Your Questions About Pokerus Black And White

Richard asks…

does anyone want to trade pokerus in pokemon white?

dont have much. just finished the game looking to EV train
on the ds wifi

admin answers:

Pokemon black and white rom download the following!

Ruth asks…

Pokemon Black/White Trade?

I’m interested on trading the following legit pokemons:


If interested I’m giving away any White version Pokemon (except legendaries) W/POKERUS

admin answers:

I have a tepig, oshawott and zorua if your interested email me

John asks…

Pokemon black and white 2 ev training?

Ok well I don’t know any spots to do it since the game is so new, but I wanna know a few things, like how do u ev train, and what happens cause the whole thing is confusing

admin answers:

I’ll try to explain this as best as I can.

You might hear someone say that they have a Pokemon with 252 Att / 4 Sp. Def / 252 Speed. This means that the current Pokemon that you are training has an EV (Effort Value) yield of 252 in Att. And Speed, and 4 in Sp. Def. The maximum EV’s one Pokemon can have is 510, and the most that you can train in a skill is 255, but most people stop at 252 because for every 4 EV’s your Pokemon gets, you get one Base Value in that stat. So the stat that the Pokemon has (when at level 100,) is 63 greater than a same Pokemon with 0 EV’s in that stat. (Note that even though the max is 255 EV’s in one skill, 252 is when you get your final Base Value stat of 63 in that skill, so getting the other three in it are a waste of EV’s.) This is extremely important if you want to battle competitively because most people EV train their Pokemon and are level 100.

The Pokemon that you want to EV train should have a notably high stat, (such as Pikachu has a very high Speed Stat,) so that is the main skill that you want to train. When EV training a Pokemon, the first thing that you want to do is „feed“ it to give it 100 EV’s in the skill you are training. These are the things that you can „feed“ it to level it up. These each give 10 EV’s in the skill you are training, (make sure you only feed it the ones you want to EV train on, NOT the other ones as this will affect your Pokemon’s EVs, meaning if you want to EV train Att. Then only use Protein,) and the maximum amount of EV’s you can obtain by doing this is 100, meaning you can feed a Pokemon 10 Proteins before you start to level up. Here are the items that affect the EV’s.
HP Up = +HP
Protein = +Atk
Iron = +Def
Calcium = +Sp Atk
Zinc = +Sp Def
Carbos = +Spd

Since you are doing this in Black 2 / White 2, there are also other items you can feed your Pokemon to train its EV’s, (note that these wings yield 1 EV each, but you can do this all the way up to 252 / 255 EV’s if you like, however it will take a long time if you choose to do this.)
Health Wing = +HP
Muscle Wing = +Att
Resist Wing = +Def
Genius Wing = +Sp. Att
Clever Wing = +Sp. Def
Swift Wing = +Speed

The easier way to EV train in Gen V, (and all other generations for that matter,) is to train on wild or trainer’s Pokemon that give you EV yields in the skill you are training. An example of this is, if you wanted to train Speed EV’s, then a Pokemon you would want to fight is a Magikarp (any level is fine.) because it gives 1 Speed EV every time you defeat one in battle, (you can defeat 252 to get 252 EV’s in Speed, or you can give it 10 Carbos and then you’ll just need to defeat 152 Magikarp to get 252 EV’s in the Speed skill, even less if you give your Pokemon Swift Wings.) When you think you have 252 EV’s in one skill, you can use to Xtransceiver to call Bianca. (She will also notify you if your Pokemon has 510 EV’s altogether.)

You can see what Pokemon give what EV yields here.

There is also a very rare Pokemon disease called Pokerus that you can obtain from wild Pokemon. Basically, it doubles the amount of EV’s your Pokemon would normally get, (such as getting 2 speed EV’s from a Magikarp instead of the usual one,) but Pokerus isn’t a permanent disease. In order to keep Pokerus, I suggest that once you find it, and put the Pokemon in your party so it can infect them. Then I would box the remaining Pokemon in the box and train the Pokemon that I want to EV train so that you can keep the virus.

And one more thing, it is not recommended that you EV train your main Pokemon team unless you are early in the game because a Pokemon’s stats are essentially its EVs, and since you will be battling a wide variety of Pokemon, your main party team’s EV’s aren’t going to be great for online battling.

Hope this helps.

Paul asks…

Shiny Pokemon trade for Pokemon Black/White?

I have a female level 46 shiny Golduck, a level 37 female shiny Dusclops, and a level 22 female shiny Fearow. The Golduck has a Normal Rank Smart Contest ribbon, and the Fearow has a Normal Rank Cool ribbon. All three are imported from other games. I’ll trade for cute Pokemon (like Skitty, Buneary, etc…). I’ll even infect them with the Pokerus before I trade them.
I mean I’ll trade for cute SHINY Pokemon.

admin answers:

In my SoulSilver, I have a shiny Arceus egg(for the Toys “R“ Us Arceus event), and I could trade you that.
But, I think we have to trade it online. And I have not set up Wi-fi for my SoulSilver yet, because I don’t know my router’s WIP.
Leave a message!

Charles asks…

Working Pokerus code for Pokemon White 2?

I have a new Action Replay and was wondering if anyone has found or made a working Pokerus code for Pokemon White 2 or are they all for Black 2?

admin answers:

Pokemon Marking Codes (mark a Pokemon in the PC for it to take effect)

Have Pokerus

5201E688 BDF873B4 0201E688 FABAF7E3 D0000000 00000000 02001C00 73B4B4FF 02001FFC BDF8BCFF 02001CB8 88F488B0 02001CBC 88384044 02001CC0 0A004060 02001CC4 887870F8 02001CC8 24074060 02001CCC 70384060

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