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James asks…

Pokemon black pokerus?

Can someone trade me a Pokemon with pokerus please I’m going to battle my friend and he has like 10lvl 100 and I don’t have any and I want my Pokemon to be strong if you can give me a Pokemon with pokerus I can probably be able to give you an oshwatt 🙂
Thank you

admin answers:

You dont know what pokerus is do you? It is one of the things people use in order to make their pokemon level up with higher stats than usual. Just having it wont make a difference if you dont know anything about it.

Information about it:

Look here for how to EV train with pokerus:

Of course, this is not absolutely necessary to beat lvl100 pokemon unless that person trained them the way shown in the site.

Ruth asks…

I need Pokerus on pokemon black?

if anyone has a pokemon with pokerus that they are willing to give up id be ever so happy if you would share it with me. im not offering much, i have a lot of lv 1 deinos and thats about it. my info for pokemon black is…. name – Johnny FC – 3869-4073-6858

admin answers:

There are websites to create Pokemon that you want with the nature/move sets/EV spread/etc desired as well as if it has/has had/doesn’t have Pokerus. It requires wifi, but obviously, that isn’t a problem.

I have personally used the website and so it is trusted.


Thomas asks…

Pokemon black, Pokerus questions?

So I was GTSing when I got a wargle with pokerus, Ive been battling with him for about an hour, and none of my Pokemon have caught it yet. How long do I have to keep battling. I also read if you have an infected in your party and it hits midnight in the game pokerus goes away. Could I just put my infected Pokemon in the pc before midnight?

admin answers:

Step one: at midnight ppokerus goes away if you have the pokemon in your party, even if your ds is off.
Step two: you can put it in the pc before midnight to keep the pokerus an extra day.
If your pokemon has a smiley face by where its held item is, its pokerus is healed and can NOT spread the virus. If it has a purple box by its name with the letters pkrs, it still is able to spread it.
If you need a pokerus pokemon, email me at

David asks…

I need Pokerus please? Pokemon Black?

Serious responses only please. I just want a Pokemon with Pokerus. My FC is 2409 1100 9560

I don’t have any uber rare special Pokemon to trade for it. Just wondering if someone could be super nice and trade me a Pokerus infected Pokemon. Once I get some of mine infected I’d gladly send it back if you wanted.

admin answers:

I will, you can even keep the pokemon.

Name: Daniel

Lets do the trade now! 🙂

Paul asks…

Panpour with pokerus?

So I recently got a panpour in pokemon black and found out it had pokerus, can someone explain what that is and how it works???

admin answers:

Pokerus Is a Pokemon Virus. It is a Very Rare and Very helpful one at that. It increases the rate at which your Pokemon gain EVs from fighting Pokemon. Also, It can spread to other Pokemon In your party or PC box. It lasts one day, then your Pokemon becomes unable to spread the „disease“ but still benefits from It’s effects. It is a GOOD thing.

By the way I recommend spreading it to all your Pokemon…Also If you keep the Pokemon with Pokerus in your PC it will stay contagious and not become Immune…So keep a Pokemon with Pokerus in your PC at all times in case you need to spread it. You will likely never see Pokerus again, because the chances of finding a Pokerus Pokemon are somewhere around 1 in 1 Million.

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