Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Richard asks…

Unlocked cell phones? sells used cell phones that will work on the network they were on. Is this legitimate? I don’t mind buying a used cell phone especially considering their 30 day money back guarantee (minus a 20% restocking fee.) However, my concern is that verizon won’t be so happy about the whole thing considering they didn’t get the money from the sale of that phone.

1. What is the legality of an „unlocked“ cell phone?
2. Would Verizon go for it?
3. Is legitimate?
4. Any reviews of the company are much appreciated!!!

admin answers:

1. Unlocked phones are perfectly legal.
2. Verizon wont‘ know what phone you are using on their network. They won’t care.

Linda asks…

Can a cricket phone be unlocked?

I bought a Galaxy s3 cricket phone, but I need to unlock it in order for it to work for my Tmobile plan.
Can a cricket phone be unlocked?
Btw the phone does have a slot for a sim card so it’s not CDMA…
But from what I understand I need an unlock code to unlock the phone from the network.
Btw the phone does have a slot for a sim card so it’s not CDMA…
But from what I understand I need an unlock code to unlock the phone from the network.

admin answers:

Unfortunately no, Cricket phones cannot be unlocked. Cricket works on CDMA network while T-Mobile and unlocked phones operate on GSM. These two technologies cannot be combined together.

Mandy asks…

How can we unlock phones using cable?

I have nokia 6500s. I want to unlock it. it is with 3. I have one phone unlocking software. I tried to put about five codes in it . it didn’t work. after that I went to get help about the code it was saying that you can unlock it by cable solution. I didn’t understood that what does it mean by „cable solution“. does any one know anything about it .
Please tell me it is an argent.

thanks in advance……..!

admin answers:

The way you tried was by code… Some phones can be unlocked by code.

Some. Like yours, need your phone to be linked to a PC and install a administrator software to edit the phones features… You need the cable connection and software to unlock the phones.

Michael asks…

What is an unlocked phone?

One of my friends wants to sell me an unlocked windows venue pro phone. He said that you can just buy like a phone card for and it till work. I am unsure of this. What is an unlocked phone.

admin answers:

Every Phone Carrier (e.g AT&T ) pays the manufacturer (samsung,htc,dell…) to have the phone company’s logo on the phone at the same time locking the phone to said company
this phone can be unlocked to be used with compatible carriers (t-mobile,h20,AT&T)

Sandra asks…

what exactly are GSM unlocked phones?

well i’m planning to buy an unlocked GSM phone. but i’m still not completely sure if it will work.

it says that it will work if you have t-mobile. all you have to do is put your SIM card in.

i have t-mobile and i SIM card. i just want to be sure that it will work.

so will it? and what are GSM and unlocked phones?

admin answers:

An unlocked phone is one that will accept all network sim cards. This
may be a phone somebody has unlocked in which case it would previously have been locked to another network.

An unlocked phone is not the same as a SIM FREE phone. Sim free phones are sold already open to all networks and as a result usually cost more as there is no network subsidy.

If the phone is unlocked there is no reason why it will not accept your T
Mobile sim card.

GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is the standard used by the mobile phone companies in order for their networks to communicate. It allows voice calls, sms for example but is not the bearer for services such as picture messaging and mobile internet. This is done over GPRS and other bearers.

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