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Helen asks…

Lake District hardknott pass tours?

has anyone visited the lake district, and been on a tour to a place called hardknott pass, where the roman fort is ?
is hardknott pass as scary as people say ? as i would love to driver over this pass, but feeling scared as i’ve heard its not for the faint hearted.

admin answers:

I don’t know about tours. I expect there are some. It’s an amazing road. I’ve driven over it lots of times. It’s like mountaineering in a car! Hairpin bends. 1:3 gradients. Great views

The fort is close to the road.

Carry on over the Wrynose Pass and come out through Great Langdale for the full experience.

Mandy asks…

warped tour photo pass?

ok so i’ve got a photo pass this year and i know to take a backpack and sunscreen and extra but is there any information that i should know

like what is the experience like… is it actually worth it?
and do you get to go backstage or on the stage when you’re done shooting pictures?

admin answers:

Warped Tour is exciting and a fantastic event, its kinda like bamboozle
Before you go, make sure that you are clean. You’ll get sweaty and gross…really gross
Get to Warped Tour early, right when the gates open…you’ll have to find out were bathrooms food stands and everything is
Mosh pits are funny..but the best ones are during 3OH!3 haha

Meeting famous people is actually very easy. There is the casual signings in which you can have a brief moment. But the best way to meet them are in front of gates where the buses unload. If you are not allowed through the gate, this is a good sign. This means that only famous people are allowed and they have to come along sometime. The times they come most are usually after they play, when they’re going to get food, or when they’ve got done eating. Walk up to them and say a genuine greeting, and they will most likely say hello back. If they appear to be in a hurry, ask them for a quick picture or a signing. Do not stall them or get deep in conversation if they’re walking somewhere or this will annoy them. Haha my cousin does that

Try to go to all the booths. They give out free cds and pins and stuff.

Too bad the academy is isn’t going…they would have made it sooo much better..but face it the line up is pretty amazing

oh if you have a favorite band…get to the stage their at first and keep paper and a pen so you’ll know were you need to be at what time..its pretty crazzy there

Susan asks…

VIP Passes @ Warped Tour?

So what the whole 411 on VIP passes at warped for donating blood. I really don’t get this. There are gonna be lots of people at warped with this so what makes them so VIP? Do you show earlier than when the thing happens? Whats the advantage of having this?

admin answers:

The way the promotion works is that if you ALRRADY habe a tickey to the sow; and you donate blood…you get a VIP pass…and you have to make the donation at the local blood vank well before the date of the show…

Donald asks…

Warped tour backstage passes?

is there any website selling legit backstage passes? and what are all the different ways you can win them? thanks xo
ps i’m going to the one in pomona if that makes a difference x

admin answers:

On the subject of backstage passes…..

One thing backstage passes are NOT SOLD at the box office or thru any
online ticket place like Ticketmaster. Or sold on any website for that matter.
You either have to be working with the band or the concert or know someone personally that is connected directly to the band or concert…or know a member of the band itself..

There are FOUR WAYS to get a backstage pass. From somebody that posted this information here on Yahoo Answers in the past. That is really knowledgeable
on this subject & some editing of my NYC experience on this.

You must KNOW someone connected with the band or tour, more like a relative that works for the band/concert/promoters. Or, if you are lucky have a friend or a neighbor that has a relative that works for the band or the promoters directly. Or somebody you personally knows that
works for the band or promoters directly that has these connections.

Be a news reporter. You would have to be one connected to your local newspaper or local TV/radio news team. Also, people that are internet news bloggers very rarely get these unless they are very well know in the news industry. I have seen a few teens that get a website
and claim they are a news blogger (Sorry, that just don’t cut it).
Also, the news people can’t just show up with their news crew and be let
in backstage. They have to arrange this in advance. Especially these days.

A local radio station will sometime have a backstage pass or two of the concert
and offer it as a promotional prize.
Either you have to be the 7th or 10th or 12th caller.
Or hope that the entry form you filled out gets picked out by the radio DJ or whoever they
have in a random drawing at the radio station.

Sometimes a person will have one and will sell it on EBAY online auction or Craigslist
and EXPECT to pay REALLY BIG DOLLARS (like hundreds or thousands) for one.
You have to be careful when buying these from these websites. Some people I have seen
that show up at a concert and pay $300.00 and more on one only to learn that
the backstage pass they bought is nothing but a laminated fake that someone made on
his home computer that security can easily spot.

Some of these backstage passes have bar codes or security strips on
them, depending on the agents and promoters.
On some concerts the promoters will give a backstage pass to a person. Sometime these backstage passes are not transferable. If the person is not the name on the ID code
on this backstage pass they could be in some trouble.

Those are the ONLY WAY you will get a backstage pass legally.

Thank the Lord for the copy & paste option on IExplorer so I don’t have to type the
above information again when people ask this question.

John asks…

Arthurs Pass Hiking Tours?

I’d like to go on a walking tour of Arthur’s Pass (New Zealand), but being elderly I don’t want to go on my own. Does anyone know of any good Arthurs Pass Guided Walks? My husband says we’d be better off staying home and watching the rugby this Christmas, but I’d really like to go on a walking tour of the Arthur’s Pass … help please, dears?

admin answers:

You have quite a few possibilities there. I have attached a few links to help you. If you google tramping clubs you will find many do day tours etc so you won’t be on your own. Also, they cater for any age group. Better than sitting at home in front of the TV, that’s for sure.

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