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Betty asks…

Designers like Betsey Johnson!!?

i am beginning to look for a prom dress and i really want something unique. i am only 5 ft 2 and am around a size 2 or 4 so i think i’d look better in a shorter dress rather than a gown. i love color and vibrant patterns…basically anything that pops! betsey johnson is one of my absolute favorite designers and i was wondering if anyone knew of designers similar to her with cute dresses? (i’d like to stay under $300 about) thanks in advance!!!

admin answers:

I know of a few great brands for short prom dresses. Some are similar to Betsey Johnson and others are unique in their own right. Especially similar to Betsey (with the flared skirts, sequins, etc) are Aqua by Bloomingdales, ABS (some styles), and Sue Wong.

ABS by Allen Schwartz is a popular choice for prom/dance dresses.

These Betsey Johnson dresses are on sale, and a few sizes are still available!

BCBGMaxazria often has a lot of great dresses, especially if you check Dillard’s. I’ve gotten a few short BCBG dresses for $70 (retail $200-300) during their sales! Be careful though, because some of their dresses are tacky lol. But if you find the right ones, they are GORGEOUS. Here’s their entire dress section on Bloomingdales (which usually has good price compared to BCBG on Saks, etc):|prod_type%3Aprod_type%3AAPPAREL|Age+Category%3AAge+Category%3AAdult!!Teen|Gender%3AGender%3Afemale!!Female|Department%3ADepartment%3ADresses&SearchType=designer&designer=Women&cKey=1&sortOption=*&resultsPerPage=96
Some of the short ones are really cute!

A few of potential dresses, based on your love of color and patterns: < this one's not vibrant, but I love it. My personal favorite!

Hope that helps! If you want an actual Betsey Johnson though, I've seen a ton on eBay for less than $300. I don't know how the sellers get them for so cheap, but they seem authentic. You probably want to size up to a 4 though – I hear that they run small.

Hope that helps! Good luck. 🙂 I'm about the same size as you so I agree that a shorter dress would be better than a gown.

Chris asks…

betsey johnson?

im looking for betsy johnson clothes that are cheaper then on the website do you know where i can get them?

admin answers:

Betsey johnson has a sale section on the website and the bags are not really that expensive

Richard asks…

betsey johnson fans — where else do you like to shop?

admin answers:

LOVE Betsey Johnson, but am too fat to wear her stuff. Places to shop are: (clothes, not just shoes) (used eek!!) (not much) (shoes & handbags) (sunglasses) (lingerie)

John asks…

Where can I find a Betsey Johnson umbrella?

admin answers:

*the betsey johnson retail stores no longer carry umbrellas. They stopped about a year and a half ago. I think your best bet would be on ebay. The only listing i found on ebay was this one:

which i think is ridiculously priced because each piece was priced around $40. Just keep checking on ebay and i’m sure something will pop up.

Laura asks…

Dresses! (Betsey Johnson)?

If you could find ANY dress online that looks like one of these PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reply!!
thanks so much!
(im trying to find ones that cost wayyy less)


admin answers:

I love Betsey Johnson, too! She is a great designer. I don’t think anything is going to be quite as great as hers.
„You get what you pay for.“
Here is a few similar and way way way less $.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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