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Thomas asks…

Even odd or neither f(x) = x^2?

admin answers:

To figure out if a function is even, odd, or neither, the best way to do so is to graph it (easiest way with a graphing calculator). Without a graph you can determine if a function could be one of the three by picking a handful of positive integers and their corresponding negatives and judge the results.
If f(-x) = f(x) across the integers (meaning they mirror one another) then it is likely even
if f(-x) = -f(x) across the integers (meaning the f(x) integers are of opposite +/- value) then it is likely odd
if f(-x) ≠ f(x) across the integers (meaning there is no correspondence then it is likely neither.

Try -5 -3, -1, 0, 1, 3, 5 in the equation above
Conclusion is it is even

Ruth asks…

What is the best lottery website on the internet?

admin answers:

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Steven asks…

Is this an even or odd function?

Please help! is this an even function: H(x) = sin(x)cos(x) / 2tan^2(x) , and how do I tell?

admin answers:

Evaluate H(-x)

If H(-x) = H(x) it’s even
If H(-x) = -H(x) it’s odd

If neither is true, it’s neither even nor odd.

H(-x) = sin(-x)cos(-x)/2tan^2(-x)
H(-x) = -sin(x)cos(x)/2tan^2(x)

Since H(-x) = -H(x) the function is odd.

If you have a graphing calculator, odd functions are symmetric around the line y=x; even function are symmetric about the y-axis.

James asks…

Odds of winning at all?

So lets just say in this situation, I place a bet on something with a 60% chance to win, something with a 25% chance to win, and something with 20% chance to win. What is the percent chance I will win anything on the next outcome?

admin answers:

If you mean the chance of winning at least one of those:

= 100% – (chance you lose all 3) = 1 – (.4)(.75)(.8) = 76%
(That’s exact.)

Edit — oops fixed it. In my calculator I had 1 – (1 – that)…too many „one minuses“

Donna asks…

FTOPS Main event?

Recently I satellited my way into the FTOPS Main Event. It was $535 buyin and I won my way in for $15. Anyway about 2 hrs into it when there was about 2600 out of the original 4600 players left, I was dealt JJ in middle position. I had about 6500 chips with blinds at 100/200. I raised to 600, sb and bb called. Flop comes 10c5c2s. Sb is first and shoves allin for over 11000. BB thinks for about a min and calles his whole stack which is about 3500. I put the sb on a flush draw since he bet so much and the bb on top pair since he took so long to call, I didn’t think he had two pair, set etc. I almost folded but going with my reads I called my stack off. BB turns over QJclubs and BB has A10spades. My read was dead on. However, turn is 4spades and river A clubs. So they both suck out on me and sb wins monster pot with flush. Should I have folded?

admin answers:

That’s actually a pretty easy read. Without knowing anything about your opponents, I put them on the same hands as you before getting to the end of your question. You of course had the benefit of observing their play first-hand and were able use that to further bolster your read.

That’s only half the problem, though. If you consider the chances of either player beating you, they collectively have between 16 and 19 outs depending on whether the flush drawer has one or two overcards to your jacks.

This is excluding backdoor flush or straight possibilities for the competition or hitting a set (and it holding up) or boat for you, but the odds aren’t especially great for any of these scenarios.

I don’t have an odds calculator, but I believe with 16 outs for the bad guys and two cards to come, your chances of winning are only about one in three. With 19 outs for the bad guys, you’re an even bigger dog.

Yes, on the surface this looks like a nice read (it is) and a suckout, but the truth of the matter is in a roundabout way, you’re behind.

Here’s the wildcard, though: Your decision is to call your last 5,900 to win a main pot of 12,300 (after your call) in which you’re a dog and/ or a side pot of 4,800 (after your call) in which you’re the favorite. Applying the theory of pot odds (in this case based strictly on winning the hand rather than completing a draw), you find yourself risking 5,900 to win 11,200 (not including your own money), 2,400 of which you’re a favorite to win.

Or put another way, you have about a one in three chance of going broke, but will likely go from 5,900 chips to 4,800 (not a big difference). AND… You very well may go from 5,900 to 17,100 chips!!!

So even though you’re a dog for the main pot, you’re getting proper odds to call from a risk-reward perspective.

Note: If both players had you covered, however, the correct play would be to fold.

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