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Michael asks…

What name could a co-ed hockey team go with?

We are playing in a charity hockey tournament. We are from Canada, and have 15 players and a goalie. Please suggest some good names for us!

admin answers:

Kings, Queens and Aces?
Mid-Ice Crisis?
Multiple Scoregasms?
Buster McThunderstick?
Cant Score Wont Score?

Sandra asks…

What do you think duelist will need to become the King of Games?

To me,it is:

1) Complete all Yu Gi Oh games.

2)Believe and trust in their decks.

3)Enter tournaments and improve on their dueling skills.

4)Always relax and have fun on their dueling

admin answers:

Those 4 things are completely true, but there are a few more that need to be added:

5) Beat the current King of Games in a duel.

6) Get the right look. (For example, hair and clothing)

7) Respect opponents and their decks.

Ruth asks…

What is the largest poker tournament ever? (live, online, prize pool, and buy in)?

What is the one with the most people in a live tournament?
What is the one with the most people in an online tournament?
Which tournament has had the largest prize pool ever?
What is the most expensive buy in for a tournament that there has been?

admin answers:

The largest number of players ever in a „live“ tournament was for the World Series Main Event, $10,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em, in 2006, with 8773 participants. It also had the largest prize pool for any tournament, with a total pool of $82,512,162, and a first prize of $12,000,000 taken by Jamie Gold.

Records for online tournaments are being broken somewhat regularly. It seems highly likely that Poker Stars will set a new record in this area in just a few days, with plans well under way for a 35,000 player tournament. It is scheduled for Dec. 28th, with a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool and an $11 buy-in. This means that it’s effectively a „money added“ tournament, and Poker Stars will be losing money on the deal. More than 20,000 players have already pre-registered for this event, as of 12/26.

The 2008 WCOOP main event at Poker Stars had the largest prize pool for an online event. The buy-in was $5,200, there were 2,185 players, and the total prize pool was $10,925,000. First prize went to „ckingusc“ (Carter King) who won $1,265,432.23. Player „liberace,“ who finished second, collected $1,375,249 as a result of a deal that was struck among the final five players.

Player Ka$ino remains the player who won the largest first prize, for taking $1,378,330.50 in the 2007 WCOOP main event. Though the prize pool was smaller (as was the buy-in), there was no deal on splitting the money. Ironically, Ka$ino actually finished in 2nd place, but was awarded 1st place prize money when Mark Teltscher, a.k.a. „TheV0id“ was disqualified for playing on multiple accounts, thereby losing the largest online poker prize in history for a rules violation (multiple account use is regarded as cheating).

The largest buy-in for a regularly scheduled tournament is the $50,000 annual H.O.R.S.E. Event at the World Series of Poker. However, there may have been some one time events with a small number of entrants playing for a bigger buy-in.

John asks…

What is a tournament like jousting that would happen in the mid 1800’s?

I’m writing a story on King Arthur set in 1850’s Australia and I need a tournament for Sir Kay to go in that’s more modern than a jousting tournament.. or would jousting still happen around these times?
Quette2 – of course it’s fictional, it’s about a guy pulling a magic sword out of a stone.. I was just wondering if there was anything other than a sword he could pull out that was more relevant. And yes I am changing the story by setting it in Australia.

admin answers:

They would not have jousting in the 1850s. But horse racing was popular, he might take part in a horse race. I would also suggest a cricket match would be an appropriate substitute for a joust at this period.

Robert asks…

Can anyone tell me some animes with fighting tournaments such as Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragon Ball?

Animes where they fight in team or individual, where the guy gets stronger for that tournament…you know what i mean.

admin answers:

The law of ueki
flame of recca
Shaman king
hunter x hunter
ranma 1/2
kenichi (has a guy who was weak but became stronger)
Full contact (manga)
Hajime no Ippo
Tenjou Tenge
Air master
Air gear
eyeshield 21

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