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Richard asks…

Pokemon Black – I have accidentally traded my Shiny Magmortar?

Does anyone have another one the could trade or one obtained from Action Replay?
Friend Code – 2236 6523 3636
Email me at „“ (no quotes) for a time. Thank you!

admin answers:

Use Pokegen or Pokesav and then recieve a new Shiny (Pokerus if wanted even) Magmortar
Or just go to Pokemon Selector Black and White on Google.

Hoped that helped

PS: Legendaries are avaible from there as well (Including Genesect)

Charles asks…

Pokerus trade black or white?

Long story short, I gave up my diamond that had it to my little cousin. Im not looking for any pokemon with pokerus that someone is willing to help out with in. Also if you could do a double trade with my boldore so it evolves 🙂 I do not have much, again i do not have my other versions anyone, and i just started black. Any help would be great!!
F.C is 0906 2184 7922 name Chris

admin answers:

I can help with both. Send me a message here on Yahoo (check my answers pro) and we can set up a trade time. I’m available all afternoon, so just let me know when you have a free moment.

Phoenix: 3182-3983-9645

You can also put in requests for help and free pokemon on the Gamefaqs trade board (link below).

Mark asks…

Pokemon Black 2/White 2 – Apparently Pokerus stays?

So i got a Snivy with Pokerus off of the GTS and i looked it up on Bulbapedia. It looks like it says that even after Pokerus has been cured from the Pokemon and the Pokemon is now immune from it, Pokerus’s effects of raising EV’s still continues forever, but never gets spread anymore. IS THIS TRUE?! So, a Pokemon that has had Pokerus (even if it doesn’t still have it) will get double EVs forevermore?!

Look at the last sentance of the first paragraph of ‚After having the Virus‘:
How do i infect my own Pokemon? They’re not catching it!

admin answers:

Go into battle (I think) with the Pokemon that doesn’t have it while having a Pokemon with pokerus in your party.

John asks…

A question for PKMN black and white.?

My Krookadile and Gothitelle have a red face thingy next to there markings. They are not Sprites so How come they have a red face for? What does it mean?
I am not sure I know what you are talking about. But how can I find out though??
Like I said it’s a red face right beside their marking like the square, triangle, diamond, and star.

admin answers:

Have they had pokerus before? Ive only seen it on diamond and soulsilver, so i dont know what it looks like on black or white.

Maria asks…

Pokerus for Pokemon White 2 and Black 2?

Already, this is going to be a two parter. Ahem…

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade me a Pokerus infected Pokemon for just a couple of days until I can infect my team with it?

By the way, my FC is 2065-8230-7185 for Pokemon White 2

admin answers:

I have one if you want it. But Im more easily found on a forum I go to called rayquaza forums. Its a place where you can post all kinds of things like if you want to battle, trade or every post your team to be rated if you want someones opinion. Just add what time your around in the post and Ill try catching you. If I see you around, I’ll be happy to give you a pokerus pokemon

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