Your Questions About Free Poker Websites

Maria asks…

What are some free poker websites that can allow you to win real money?

admin answers:

Nearly all poker websites allow you to take part in what’s called freerolls. These are tournaments that give prize money not a fortune but enough to start building a bankroll and get very good practice in tournaments. Whatever you win with freerolls you keep too 🙂
Heres a link to the freerolls page:

Another method is whats called a no deposit bonus, these allow you to start playing real cash games or tournaments + whatever you win you keep. They give you these as an incentive if you win some big bucks hopefully you are going to sign up and keep playing at the site. Here’s a link to the no deposit bonus / free poker bankrolls page:

Crash Poker have just released freerolls to win real money! You don’t need to deposit to play them either 🙂

Paul asks…

What is the best online poker website out there?

I play on Full Tilt for free but I’m thinking about doing a membership on Club WPT or Clubspade. Any advice?

admin answers:

Why pay for a membership when you can just play (for money) on Full Tilt or Pokerstars without a monthly fee?

I don’t know much about those subscription sites.

John asks…

What are some good poker tutorial websites?

I prefer not to play with money, I know nothing whatsoever about poker and ideally the site would be UK-based for faster Internet speed. Thanks

admin answers:

Definitely (, it’s linked to all the top sites such as pokerstars, partypoker, betfair etc. That’s 2/3 based in the UK (and one in gibraltar so technically 3!). I would suggest playing the strategies suggested there with play money first to get a feel for it and then use the codes for some free starting capital. The key thing is to not allow yourself to deposit under any circumstances – that way you can never lose money, if you run out either look for another no deposit bonus like pokerstrategy or have a go at freerolls to find a few pennies.

Ken asks…

Are there poker sites where you can win money without paying?

Is there some place out there where you can win money playing poker, but you don’t have to actually put money up of your own, it doesn’t cost you anything to play? With all the poker websites out there, I’m sure there must be some out there…

admin answers:

Lovethatpoker is exactly what you’re looking for. They pay you money when you win, but the whole site is FREE! They make money the same way facebook and myspace do, through ad revenue, and that way they can pay you when you win without you ever paying anything. Of course, the more people go to the site, the bigger the payout will get, so let’s get people going there! Seriously, this is the best deal there is.

Linda asks…

Whats the best way to market a new website?

I have a poker website, , how would I best get the word out. You arent allowed to advertise gambling through google adwords,

admin answers:

There are a number of free resources available to advertise your website and increase traffic. You can advertise on relevant free classifieds ( ,directories (dmoz) and relevant forums. Major search engines like Yahoo, Google , MSN search are a major source of visitors for most websites and you can submit your website to these search engines for free. You can also run contests offering prizes to regular visitors. I have found the following website useful

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