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Mark asks…

where can i find the best poker free bankrolls with no deposit needed?

I found a brilliant site at:

Here you will find the best FREE POKER BANKROLLS and sponsorships with NO DEPOSIT required.
Simply register with one of the offers available and recieve a FREE starting capital to potentially build a huge poker bankroll without ever having to pay out of your own pocket……

admin answers:

Okay… Sounds a bit fishy to me. As far as I know all casino websites, even the best slots sites, require a deposit so I bet there’s some kind of catch here. Anyway, if anyone is looking here, you may not find a deposit-free slots website, but you can find slots websites that give you a wide variety of payment options, where many types of credit cards and international currencies are accepted. I think this is a much better option than so-called ‚deposit-free‘ sites. At least you know what you’re getting.

Mary asks…

Are there any free poker bars in Nj?

Are there any free poker bars in Nj? Pacifically around the Plainfield area.

admin answers:

Plenty in Atlantic City.

Jenny asks…

Hosting a poker tournament with cash prize?

Wanna do a fun get together for friends and aquaintances, where we have maybe 20-30 people playing poker at our house for a cash prize. We want to set it up like the free poker tournaments in a sense. But since this would be on our dollar we wanted to do like a 10 dollar buy in. I feel like this may be illegal, but it wouldn’t actually be playing with real money. Could anyone give me any ideas how to make this work within the confines of the law? Thanks!
State of georgia

admin answers:

Well first of, were do you live? I can’t help you without knowing that.

The more specific the better but your state should be more than enough.

EDIT: If there is any money involved, it is illegal in the state of Georgia.

The $10 buy in violates section 16-12-21 (3) of the state law.

David asks…

What should I do to win money with no risk of losing playing cards on the internet?

I want to play Free Online Poker and win money.

admin answers:

And I want to sprout wings and fly.

Gambling is just that. You bet your money that your cards will be better than the others‘. If you get the best hand, you win their money. If you don’t, they win yours.

Joseph asks…

How to become a professional poker player?!?

I’m 16 and recently started playing some poker with family and my brother – Texas Hold’em!
I really enjoy it, and as i pick up things really fast and its just really fun! Iv been watching hours of poker tournaments with people like Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey, trying to pick up some tips on how they play, and what hands they fold and which they play (how much they bet on certain hands) things like that! Im only sixteen and have about 1,500 pound in my bank.. i am still at school btw!? is this a good amount of money for my age still in school? Well when im 18 i want to try online poker to make some money, like manage my money and make another bank account just for poker! How is the best way to do this, and how much will i need to start? etc. I think if i stuck at it i could become really good! I have done free online poker like Zynga poker, and i seem to get my money up on that!

Just wondering what would be the best way to go about playing poker to earn a bit of money (depending on how good i am)! I am still staying in school and going to University, and i am quite good at Maths over all my subjects, so this could help with poker! I have become abit obessed with it to be honest and am always learning and watching videos about it. Any advice as to what to do, now you know a bit about me, how much do i start playing online with? what are your thoughts? thanks!

admin answers:

Do yourself a favor. Just pretend that you’ll need to go to college and get a real job if you have any chance at all in having any sort of fulfilling and prosperous life. An extreme few actually end up learning how to play poker well enough to make a profit, let alone make a living out of it. Keep your hopes and 16-year old dreams realistic. You never once said you’re hoping to make a career out of it. That’s good. Just for kicks I’ll tell you about folks who DO think they’ll make poker a career. Saying at 16 years old that you’d like to make a career out of poker is like the high school quarterback saying they’d like to be a professional NFL player. It’s like the person who gets the lead in the high school musical saying they’d like to be a movie star. Does it ever happen? Yes, but the chances are so low that it’s all but ludicrous to ever count on it.

SO MANY people end up wanting to go to University, but then they get caught up in gambling when they get to be 18, and they end up blowing their chance at any decent life. Stick with Zynga, and wait until you get a REAL job AFTER University! Poker is not a way to „earn a bit of money“. Poker is a way to feed the people who actually know how to profit at poker.

Oh wait! You’re doing well at Zynga poker?!? Guess what that means! Absolutely, positively nothing. You could train a monkey to beat Zynga poker.

If you must play, make a VERY, VERY clear limit to the amount of money you are willing to spend in this venture when you turn 18. If you end up blowing one or two hundred pounds, it’s not the end of the world. Where you have to be worried is if you WIN at first. Often beginners will start winning at the beginning. Then they fool themselves into believing that they actually know what they are doing, when in fact, the only reason they win is because they got lucky at the beginning. That’s it.

Any advice? Yes – Work hard. Get into University. Work harder. Get a decent job. THEN start studying poker as a fun hobby. Who knows – maybe you’ll get good enough then to actually profit from that hobby. Relatively few ever do.

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