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Sharon asks…

How to Get an Alaskan Commercial Fishing Job?

I Currently live in Maryland and Have Always had the interest in trying to do something like this, even if it was for just a year. how can I do this ? any companies that are willing to have an interview over the phone and garuntee a job for me so that I could do it and let myself be ready to go to where ever they need me, such as Seattle and from that point I fly to Alaska to get to the ship

How can I do this ?

I am 20 years old, I am a Smoker of tobacco products and apparently that is fine aboard ship.
I am in excellent physical condition and would be a hard worker

Any Advice

admin answers:

You are not likely to get a job offer without being here.

One of the ways to break into this industry is to work for one of the larger fishing companies: Trident, Ocean Beauty, American Seafoods etc.

The kind of job you are likely to get would be as a processor in one of their on-board factories. The hours are long, the pay is based on the ship’s production (so it might be great and it might be only OK), but the food is good and there are usually plenty of jobs available.

You’ll have to pass a drug test and prove that you are a US citizen.

The jobs are not year-round. The fishing season(s) will depend on what kind of fish is the targeted catch. Most of the time the Seattle fleet does not fly crew to Alaska – they will put you on the boat from here, and that transit time is usually not time that you get paid for.

For the smaller fishing vessels (the kind you see on „Most Dangerous Catch“), getting the job is much more about who you know, and there’s no way you’ll get a job by phone. They’re stuck with you once you are on their boat in tight quarters without knowing if you are a decent personality match, don’t get seasick and can put up with the scut work that newbies are assigned.

Michael asks…

Washington and Oregon in the Winter?

I’m driving from California to Seattle (or possibly Vancouver) next week. Looks like all the parks (mt hood, ranier, etc) are all snowed out. Is there anything worth seeing along the way to Seattle that is 1) Not in Seattle or Portland 2) not on the coast and 3) not subject to snow and other driving conditions.

admin answers:

I do this drive frequently. Lake Shasta is a good resort. Unfortunately, the water level is at near record lows right now due to local conditions.

Oregon has some caverns that are suppose to be really cool. I haven’t tried this yet.

Mostly, I’d concern yourself with getting here without much delay. There are 4 passes you need to concern yourself with. 3 of those passes are very close…. From Shasta through Grants Pass.

Linda asks…

Anybody know exactly whats going on with the shotting in downtown chcago?

all i know is one dead and 3 wounded.
I’m from Chicago, I’m not asking ppl from just seattle!

admin answers:

Why would you ask this question in the Seattle area? ( I wasn’t trying to sound rude with that question, it’s just that it only posted in the Seattle area.)

Multiple shootings have been reported Friday afternoon in a West Loop high-rise. Shots were reportedly fired by police and by an offender.

Fire Department officials say four people were shot at 500 W. Madison. Two were transported to area hospitals, three in critical condition and another in serious condition.

Police officials say the situation is under control. Sources told CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli an attorney in the building may have been the gunman’s target.

CBS 2 has confirmed that one gunshot victim was brought to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and a hospital spokesperson says they expect at least five more victims to be brought to that hospital. Other victims were reportedly transported to Rush University Medical Center and John Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County.

People were seen hurrying down the escalators and running from the skyscraper. The office building, called Citibank Group Center, also houses a commuter train station.

Many commuters who’d planned to board trains at the Ogilvie Transportation Center in the building were milling around in the cold, trying to figure out how they would get home.

Train service for the Metra/Union Pacific North, Northwest and West Line trains traveling both to and from Ogilvie have been halted, according to the Metra Website. Commuters are asked to find alternate transportation Friday evening.

Metra spokeswoman Judy Pardonnet said the commuter train line has suspended service. She said the last train left at 3:45 p.m., and no trains will leave or enter the station again until police notify the rail service that it is safe to ddo so.

Pardonnet says all the Metra crew members are sequestered and locked into their areas within the facility.

Chicago Transit Authority spokeswoman Wanda Taylor said seven bus routes are being diverted from the area. The routes are the numbers 14, 20, 56, 60, 124, 127, 157. The CTA is honoring Metra passes on buses and trains to help commuters who can’t get on Metra trains.

John asks…

Driving from Los Angeles to Seattle? Nervous about the roads. Can I do it?

My son and I want to drive up to Seattle in Sept, then bus over to Vancouver, BC to take the Disney Cruise back to Los Angeles. We were wondering how the drive is on the I-5, if there are curvy roads and mountains to pass through. He gets a little sick on curvy roads, and gets bad plugged ears in high altitude. I drove a city bus for 20 years, so I have experience. We may stop in San Fran for an overnight rest. Opinions appreciated.

admin answers:

You can take I5 the entire way up.

You’ll have „altitude“ going through the Grapevine and over Siskiyou pass from California into Oregon. Siskiyou pass is about 3500 feet high. Tejon pass (the Grapevine) is about 4400 feet.

It’s interstate driving the entire way, and not particularly curvy.

If you are planning to stop in SF at the end of day one, you’ll probably need to plan another stop in northern California or Oregon at the end of day 2 – Medford Oregon, or Eugene Oregon would be good places to consider.

While winter weather can happen at any time, September is a pretty low risk time of year and the weather and driving conditions should be clear.

Helen asks…

I need one law of NY about euthanasia?

Could anyone tell me which law is that, that allows people to let someone die or help them die if needed?

I´m writting an article about it and cannot find the law anywhere.

admin answers:

In a few U.S. States, activists in the „death with dignity“ movement have sought to expand the scope of living will statutes to permit physicians to provide aid-in-dying.

Writing in the 5 November 1992 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, three doctors urged the adoption of a new public policy to allow physician-assisted suicide. This, they suggested, would achieve a balance between responding to patients’ needs and protecting the vulnerable. The authors proposed seven clinical criteria that would allow physicians to respond to requests for assisted suicide from competent, incurably ill patients.

In November 1994, Oregon voters passed Measure 16 which would allow a terminally ill adult resident of Oregon, diagnosed with less than six months to live, to obtain a prescription for medication to end his or her life. Before a physician could issue such a prescription, certain conditions would have to be met. The patient would have to make two oral and one written request for medication and would require a second medical opinion. In addition, at least 15 days would have to have elapsed since the initial request for a prescription.

A legal challenge to the legislation prevented its proclamation, and in August 1995 a District Court judge found it to be unconstitutional and invalid. However, the Ninth Court Circuit of Appeals found that the plaintiffs in the action had no legal standing to challenge Measure 16. The Court did not decide the constitutional merits of physician-assisted suicide and the United States Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal.

In June 1997, the Oregon legislature voted to send Measure 16 back to the electorate for a second vote in November 1997, at which time the Oregon voters reaffirmed the Act. Reportedly, at least four terminally ill people have since used the provisions of the Act to end their lives.

In 1994, a Federal District Court in Seattle had declared unconstitutional a Washington State law prohibiting doctor-assisted suicide. In March 1995, a three-member panel of the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit overturned this decision, stating that a right to doctor-assisted suicide had no place in „the traditions of our nation“ and was „antithetical to the defence of human life that has been a chief responsibility of our constitutional government.“ In March 1996, however, the full Ninth Circuit reheard the case and decided, by an 8-3 majority, that the Washington law prohibiting doctor-assisted suicide was indeed unconstitutional and violated the liberty interest under the due process clause of the 14th amendment. The decision was binding on all nine western states.

In April 1996, a three-member panel of the United States Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit unanimously struck down a similar law from New York. The court held that the New York law, which made it illegal for doctors to help terminally ill patients end their own lives, violated the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment in that it protected the rights of patients on life support to order their life support terminated, while denying comparable relief to other terminally ill, mentally competent patients not on life support.

On 1 October 1996, the Supreme Court of the United States agreed to hear an appeal of the two Court of Appeal rulings. The Court had previously refused to hear an appeal of a Michigan State Court decision upholding a Michigan law prohibiting assisted suicide, passed after Dr. Kevorkian began his campaign of assisting terminally ill people to die.

On 26 June 1997, the Supreme Court reversed both Court of Appeal decisions, and upheld the Washington and New York statutes prohibiting assisted suicide. However, the court’s finding that these two statutes are constitutional does not mean that a law permitting assisted suicide would be found unconstitutional.

I hope i’ll be a good help for u 🙂

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