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Paul asks…

Where can I get good FREE spyware?

A pop up came on my screen saying I had 3 different trojans in my computer and to click here to download and remove them. I did so, but when the download was complete the install pop up said download from unknown source so I canceled and did not install.

I play poker online for money. When I went to Bodog Poker site it said download update. (I have done this many times with no problems) This time I tried but it refused to update. So I went to my control panel and removed Bodog from my computer. Then I went to the Bodog site to reinstall the program. After I downloaded the program when I clicked to install it, my computer refused saying program files corrupted. What would cause this? Are these actions related? Is there good free spyware available to remove the trojans?

admin answers:

If it’s spyware you seek, all you have to do is go to some hardcore porn sites and voila! You’ll have oodles of great, free spyware on your system in no time.

Oh you want to get rid of it? Perhaps you should choose your words more carefully.

Superantispyware is a good one. My favorite is spybot – search and destroy. It’s fast, small, and get’s the job done.

If you have some more serious virus/malware issues and suspect you might have some rootkits installed, then you want something like ComboFix.

Other rootkit removers are discussed here:

i haven’t used any besides combofix as that has worked beautifully for me in the past.

And stop using bodog. It sucks harder than your mother.


-Mayor McCheese

Ruth asks…

Good poker software?

I’m looking for freeware (or at least shareware with a free trial period) that is able to calculate poker odds. More specifically, all I need to be able to do is to get the percentage chance of winning a no-limit Texas Hold’em game with a specific starting hand and number of players (without knowledge of the other player’s hands, of course). This would be similar to the way that ESPN displays the chance of players winning hands during the World Series of Poker. It doesn’t necessarily have to work with any online poker software or anything, manual entering of hands is fine. The software can be an online app or a downloaded application, and no spyware or adware attached to it would be nice as well 🙂
Sorry, I didn’t mean to say the chance of „winning“ the hand because obviously the way you play the hand will determine whether you win or not. What the software must do is calculate what the probability is that the hand will be the best hand at the end of all the betting.

admin answers:

PokerStove – It’s free and it’s fantastic.

See link below.

James asks…

What is the best poker tracking software?

Hey guys! I’m Joni. I am 17 years old and from Brazil. I am playing poker online for about 2 years and im doing great lately! After many fails I am finally dominating sit-and-go tables. I am making around 500$ per week playing low-stake tables on pokerstars and sometimes on full tilt. I guess its time to go pro and make my investment in some tracking software or tool to help me reading others players and analyse the way they play. I know there are a few tracking softwares in the market but I can’t decide for any. Could someone inlight me and help me out on picking up the best poker tracking tool in the market?


admin answers:

Overall, Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker.

For tournaments, SitNGo Wizard and Tournament Shark.

They are all good, you might want to download trials to see which one suits you best. There are also sites where you can get them free of charge.

Jenny asks…

What is a good gambling online site?

The thrill of going to a casino is always fun, is there any online gambling websites that you guys could suggest to me?

Much appreciated!

admin answers:

Hi Becky, If you enjoy gambling and poker I would definitely suggest Full Tilt Poker. It has a nice looking layout and has a great sign up bonus =)

Full Tilt Poker offers a 100% matching bonus up to $600 using the current bonus code: XCASHBONUSX. So if you deposit $600, you will get $1200!

There is one catch to this offer and that is that you have to play games to have your bonus cash given to you. I deposited $200 my first time and got $140 free cash back so far =D

*To download and play for free visit:
*For more information please visit:

Donald asks…

Does anyone have the full episode of One tree hill 6×03?

I really want to watch it. I know it just came out a couple hours ago, but does anyone know where I can watch it online for free, without downloading anything? Thank so much. A direct link would be very helpful.
It’s called: Get cape, wear cape, fly.
Please and thank you!

admin answers:

I watched it here:

Don’t be put off by the poker ad, It’s just really annoying!

Here’s a link to watch all OTH season 6 episodes basically right after they air.


Hope I helped! Xo

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