supply work ?
I am worried about the GDDR3 on the graphics card not being compatiable with my motherboard !


admin answers:

The 480W power supply should be enough for an 8600GTS.

You don’t need to worry about the GDDR3, the RAM included on the video card is fully self contained and only used on the video card, as long as the motherboard will run the video card, it’ll be fine.

Susan asks…

Upgrade computer power supply?

Ok, so I just bought a hp a6010n with a Core 2 Duo and want to upgrade the graphics card, but to do that I need to upgrade the power supply. The specs on it are 250-watt (max) power supply (Zinfandel), Bestec ATX-250-12V) – 100-120VAC and 200-240VAC input (switch selectable), 50/60Hz. I have been online trying to find the exact measurements of it and what plugs I will need on a new power supply and can’t find one example of it anywhere. I can find tons of Bestec ATX-250-12E and Bestec ATX-250-12Z, but I am unsure if these are similar (because I can’t find example of a 12V). I don’t think that all upgrade power supplies have the same plugs.(?) I’ve found power supplies with between 4 to 6 different types plugs so far. I know that if I don’t need a plug I don’t have to use it but I need to make sure that I have all the plugs that I do need. I believe that I’m going to go for a 450watt or 500watt power upgrade. Can anyone help me out about the plug and size issue?

admin answers:

There are fundametally 3 kinds of internal powersupplies: XT (what’s an XT?), AT, and Pentium.

Power supplies are standard; mounting holes in the same place and the power supply case the same size.

Shop for a Pentium power supply (and in fact they may be so common now that they are only known as power supply) and don’t worry about physical size compatibility.

Lisa asks…

what would improve the performance of my pc most?

I have a gt5464 pc from has 1gb pc2 5300 ram.pentium dual core 1.6ghz (per core) E2140.320 gb sata II hardrive.a palit GeForce 8400GS Super+.& a bestec 300 watt psu.a vista home premium os.I play games like assassins creed,sims 2 & 3,sometimes do ps2 emulator.I also use vegas 8,9,& 10 a lot for video editing as well as adobe after effects cs4,photoshop cs3,& flash cs3.I use converters like xilisoft video converter ultimate 6 a lot for sony vegas.& most of the time I’m running about 1-3 programs at most simultaneously. so what should I upgrade that wouldn’t cost more than $400 that would improve the performance of all,or at least most of the the answer could you say if it’s all the programs or just most,why I should do that upgrade, and give a link to it at microcenter,target,walmart etc.thanks and sorry for the rambling.
highest proccessor support is core 2 duo but has to have 800 mhz bus & LGA775 socket.memory caps at 2gbs.can’t do amd proccessor because have intel LGA775 socket not amd am2, am3,etc.

admin answers:

I agree with the memory upgrade. 2 – 4GB though I will assume your OS is 32bit so your memory will likely cap at 3.25GB even if you get 4. Also, faster RAM will definitely improve performance. You’re using 5300, try 6400 if the motherboard supports it.

Get a faster CPU. I have seen many faster Pentiums so if the motherboard supports it get one. Better yet, if the motherboard supports the Core2 cpu, get one of the Core 2 duo running 2-3GHz. You can ignore the people knocking the Intel CPU. They’re ignorant.

Lastly, whatever you upgrade, you will save 40 – 60 % by shopping online rather than goingt o any of those stores you mentioned. Check out the following links:

James asks…

Will this PSU work with this motherboard and GPU?



I done fucked up
This is the link to the GPU:

admin answers:

Your GPU’s link is just the same as your Motherboard.

Since your MOBO doesn’t support x-fire / SLI then that 800w will be too much, a good branded 600w PSU would be good enough for almost every single GPU from an HD6770 to a gtx 570. For a gtx 580 you’ll be needing at least 650w branded PSU.

Just a friendly advice, as much as possible don’t go cheap on your PSU, avoid generic ones and only get good branded types like corsair,seasonic,antec and OCZ bec if something goes wrong (most probably), it could ruin your system altogether (worst case scenario).

EDIT: okay, since what you have there is an HD6870, then what you’ll gonna need is a good branded 600w PSU. Its power requirement is 500w or „GREATER“, thus 600w would be the „IDEAL“ PSU (extra breathing space and extra power for future upgrades) :

Betty asks…

will this psu fit my computer Power supplies?

one im looking at:
one i currently have on my hp m8000n: bestec atx-300-12z

admin answers:

Yes it will.

P.S. That’s a nice PSU.

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