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George asks…

I want to start a community basketball street team?

Rose City Community Basketball Street Team will consist in bring differents areas, north, south, west and east best basketball players of norwich. The 1st event will be choosing the best 10 of each areas and will continue with the tournaments every saturday of the month, at the end the best team will win.

admin answers:

Sounds good to me

Jenny asks…

How are marching bands invited to play in the Rose Parade?

How are they selected or recruited? How competitive is it? Thanks
@Phillipe Please read the ?. I never said I wanted to apply did I? Can U answer the ? I asked?

admin answers:

If you’re interested in entering your band in the Tournament of Roses Parade, click here to download more information and complete the online band application form. Http:// The deadline to apply for the 2014 parade is May 15, 2012.

Lisa asks…

Which of these players has best chance of winning the 2008 PGA Championship tournament?

I have a big bet riding on selecting the player who will win the tournament and I need your help. Which of the following players has the best chance of winning the 2008 PGA Championship: Justin Rose, Zach Johnson, Hunter Mahan, Ian Poulter, Peter Lonard, or Pat Perez. Your help could win me thousands of dollars. I will be forever thankful.

admin answers:

If I had to pick form the list provided, I’d go with Poulter or Mahan…Poulter has been playing well lately and finished in top 5 at British Open…Mahan usually plays well on American soil and is a good, young player…good luck.

Ken asks…

What would be good cards for these Yugioh decks?

Destiny hero(I have plasma and many others)

Fire(mostly volcanics)

Water(Strategy resolves around umi/ a legendary ocean)

wind(Ultimate insects/ harpies)

plant/dragon(I have black rose dragon)

Lightsworn(I have the lightsworn dragon)

arcana force(I have the moon)

Please also tell me good booster packs/ tins for these cards.
(all of these decks have been started by me all ready)

admin answers:

The one i would build the focus on is lightsworm,pyro or blackrose dragon if you want alot of volcanics you should get that collective sould card that every time you sicard a pyro he goes up 1000 you should also adda king ptro myself still duels every now and then with the pyro decks but lately i have been using dragons and syncros

water is actually another good one you should have strong four stared monsters with some goood effects like that peguin soilder and stuff like that i run a water deck every now and then but it is not usually the first pick

wind you ummm there is a strong wind dragon card he is very powerful with a nice effect i have never made a wind deck maybe i should tho lol but its up too you

okay well a lightsworn deck are very popular in tournaments what you should probably o is buy those kind of cards online tho i have not seen any packs that contain those kind lately

plant and dragon uhmm plants are very powerfull they should have came with some in his pack tho so get some good plant cards with good effects and capitalize on black rose dragon that would be a pretty good deck i guess

and for the moon deck ehh i cant help ya much there

David asks…

Where can I get a Tournament of Roses rose bush plant?

I have been looking for the rose bush plant titled Tournament of Roses for awhile now. I have scoured every local gardening store I could find and searched many a websites but still can’t find this rose bush! Does ANYONE know where I can get this? Does it go by some other name that I am not aware of? I was trying to find some for my mother on mothers day. I know I wouldn’t get them in time now, but better late than never. They are her favorites and she can’t find them either.
Even seeds/bulbs would work at this point, not sure we can grow them at this time of year now though.

admin answers:

This site has it available for shipping now:

This one carries it, but is currently out of stock:

If anyone offers you rose seeds or bulbs, it’s a scam; don’t fall for it. Only experienced rose breeders grow roses from seed, and there’s no such thing as a rose bulb. Good luck!

VCE Master Gardener

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