Your Questions About Pass To Me Pitbull

Thomas asks…

The rapper pitbull had sex with my mom what do i do?

i went to a pitbull concert with my mom and few of her friends and my friends… my mom had a vip pass backstage to meet pitbull. i told my mom i had to take a dump and it would be awhile.. i went backstage afterwords and seen my mom on top of pitbull.. he said he was sorry and wrote me a check for 5000.. would this be good enough for you should i blackmail him to get more money?

admin answers:

If this is „true“ then take the 5000 and consider it a gift. Do something nice for yourself.

As for you mom, she got it on with a rapper. Deal with it. Be happy for her.

Paul asks…

How to put my puppy back to sleep?

I was wondering how to put my pitbull puppy back to sleep after I woke him up to take him to go pee should I just turn off the lights and ignore him if he starts crying and barking?

admin answers:

If this happens during the night when you take him for a pee, this is the only time that don’t congratulate him for obliging. Just take him out side, don’t talk to him and don’t feed him or give him a treat and put him back into his bed.
Having said that, he may have passed the stage when he needs to pee during the night. Take him out just before you go to bed and leave a pad of newspapers on the floor. Soak the top sheet in urine that he has passed during the day, if he is desperate he will pee on this.

My dogs were toilet trained when they were very young, despite the fact that I left newspapers down during the night.

Sandy asks…

How do i get over dogs leaving to bad homes while volunteering at a humane society?

I’ve been walking, training (she has a bit of a potty training issue), brushing, playing with this GORGEOUS Siberian Husky (she was there for 2 weeks, and was transported from another shelter). . So today I went to the shelter, to take her for a walk, and brush her hair out. Anyways, she LOVES to run, and be brought out in the pen they have, and she over heats easily since she’s a Husky. Anyways, this older guy (around his 40’s) walks in with his son, probably around 18 years old, just getting out of highschool. I was in the middle of brushing her when they came in to meet her, I put down the brush, and they started asking questions, about walking her, how good she is, ect.

I told them, about her potty training issue, which for some pepole is a bad thing since she’s already 5 years old and has a small chance she will never be house broken. (she was brought in with a ton of other huskeys who were poorly treated) I told them how she pulls a lot, and gets spooked easily when walking up behind her. The dad wasn’t impressed, and tried to see how much she knew, he yelled for her to sit down, and when that didn’t work he pointed his finger in a downward motion, when that failed to work, he then pushed the back of her down, she backed away. She came over and sat by my legs, I could tell she didn’t like him.. She was fine with the son, but he also wasn’t pestering her.

So, then they started talking about what they would do with her, they’re gone 8 hours of the day, and she would be in a kennel, which is no place for her. And then in the summer the boy added she could go to job sites with him, and sit in the truck. Though that wouldn’t work either, since the dad said the truck doesn’t even have air conditioning. So they left and looked at other dogs. She would be an indoor dog, when she was origonally an outdoor dog. (not living out side, but had the ability to go in and out as she pleased.)

I went back into the dog kennel area, and changed her water, the dad walked up to me and said how he’s not from around here, and he „rescues“ pitbulls. He adopts pitbulls, and puts them into other cages, where no one can even love them!. He says its „better for them“. BUT, hes the strangest part, he said they were wonderful dogs, and stranger yet? the shelter HAD a pitbull, just a pup. And he said it needed to be taught better, and it was a horrible dog. The dog was fine, I took it on many walks, and he loved people. Pulled less than the huskey, just was a bit spunky.

Anyways, at the end of the day, they adopted the siberian huskey, I don’t mind adopting out dogs and cats to good owners. But a kennel, and living in a truck, and living next to 34 pitbulls that are all locked up in seperate kennels, is NO home for her. She’s a 5 year old who was poorly cared for, brought to our shelter from another. (where no one adopted her). I’m the only person she ever took to, and I was contemplating adopting her, but I have a dog of my own who would be afraid of her, ,she’s jsut alittle shih tzu (10 years old).

The dog was an amazing dog, but the dad was mean to her? Hitting her kennel for her to stop jumping, when al lshe wanted was out. Yelling at the other dogs to stop barking? I’m afraid something bad might happen to her, I’m greatful she got adopted and not put down, but they didnt‘ seem like the right kind of people for that kind of dog..

So my question is,

While I’m working here, how can I avoid getting too attached? IT was only her, I’ve walked many dogs, and take out many cats, I never get attached to them. Any suggestions? I’ve been crying 3 hours straight now.

& I do plan to keep going back, so not going really isn’t an option.
I’ve only been working there a few weeks (starting the begining of the year), but if the animals are older they let anyone adopt them. I do not give the papers, thats up to the manager.

And I WISH there was some sort of interview… They used to have one, but now with a new owner they got rid of the idea. Since they had so many cats and dogs come in, they lie and say they’re friendly when they’re really are not.
Thanks everyone, I’m actually looking into adopting a Husky pup, either from Wisconsin, or Michigan. I’ve found beautiful dogs, on both breeders websites… Maybe she’ll find her way back to the shelter where I could take her in a heart beat..

& I did not say anything to anyone, there was another actual worker there, standing by me as the guy was talking about his pitbulls. He said the only way to give them a good home, was to divide them up, and leave them alone.

Hopefully, the young boy will be better to her, than the older guy was to her.

The husky was the sons, but he didn’t seem to know much about dog care either.. 🙁

admin answers:

This sounds like a very archaic adoption system. Over here (UK) you have an inspector that will only release the dog into the care of new people they deem suitable. Furthermore, this will only ever happen if they pass a home check.

I can’t believe after all of the details you have explained to us that they were allowed to adopt. However, did you raise your concerns with your superiors? That’s the only way you can get any real progress done….

I think you need to raise your concerns with your superiors and insist that they raise those concerns with the appropriate animal protecting agency.

What you described, is no life for a Husky, or any dog for that matter!

As for the not getting attached. I’m afraid that will only be attainable if fortify the practical side of your mind. To continue to volunteer successfully at this centre you will need to ensure a stable state of mind for the dogs under your care. Make the decision to (if you’ll excuse the expression) „man up“. I’m not trying to offend, but you owe a duty of care and stability to those dogs so it’s a choice and a difficult one at that, to make.

I wish you all the best.

Donald asks…

Does anyone have a similar breed with epilepsy?

He is a rednose pitbull mix, his symptoms are jaw snapping, running back and forth continuously, and has small minor seizures throughout the day that include mainly muscle spasms. If you have any information that could help me out please let me know.

admin answers:

Our boy Cosmo, a Border Collie X Lab, had epilepsy

It was gut-wrenching seeing him fit.
Initially the seizures only lasted a matter of seconds, but as he got older they became more severe, lasting up to five minutes or more.
I found it very helpful to document the fits he had, i.e
– what he’d been doing prior to fitting
– time of day / or night that it occurred
– whether he lost consciousness or not
– how long it lasted
– how severe it was
– what part(s) of his body were involved
– whether his body twitched or remained rigid.
– whether he salivated
– whether he was incontinent (passed urine and / or faeces)
– What he was like after the fit e.g disorientated, listless, pacing.
– how long it took him to return to normal activities.

All these facts assisted my vet to assess the severity, track the progression, and accurately assess the effectiveness or otherwise of treatment for our boy.

And in the end it was all well worth the effort. We ended up having our beautiful boy for 11 and a half years and more importantly, he was able to enjoy a very good quality of life.

I hope that this may help you manage your dogs epilepsy.

Robert asks…

has okalhoma passed a new law on pitbull dogs?

admin answers:

Not yet, but like stated, this is one trying to get passed through. There is a law that „breed specific legislation“ could not be passed(I worked to get that one through) BUT they are still try to get this one through. They are pionting to Mid-west/Del City’s law, which was grandfathered in. We need everyone’s help to keep this law from passing. They thought they would have the state animal control orginization on their side, but were shocked when they didn’t get it. With some more people standing up, we have a chance to beat this thing!

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