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Sandra asks…

I am looking to go on a Cruise and know nothing about it?

I am looking to go on cruise with Carnival Paradise going from Long Beach, Ca. I have never gone on a cruise before and know nothing of what it has to offer. What I like to know is, if anybody been on a cruise and how much money I will be expecting to pay. I always hear there are fees and charges for almost everything, Like food or whatever. Please share your insights and what packages include whatever. The distention is to Catalina and Ensenada. I may travel alone or bring a friend.

admin answers:

Since you have never been on a cruise I will give you my full explanation, which will be rather long.

First of all the terms „cabin“ and „stateroom“ mean the same thing; the cruise industry prefers stateroom. The standard cabin that most people get (inside/outside/balcony) are generally between 175 and 200 square feet, about the size of a 9 by 12 ft home bedroom (balconies are about 45 to 55 sq ft). Each cabin has a two beds which can be made into a queen, a bathroom with a shower stall, a closet and some drawer space, a TV and telephone, a safe for valuables, a mini-refrigerator, and a life jacket for each passenger. Some cabins that are built to accommodate 3 or 4 people will have a pull down bed and/or a sofa bed.

The price of a cruise includes your cabin, all shows and other entertainment on ship, use of all of the ship’s facilities (except you have to pay for getting your hair and nails done ,for massages and wraps and other spa treatments), use of the gym, pools and hot tubs, use of the clubs, bars and disco, all meals and snacks all day and night. There are places on ship where you can go to breakfast, lunch and dinner and midnight buffets and all of the food is free. There is generally a room service menu that you can order from 24/7 and that food is free (you should tip the delivery person a couple dollars). There are places where you can get something to eat 24/7.

Not include are soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. The ship will provide unlimited free coffee, tea, milk, juices, and drinks like lemonade and punch for free. BUT, you must pay for soft drinks (usually about $1.50) and all alcoholic beverages including beer and wine.

You can eat in the main dining room and the buffet for free all of the time. But every ship has what they call specialty restaurants, like a French, Tex-Mex, Sushi, or steak house where there is a charge. The charge can be from $5 to $20 per person each time you eat. They call it a gratuity or service charge.

When you arrive at the port to check in you (each passenger) will have an on board charge account set up and receive a key card which will serve as your room key, charge card for anything you buy on ship (i.e.,drinks, souvenir, tours, photos, etc) and its also your pass to get on and off ship in each port. When you first board the ship the security personnel will have you insert your key card into a scanner and then will take a photo of you that is included in the magnetic strip on the card. Each time you get off ship you will need this key card and many times also a photo ID (passport or driver’s license). This card allows them to keep an accurate track of all passengers entering and/or leaving the ship.

Each day of your cruise you will receive in your cabin a „newsletter“ listing the time, place and particulars of everything happening for you on ship. There are generally activities like demonstrations of ice carvings, napkin folding and towel folding, and cooking demonstrations. There may be organized games and other activities around the pools. In the evenings there are shows, one show for those with an early dinner seating and another (same show) for those who eat late.

The ship will have a casino with slots and table games. Some ships have a movie theater, generally small but nice, and you can also see movies in your room. They have ATM’s and a purser’s desk where you can cash a check or exchange currency if you need to. There is a tour and activities desk so you can schedule land tours and activities.

Ships have free morning exercise programs, stretching and walking, etc, and on some you can pay for other things like Spinning. All cruise ships have gyms so you can go workout, usually any time from 6:00 AM to late at night. There is usually a walking/running track on one of the decks also. Some ships leave the gym open all night. They call the gyms Spa because they do promote getting pampered with things like wraps and massages with aroma therapy. They will also generally have a beauty salon to do hair and nails.

There are always pools. Some ships have more than one and the newer ships generally have an indoor pool as well as outdoor ones and all of these have hot tubs. There is generally a basketball court on the top deck, a place for scuffle board, and a mini-golf course.

There are places on ships to play cards and board games, and the cards and games are provided. If you want to just sit and read, there’s a library where you can bring your books or select one from the shelf. Ships have internet cafes and some offer WIFI if you bring your prefer to use your computer in your cabin (some ships offer notebooks for rent). They charge a hefty fee for internet service on ship. There are cocktail lounges that feature a variety of music. Some have a piano bar with jazz. There is usually a disco that starts after 10:00 PM each night and last until everyone leave. On certain days ships will have special activities like a chocolate lovers buffet, or a midnight deck party .

The dress on ship is casual all day until 6:00PM. So take swim wear, shorts, sandals, beach shoes, your snorkel equipment if you have it, sun glasses and sun screen, lotions, a cap or big hat for the sun, a book if you are a reader, your music player, sneakers and clothes to workout in if you like to use the gym, your camera, and other personal toiletries.

After 6:00 PM they request that you wear „sports casual“ attire. That’s attire that you would expect a person to wear in a business office, shirt with a collar, slacks, skirt, blouse, etc. You can still wear shorts and swim wear in the pools and spas but not in public areas like dining rooms and restaurants, show rooms, bars, casino, etc.

Most 7-day cruises have two formal nights when you can wear your best stuff and get pictures taken, and maybe meet the ship’s Captain. The formal nights are REQUESTED not required attire. But most people do dress up in a tux for men and a long dress (any color) for women. Some men just wear a suit and tie and some women wear a nice dress but not a gown. You will not be denied access to the dining room or anything else if you choose not to dress up. (we usually take off the formal stuff after dinner and pictures anyway).

Its best to pack using soft-sided luggage because with space limited in your cabin it fits under the beds better if its not hard sided luggage. Take a small carry-on bag for the last night of the cruise. On the last evening you will be required to put your luggage outside your cabin by about 2:00 AM so that they can start taking it down to the lower deck for offloading the next morning. So you will need a small bag for your toiletries and and your clothes that you sleep in.

The hidden costs on a cruise are your tab after the cruise for drinks (alcoholic and sodas), tours, photos, souvenirs you buy on ship, and gratuities. The largest of these are generally for tours and gratuities. Many ships now add the recommended gratuity to your on board tab. The gratuity is about $10 to $12 per day per person. You can give more if you want. Tours can add hundreds to your final bill, depending upon how many stop the ship makes and what you want to do. Study the tours carefully; some places you may want to just go on your own.

Finally, all cruises cabin are sold DOUBLE OCCUPANCY which mean that if you go alone you will pay a double fee (for two people) so get someone to go with you.

Lizzie asks…

Do you join me in extending recognition to the Universal Father on this Father’s Day holiday?

Gratitude to the Universal Father who gave us human’s life, purpose, and destiny. The Paradise Father God of the cosmic creation and the heavenly relationship. Whom Jesus represented here on earth.

admin answers:

Actually, I did thank God for being my Father in Heaven today, and for all His blessings. I also thanked Him for my own Dad who passed away many years ago.

Maria asks…

What is the name of the flying snake?

There are these snakes in some place that glide through the air from tree to tree.

Does anyone know the nake of the snake and what country they derive from?

Also would you be afraid of passing through a forest with such snakes gliding around like that from tree to tree? LOL I know I would be horrified!

admin answers:

There are THREE snake species that GLIDES through the air.

1. Golden tree snake
2. Paradise tree snake
3. Banded flying snake

They range mostly in Asia and a little of Europe.

Nancy asks…

Tropical Storm Erika: Would you still go to the Bahamas on vacation?

We are scheduled to be at the Atlantis – Paradise Island from Sep 4 – Sep 8. Unfortunately, now TS Erika seems to be headed that way for the weekend.
Would you cancel your trip or take a chance and go?

admin answers:

If you only want to see blue skies when you come, you may want to go ahead and cancel because the whole week seems to have some chance for thunderstorms, but if you don’t mind a few showers still come because you may not be able to ge your money back completely. T.S. Erika is not threat at all as it is set to pass us (maybe) as a depression and the only thing bahamians stop daily routine for is a category 2 hurricane or more. T.S. Erika will just be another rainy day. Enjoy yourself when you come to the Bahamas. 🙂

Mary asks…

Why did Christianity favor dogs over cats in the past while Islam did and still does favor cats over dogs?

I find it very interesting.In Christianity cats where considered Minoans of the Devil while dogs where protectors but in Islam dogs are unclean while cats are good animals and Prophet Muhammad’s cat is believed to be in Paradise.

admin answers:

Islam is also concerned with giving and securing rights. The Sharia, or God’s laws as embodied in the Quran and the authentic traditions of Prophet Muhammad, endeavours to protect rights. Human beings have both rights and responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to secure the rights animals have to safety, security, and kind treatment. We are responsible before God to ensure that animal rights are upheld and respected. Cruelty to animals is a grave sin and can result in severe punishment.

“A woman was tortured and put in Hell because of a cat which she locked up until it died from hunger.” Prophet Muhammad, may God praise him, said:.“She neither fed it nor let it drink when it was locked up, nor did she set it free to eat the insects of the earth.”

It is true that God has decreed certain animals impure, specifically the dog, and the pig. This however is not a licence for cruelty. Impurity simply indicates that there are certain precautions to take, and particular regulations to follow when dealing with these animals. Treating animals, including dogs, with kindness can result in great reward; just as treating animals with cruelty can lead a person to the hell fire.

The Prophet, may God praise him, said, “While a man was walking he felt thirsty and went down a well and drank water from it. On coming out of it, he saw a dog panting and eating mud because of excessive thirst. The man said, ‘This (dog) is suffering from the same problem as me. So he went down the well, filled his shoe with water, caught hold of it with his teeth, climbed up, and gave the water to the dog. God thanked him for his (good) deed and forgave him his sins.” The people asked, “O messenger of God! Is there a reward for us in serving (the) animals?” He replied, “Yes, there is a reward for serving any living creature..”[Saheeh Al-Bukhari]

God has made it abundantly clear that the meat of the pig is impure and that the dog is an impure animal. Without doubt there is a divine wisdom behind all of this; however, a Muslim submits to God’s commands willingly, without needing to know the reason behind the divine rule. Moreover, God has expressly stated that a believer hears the words of his Lord and obeys them.

“‘We hear and we obey.’ And such are the successful (who will live forever in Paradise).” (Quran 24:51)

Hearing and obeying rules set down by God cannot be interpreted as a license to be cruel to any living creature. Although pigs and dogs can cause obvious harm to human beings, such as the meat of the pig harbouring diseases and bacteria harmful to man, or packs of dogs causing disease there is no justification for cruelty towards them.

Prophet Muhammad ordered the culling of the dogs of Medina[Saheeh Muslim] and the reason for this was that the dogs at that time were widely infected with rabies. Rabies, as is known, is an acute and fatal infectious disease that causes seizures in man and eventually leads to death. There were no animal shelters or vaccinations for diseased dogs; therefore killing the dogs was the only feasible way of protecting the people from harm.

“My father (one of Prophet Muhammad’s companions) said. “During the lifetime of God’s Messenger, dogs used to urinate, and pass through the Mosques (come and go…)”[Saheeh Al-Bukhari]

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