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Charles asks…

What are the commercial benefits of winning the Champions‘ League?

I mean considering prize money and the other tournaments that Manchester United will have gained entry to [European SuperCup, World Club Cup]. Also, the increased popularity and everything. Could somebody that knows about these things tell me how beneficial it will be?

admin answers:

In the Australian coverage, at the end of the match the commentators said that the windfall (based on a Mastercard study) for Man United winning the finalwould run to about £95 million, which translates as approx 187 million US dollars, or 195 million Australian.

Lisa asks…

Do you think there would be genuine fears about hosting the champions trophy in Pakistan?

Obviously, western nations could be attacked by terrorists.

However; rightly or wrongly, Pakistan is seen as being in the front line in „the war on terror“. Do you think that if the government could give guarantees they should be given a chance to host the tournament, or are the risks too great?

Please give your views on the subject.
Was going to wait a week.

However; the security issues do seem utmost in importance to the posters on this forum.

So: To the vote it now goes for a best answer.

admin answers:

All kinds of guarantees were given to Benazir. Condoleezza Rice talked to her and assured her. When she landed in Pakistan, there was huge blast in which over 100 people were killed. Inspite of this blast, the Govt. Could not provide any security to her and she was shot and killed mercilessly.

No guarantees or warranties will work in Pakistan. For too long a time, their Govt. Has been supporting terrorism against their bigger neighbour and today they are the victims of terrorism.

The state will degenerate into a failed state ultimately. NWFP and Baluchistan will be controlled by USA (one due to terrorism and the other has natural gas and usa will not leave it). A lot of Kashmir land is already occupied by China (north of Karakoram) and they won’t mind taking over the remaining part of Kashmir. The remaining portion will be the Pakistan which will be ruled by Punjabis alienating Sindhis.

Taking American support to drive out Russians from Afghanistan is now working against them.

It is best that they may cancel the championship or shift it to New Zealand.

Sharon asks…

Where can i find beer pong tournaments in the Chicago area?

i am looking to get into beer pong tournaments for money. if you know of any in the chicago area let me know thank you.

admin answers:

We have started weekly beer pong tournaments in Chicago. They’re run by the inaugural World Series of Beer Pong champion (who formerly ran them in Michigan before moving back to the Chicagoland area). There are cash prizes, including occasional satellite tourneys into the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas.

Check out for more info on tourney days, locations, etc. Or you can always email us for more info.

– Chris

Paul asks…

Best Intercontinental Champion Tournament Round 1?

Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect
Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit vs Kane
Val Venis vs Lance Storm
Shelton Benjamin vs Rob Van Dam
Christian vs Edge
Johnny Nitro vs Rey Mysterio
CM Punk vs Booker T
Test vs Kurt Angle
Carlito vs X-Pac
Shawn Micheals vs Triple H
Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy
A-Train vs Billy Gunn
Stone Cold vs The Rock
Kofi Kingston vs Ric Flair
Road Dogg vs Jeff Jarrett

admin answers:

Bret Hart-Though Mr.Perfect was a Perfect Intercontinental Champion.

Chris Jericho-Won it 9 times in his career,and he defended it well.Sorry Eddie.

Chris Benoit-Kane was the better IC Champion in 2001,but Benoit hold the belt for 4 times and he was a good champion.

Val Venis-Lance Storm is in the Top 10 Greatest Canadian Wrestlers of all time,but i like Val Venis more when he was IC Champion.

Shelton Benjamin-I remember the good days of Benjamin as IC Champion.It was Fun,and i believe he is one of the greatest Title Defenders in IC Title History.And he brought Prestige back.

Christian-This goes back to Shelton Benjamin also.Shelton,Jericho,and Christian had wars over that title,and Christian was the second best Title defender behind Shelton.

Johnny Nitro/John Morrison-He hold the belt for 3 times while Rey hold it for 2.Rey and Chris Jericho brought prestige back into that belt after there rivalry,and lets not forget John Morrison vs Rey Mysterio on Smackdown for that Title.

Booker T-Defiantly Booker T.He is one of the most Popular Superstars in the WWE,and when hold the Title,he was one of the top dogs on RAW now.

Kurt Angle-He held the IC Title and the European Title at the same time.He defended both very well.He was a show-off after winning both belts and that what makes him a good IC Champion.

X-Pac:No Questions asked,Hands down,X-Pac was the better IC Champion than Carlito.But you got to give props to Carlito as IC Champion.But X-Pac was so damn great as IC Champion.

Shawn Michaels-OK,before some of you might get mad,Shawn was the better IC Champion and Triple H is the better World Champion.Besides only holding Four World Titles in his whole career.Michaels was a great IC Champion and is one of the greatest IC Champions of all time.

Randy Orton-The Four People that brought Prestige back into the IC Title are,Shelton Benjamin,Chris Jericho,Christian,and Randy Orton.Orton defended that belt well,and that was young Orton,that was the promising Orton.Orton was young and had a lot in him at the time,and he was a GREAT IC Champion.

Billy Gunn-Billy was a Fun and great Champion no doubt.I love Billy Gunn,he was cool,everybody loved him,and he was a Good IC Champion.

The Rock-Stone Cold Steve Austin was a Excellent IC Champion,no question about it,but when The Rock won the title form Austin,Triple H,and Shamrock,he shot to the top.Not only joining the Nation was a big turn for him,not only changing his swagger was a big turn for him,and not only joining The Corporation was a big turn for him,The IC Title was also.

Ric Flair-Kofi Kingston is a enjoyable IC Champion and he looks like he can be a good one,but Ric Flair going up against Kofi about the IC Championship?No,it goes to The Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Jeff Jarret-Even though he was one of he most Annoying Wrestlers in 97 and 98 in the WWF at the time,he was a good Heel IC champion.Defending it against the likes of Owen Hart and Val Venis,he was a very good IC Champion.

Helen asks…

who won 2008 jeopardy tournament of champions

admin answers:

Well technically the 2008 season doesn’t start until the fall. The most recent tournament of champions tournament (2007) was won by Celeste DiNucci.

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