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Betty asks…

What are the best/ most fun ways to gamble at a casino?

My brother in law and I are going to go to a casino this weekend to gamble. I’ve never been before and wanted to know if I should play blackjack, craps, slots, or poker?

admin answers:

Hundreds of times I’ve come on this forum to bash people who talk about Roulette as a beatable game. It can NOT be beat. It is a house game, and in the long run, the casino will get your money.

With that said, Roulette is a LOT of fun! Really!

If you take your time, and just make minimum bets, you can play for a long time on Roulette and have a blast! My suggestion would be to bet on either Red or Black, and STICK WITH MINIMUM BETS!

You can order up some free drinks and chat with the other people on the table, and cheer for folks when they win.

You never know – you might end up with a profit if you’re lucky this night! Just don’t ever fool yourself into thinking there is a way to BEAT the roulette wheel! Millions of people have developed thousands of different betting schemes. ALL of them will ultimately make you broke! HAVE FUN and give the Roulette wheel a try. It’s very easy, and you typically won’t lose your money too fast.

Sharon asks…

Has anyone with a gambling problem been able to quit cold turkey & get on with a more normal/productive life?

I have been throwing away money just trying to win and it is so stupid. Everytime I tell myself I need to quit, I end up eventually going back. I need help, but want to hear from anyone who has struggled with the same stupid compulsion and beat it and gone on to live a happy, debt free life. Thanks.

admin answers:

How much credit card debt are you in? How much do you owe family? How many lies have you told so far? How many relationships have you strained? Are you lonely/depressed?

I was a hardcore gambler for 4 years. I played wpt and wsop. I turned 20 bucks to 120,000.00 I also lost that 120,000.00 in one night in about 10 minutes. If you are in too much debt over your head, go bankrupt. My discharge was about 105k. I started going in 2005 and won 7,000.00 first time I was there. I gave it back a month later. I started cash advances. I took out a personal 25k loan. My payroll went to gambling and I ignored the loan bills that came in. You do not want to be in this mess. It can grow more and more and it will emotionally and financially drain you. If I were you I’d pay off my debts if they are realistically payable, if not seek some counseling for the debt you put yourself in. If it was as much debt as I put MYSELF in go bankrupt because you will be in too much pain. A better „game“ to play with your money is a patient game, called the real estate game. Buy up cheap houses and rent them out in areas people want to pay rent. That is how you win „good“ money over „bad“ money. Gambling is clearly „bad“ money and there will be critics to this argument but I know I am right. Casinos are for entertainment just like the movies. Go with 200 bucks every 2 months and try your luck at a poker table and a little table game stuff if you ain’t into slots. If you don’t make enough money to go with 200 every 2 months go with like 200 every 4 months then. You can lose sleep, lie to loved ones, gain weight, become a slob, not be self conscience about your life values. If you have bad parents that never wanted you to ever own anything in life (car/home) stay away from your parents and live independently. Parents that are jealous usually are bad parents and need a butt kicking because they should have told you the „truth“ about financial responsibility instead of being the envy on how much money you save. My parents were jealous of me, they never wanted me to own anything. I grew distant from them because of this deception. They love me but they love me to be their slave instead of living on my own.

Richard asks…

I am going to Vegas in March, and I have heard of people getting rooms for free, how do you do that?

I am looking at prices online, and would rather put that $$$ into gambling and shopping. One of my friends said that I can get rooms and meals free for gambling, but how do you go that?

admin answers:

>>Rooms for free?<You know all those Travel Chanel shows on LV they go to the LVA when they want the experts.

We are going back to LV in December for 19 nights, 7 comped and $254 total for the other 12 nights. Sometimes it’s to our advantage to pay an extremely low rate for a room rather than take the comp.

We play nickel/dime/quarter video poker. Not exactly your stereotypical LV high rollers :))

Sign up for e-mail up dates from any hotel you’re interested in. The will send you specials when they become available. It is rare to get a free room offer just from signing up online but it does happen(usually for December).

Sign up for and use slot club cards.

LV hotel web sites

„Free play“ – „Match play“ – 2-4-1’s – „Show-up Cash“ >They add up to save you a bundle<


Later: "NOTHING in Vegas is free" – A common quote on here and NOTHING could be further from the truth. You can get all sorts of things absolutely free, no strings attached, you just have to know how & where.

Mark asks…

How much money should I bring to Vegas for the weekend?

Im your average middle class guy so dont say a million dollars, but I can afford to have fun. And yes, I like to gamble!! My room is free and I hate clubs, so pretty much gambling and food……..whatdya think?

admin answers:

Food is cheap in Vegas. It all depends on how you gamble…$.05 machines, poker tables, slots? There is a big variety here…so you can’t ask a vague question.

If you gamble a lot I’d start with $500.00 and go from there.

Mandy asks…

How do I get comped for stuff in Vegas?

Hotel, food, shows, etc… How do I get the free stuff-I know they do it all the time to encourage you to stay and gamble more.

admin answers:

1-Yes – sign up for and use the slot club card at any casino where you are going to play

2-No – You don’t have to play a lot of money to receive comps. Sometimes just signing up will lead to some interesting offers.

3-Play where you’re appreciated – playing $10 a hand blackjack for four hours at a five star hotel isn’t going to get you the time of day. At some of the off strip 2 & 3 star hotels you might be surprised at what you receive in the way of comps/promotion & marketing offers.

4-If you’re a „low“ roller – When you’re starting out – put together a short list of hotels that interest you – give them some play – somewhere in the 2-3K range – In a few months you will find out if and how much they appreciated your play – As an example, on my last trip I put in some play at one of the new off strip casinos. I would call this place, at least 3.5 stars, I played 2.5K through a video poker machine. Two weeks ago I received a marketing offer to stay up to 5 nights for $19 per night Sunday through Thursday & or $39 Friday & Saturday. That leads me to believe that if I play at my normal level of 5-6K that the offer would have been comp nights and maybe meals.

5-know what to play – how to play – where to play – & how to manage your bankroll. Never chase comps>play within yourself.

6-you „generally“ will get better offers from a hotel once you have established a pattern of play/loyalty. But, you never marry a casino, you only date them.

7-when asking for a comp(meal) put it in a way that allows them to do you a favor. As in „I have been playing for a while, I’m getting a little hungry, I thought I would take a break and get a bite to eat, have I played enough to earn a buffet/coffee shop or whatever you were interested in“ The slot host or at the slot club booth, they will take a look at your play, and let you know.

To learn from the experts on the subject
„Comp City“ Max Rubin
„The Frugal Gambler“ Jean Scott

you can learn a lot about gambling in LV from these sites

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