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David asks…

Best way to practice Poker online for free?

I want to start playing online poker (Texas holdem no limit) but want to practice for free (or very cheaply) first. What’s best way to do this?


admin answers:

Paddy power, free games at certain times for prizes

Chris asks…

Where can I play free poker against real people online?

I’m only a beginner and is there a website where I can practice with real people?

admin answers:

You will find free poker games online when You type the URL od any big poker room and exchange the .com domain with .net
Almost all big poker sites run play money versions of their sites on the .net domain

You can also play on no deposit sites where no real money is envolved, like the NLOP (National LEague of Online Poker).
These sites run free poker games and have a pricepool that is poaid for by sponsors and advertisers on the site.

YOu can also use no deposit poker bonuses to get a real money starting balance
on the big poker rooms without investing own money and start playing real money poker for free.

Susan asks…

Where can I learn how to play pai gow poker?

I want to play online for free or real money, doesn’t matter to me.

admin answers:

You can learn how to play the game at All the rules of the game are listed there. You can also find places where you can play the game on the internet for free or real cash! Good luck, I hope you win big!

Sandy asks…

What will be a great promotion in an online casino that will make you play in it?

Online casinos give you 100% deposit offers even up to 300% on your first purchase, is there something new out there better than that?

admin answers:

Free games after free games for slots. As for poker, free credits. A download for practice before playing for real.

Sharon asks…

How do you feel about the congressmen who are banning online poker?

Bills HR 4411 and HR 4777 are going to ban online gaming as we know it.

admin answers:

I think that it is so wrong for congressmen to even be considering this since people have the option of whether to gamble online or not.

I think the reason that they are doing it is because they want a piece of the pie. Why not ban Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City and all the casinos in between.

The congressmen say that terrorists have their hands in online gambling. Also, that they use if for money laundering. I say „prove it“. I mean, there are some regulated, licensed landbased casinos that also have online casinos…does that mean that they are owned by the terrorists? I think NOT!

There are hard-working, honest people that make their living and feed their children by promoting online casino gambling.


Does that make them terrorists? I THINK NOT!

Gambling is a choice…why not outlaw cigarettes, soda, coffee, chocolate…terrorists might have their hands in THAT TOO!!

I am proud to be an American where at least I know I’m FREE, and I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right TO ME!!!

Check this out BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

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