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Daniel asks…

What to wear at a Speech and Debate tournament?

Im competing in my first policy debate soon and I’m wondering what i should wear. Can anyone please give me links of appropriate tops/blazers and pants or skirts? thank you so much!

admin answers:

You should consider business attire. For men this would include a shirt and tie and a jacket. Shoes and belt should match color and slacks should be neutral or khaki. For woment this would include a dress or skirt with hemline 1 inch below the knee. Conservatiive collar with buttons or blouse tight fitting around the neck. Adorne yourself with a minimum of jewelry. If you are married man/woman then wear the wedding ring. If you are female and engaged then likewise wear your engagement ring. Don’t wear anything flashy or distracting. Bare midriffs should be avoided unless it is part of the speech.

Nancy asks…

How do you play in a tournament on Guitar Hero 3?

i have my account and stuff. After i click join on the tournament then what? how do i actually play?

admin answers:

Try this link. Let me know if it helps.


Carol asks…

In a professional golf tournament, how much money do those players who don’t win make?

For example, in a particular tournament, how much money, if any, did the player who came in 20th make?

admin answers:

It depends on where they finish and how much prize money is offered for the tournament. As an example the US Open was won by Tiger Woods. He earned $1,350,000.00 for the win. Second place went to Rocco Mediate. He won $850,000.00

Two golfers tied for 78th place. They each won $13,276.00. Everybody below 78th place won $2,000.00. The link below will give you individual players‘ earnings for the US Open.

Susan asks…

What TV does MLG use for there 2008 Pro Circuit Tournament Events?

What tv do they use? Is it the same as it was for halo 2, the samsung? or the one they use for gears of war/rainbow6, the envision? Please give the model number and a link if you can to where you found out about it.

admin answers:

I would think they were Samsungs…
But, they could have different ones set up throughout,

Betty asks…

What charities benefit members of the canadian armed forces?

I am trying to set up an online poker tournament where a protion of the prize pool will go to benefit a charity dedicated to the canadian armed forces. I need a good charity before i get started.

admin answers:

A charity that comes to mind is the Military Families Fund. This charity was founded by former Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Rick Hillier. It is meant to supplement other programs.

Its mission is to help military families in their time of need. Perhaps most importantly, it provides support for soldiers returning from duty who are suffering from physical and psychological effects from their mission.

I’ve also linked a recent Fifth Estate documentary that looks at PTSD within the military.

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