Your Questions About Pokerus And Macho Brace

Chris asks…

Ev training pokemon black 2 with pokerus and macho brace?(help find power items)?

How many evs with pokerus alone?
Evs with macho brace alone?
Both together?
Also where can i find the power items like power weight, lens specific where exacly to find items in the areas.
And how many evs with or without pokerus

admin answers:

Both pokerus and macho brace respectfully double EV gain. Both at the same time it quadruples. The power items are battle subway prizes and cannot be gotten any other way.

James asks…

Why won’t Grovyle’s attack EVs go up?

I started EV training (in Pokemon Emerald) my Grovyle at level 21, it is now level 22.

At 21, I must have defeated several Poochyena, and yet Grovyle’s EVs are not going up, the stayed the same. The only time they changed was when he leveled up to 22, but it was nothing significant.

It has Pokerus and is carrying a Macho brace.

admin answers:

Most likely, the EVs are going up, but you aren’t noticing it. At low levels, it isn’t 4 EVs to a stat like it is at Level 100. Stats are calculated through a very complex formula that is:

( ( ( ( a + ( 2 * b ) + ( ( c ) / ( 4 ) ) + d ) * e ) / ( 100 ) ) + f ) * g


a = IV
b = Base Stat
c = EV
d = 100 if the stat is HP, 0 otherwise
e = Level
f = 10 if the stat is HP, 5 otherwise
g = 1.1 if the stat has a beneficial nature, 0.9 if it has a detrimental nature, 1 otherwise

David asks…

How does EV training work in pokemon?

So if i trained on magicarp which says its +1 in speed only will the only my speed stat rise and all the rest stay the same?

so at level 100 could i have like 400 speed and 1 for all my other stats?

If i trained on magicarp but then killed another pokemon will that wreck my EV training?

admin answers:

I’ll explain, but you might need to check a guide, I’ll post it on the Source.
Ok first of all EV Training was created to give Pokemon higher stats when they have becomed level 100. Every 4 EVs a Pokemon gains equals to one stat extra (which stat depends on what EVs you get, example Staraptor gives out 3 EVs in speed, so battling two Staraptors will give out 6 EVs in speed, equals one point extra for speed). A Pokemon can only gain 255 EVs max for one stat, that means that you only need 252 EVs to max out a stas as 255 is not divisible by 4. And also a Pokemon can only have 510 EVs max overall, which means you can only max out two stats. So let’s say that you want to make a Physical sweeper, a good example is Electrivire which has both good attack and speed. So you EV Train that Electrivire, giving it 252 EVs in attack and 252 in Speed, choose wisely which stats you’ll ev train, always ev train the pokemon’s high stats to make strong pokemon, you can see all of the pokemons‘ base stats at a guide which will also be posted in the Source. Now there are several things that can help in EV Training. The first one is the Macho Brace, holding the Macho Brace will double all of the EVs you get, with the cost that the Speed EVs you get will be halfed. Example beating a Ghastly gives out 1 EV in Sp. Attack, beating it holding the Macho Brace will give you 2 EVs in Sp. Attack, another example, beating a Staravia gives you 2 EVs in speed, beating it holding the Macho Brace will only give you 1 EV in speed. There are also the Power Items which can be bought from the Battle Frontier shop (48 BPs each, I know they’re expensive but they’re the most effective), the Power Items give out 4 EVs extra in a particular stat (for example the Power Lens give 4 EVs extra in attack) with the cost of speed EVs being halfed again, the Power Anklet however gives 4 extra EVs in Speed without anything being halfed. Finally the rare Pokemon Virus called Pokerus doubles the EVs you get, this time without the cost of Speed EVs being halfed, in fact speed EVs are also doubled. Natures also play a big part in EV Training, if a Pokemon has a nature that boosts the stat you’re training, it will have a higher stat than the one that does not have that nature. For example an Adamant nature boosts attack and hinders sp attack, train a pokemon with the Adamant nature in attack and it will have a higher attack stat than the same pokemon with a modest natue lets say.

You need to know though which pokemon give out which EVs and where to find them and also which natures benefit which stat. You also need to know the Pokemons‘ base stats so that you can see which stats to EV train (remember to trani the high stats). All of these are in the guides bellow.

PS: No a magikarp can’t have any stat 400 because it’s the weakest pokemon ever.

John asks…

What is ev training in pokemon and how to do it?

Can you tell me plz people keep saying there going to ev train there pokemon

admin answers:

EV Training is pretty much when you battle the same Pokemon in the wild over and over again. It sounds boring, and it really is. Nobody wants to face 252 Gastlies in a row. But doing so makes your Starmie a lot more powerful than other, non EV-trained Starmies.

BTW, you don’t have to face 252 Gastlies. There are things that speed up EV training, like the Power items, Macho Brace, Vitamins, and Pokerus.

Maria asks…

How many ghastly do i have to kill to maximize a sp.attack in an e.v training? ?

Same goes for killing a magikarp for speed. and how much extra stat points will my pokemon earn in that certain stat?

admin answers:

Gastly gives 1 EV in SpAtt
Magikarp gives 1 EV in Spd

To maximize a Stat you need 252 EVs, so you have to kill 252 Gastlys & 252 Magikaps

If you want to do it faster you sholud get Macho Brace that doubles the EVs gained. Then you oly have to kill 126 of each one.
Other option is use power items (Power Lens for SpAtt & Power Anklet for speed), this gives you 4 extra EVs on their respective stats. Then you have to kill 51 of each one

And even, if you get the PKRS (pokerus) it’ll be faster cause doubles the amount EVs that you get, but is really hard to get.

With Macho Brace & PKRS you kill 63 pokemons
With a Power Item & PKRS you kill 26 pokemons

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