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William asks…

I want to start playing online poker?

i want to start playing on party poker for example at low stakes (only like 0.02/0.04) i no small but i was wondering is it safe downloading party poker? and what is the minimum you can deposit? what happens when you cash out, is it just added to your credit card account or is it sent out to you?

i no its a lot questions but thanks in advance

admin answers:

My brother love to play poker at

He won couple grands last month. Try this bonus code „Boni500“ to get a free $500 deposit bonus.

James asks…

Whats a good website or program to download movies without getting a virus on my computer?

Be as specific as possible.

admin answers:

The safest way is to watch Movies and TV is via streaming, that way you never have to worry about getting a virus. However I’ll teach you a trick, you can download SOME movies and tv shows that you stream. All you need to do is start the stream (show)..see that it is a movie starting and select download….stop the stream and the whole Movie or TV show will download.

It takes some practice and learning but you will catch on quickly. To be able to download SOME streaming Movies and TV you will need to download this free program called Real Player

Once this free program is installed it will show you „Download this Show“ on some of the videos…it will appear at the top right of the show when it starts…avoid any „Megavideos“ because they will time out after 45 minutes. The rest will allow you to download the whole show or movie. Also avoid any Divx will not work with real player.

So just remember avoid any Divx or Mega videos, the sites I am about to give you will have many sites to stream from. There is no need to register and everything is free, these are my 2 favorite sites
Watch all the TV shows and Movies for free.

When you start a show and a Poker window opens…just close the poker window and press play again….then enlarge it to full screen viewing. No need to register. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.


Donna asks…

How to make your PC to perform faster?

My computer always lags everytime I connect to the internet. Although I must admit that I open 3 to 4 tabs, i.e. youtube, facebook poker, etc, in Firefox and I also download and buy stuff online.

I use cCleaner to free up drive space, defrag the drives each month, and clean up the drive as necessary, and still this happens. What should I do?

admin answers:

You don’t need to worry about it, several days ago my computer came across the same situation. This is because you need to optimize Windows system or registry.

I ran a free download of Registry Winner, it scanned and cleared more than 2500 errors for me! I also ran some other ware, but they each only found about 1000 errors. After the scan of Registry Winner, my computer runs fast and stably. You can free download it here and have a try

For more information

Lisa asks…

What is the best app or website to learn to play poker for free or little?

I’m a novice so I want to just play alotta hands for experience..

admin answers:

Most of the top online poker sites give you an opportunity to play and practice for free. All you need to do is to sign up, download and install their software – all is free. Here is a good website from which I have learned how to play poker and picked up some great strategies and tips on how to win. Some of the tricks I have learned significantly improved my game and helped me to make a good money. I am not yet on the same level as Rob from the site below, but I feel I am on the right track. Anyway, here’s the link to the review page of the best online poker sites:

Check out the ‚poker videos‘ section on their website – It’s a good place to start, as there is a lot of good material available for free.

Good luck with your games!

Daniel asks…

What are some good iPod touch apps an games?

I just got an iPod touch and idk any good apps or games for it. Can u guys help me out by telling which ones are good?

admin answers:

Here’s a list of, I believe, some of the best free apps out there:

AP Mobile News – probably the best news app for the iPod Touch with a very large amount of news categories to choose from.

Conversions – can convert between a large amount of units and has the option to download other user created categories.

Cube Runner – an extremely fun and entertaining game that gives you the option to download user created levels.

Flixster – a very cool movie app that gives you a lot of detail about movies in the theater and upcoming DVD releases.

Google Earth – although the built it Maps app is good, Google Earth comes loaded with many more features.

HolyWars – a voting app with a very large database of user created questions that also tells you the location of answers.

I.TV – a very useful TV listing and movie app that tells you what’s showing on your cable or satellite company locally.

IVote – tell the world what you think about any subject at hand and even submit your own question for debate.

Joost – watch entire episodes of pretty much any show you want on demand with this awesome app. – a very good music streaming app that allows you to create your very own stations.

Live Poker – poker app created by Zynga that allows you to play poker online with other people the iPod Touch using wifi.

Pandora – the #1 internet radio app for the iPod Touch that lets you create your own stations to fit your music style.

Remote – control iTunes on your computer from your iPod Touch, with a working wifi connection of course.

Scribble – a very easy to use drawing app that comes preloaded with some very useful tools and enhancements.

Tap Tap Revenge 2 – by far the best play-along music game for the iPod Touch hands down!

Textfree Lite – send a daily limited amount of text messages to any US mobile phone for free.

TVUPlayer – allows you to watch streaming television of hundreds of channels right on your iPod Touch.

Twinkle – view twitter updates in an easy to use GUI and also find other twitter users nearby.

WeatherBug – keeps you informed of the weather any time and place and alerts you of watches and/or warnings.

I have all of the apps listed above installed on my own iPod Touch and completely recommend them as some of the best that I’ve used!

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