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Nancy asks…

Usta Junior tournament question?? Please help!!?

Ok so I am currently registered for a girls 14 junior tournament. This is my very first tournament so I am VERY confused. The tournament is June 24- 29 and i have no clue what day or time I will be playing at! How do I figure this out?? My friend said that they will email me but it is 4 days until the tournament. also, when do i figure out who i am playing? Please help, it is very urgent.

admin answers:

Once the tournament director gets the draws completed usually two days after the registration closes, the tournament brackets are posted online on the USTA site where you registered. They will show the place where you will play and the time of your match as well as your opponent. If you have any questions about the tournament and when the draws will be posted you can contact the tournament director at the phone number listed on the site and ask them. There is also an e-mail address for the director on that page as well.

Richard asks…

Is there an official Bananagrams tournament?

Ok, so, I really love the game Bananagrams and my friends and I are super good at it. I’m trying to start Bananagrams club at my school, but I can’t start a club without a goal. My goal is to win a tournament, but I don’t really know if there is one because I want to compete. PLEASE HELP

admin answers:

There was a tournament in 2009 (Google it!), but, I cannot find any other information regarding current or upcoming tournament.

However: That shouldn’t stop your club from making itself a tournament. Http:// describes the rules that tournaments play by. The goal of your club, if not to get into a formal tournament, can therefore be „to show people the beauty and elegance of Bananagrams.“
Hope it works out!

Joseph asks…

Mario Kart Wii tournaments?

I have Mario Kart Wii and just hooked it up to the wifi and was wondering if there are any tournaments that i can join? If so, how? Thanks!

admin answers:

There are tournaments! 2 a month! You can access them through the rectangle on the bottom right(blanking on the name) of the main racing screen, (1player, 2,3,4player, wfc). You can access ghosts, friends and tournaments through it. It may just be called the mariokart channel.

Probbaly no the tournament type youre talking about, but tournament none the less.

John asks…


so i want to enter in some tournaments this summer but I do not understand the district, section and levels! for example, this is on a tournaments page on : THIS TOURNAMENT IS A DISTRICT LEVEL 3 EVENT, SECTION LEVEL 4 EVENT AND A NATIONAL LEVEL 5 EVENT.

admin answers:

District level is what state u live in. There is novice, which is for beginners, then level 5, level 4, level 3, level 2, level 1. Level 1 being the most advanced and level 5 being the least advanced.
Section is whatever section of the USA ur in. For example, if u live in kentucky u would be in the southern section. U will be able to find ur section here.
just find whatever state u live in. It’s easy.the level 3 means the same thing. It means that this tournament is kinda advanced but not really. It’s in the mid range.
National is just the entire USA. Level 5 is, again, the least advanced, level 1 is the most advanced.

Sorry if this confuses u. Lol good luck!!!!! Email me if u have problems=) and if i u are a beginner i would start with just some smaller tournaments. U’ll have to bring up ur ranking in order to get into the bigger tournaments

Ken asks…

Problem with finding tennis tournaments?

I checked the USTA website but apparently the tournaments they have are junior (under 18) and adult (30 and up), but what about me? I’m 19 so apparently they dont have tournaments for me. Please tell me where I can find tournaments to enter or if I just looked in the wrong place in the USTA website. Thanks for the help

admin answers:

There are tournaments on the USTA website for you they just aren’t as easy to find. Go to this link:
Next to National / Section / District click on that arrow and pull up what section of the country you are in. Don’t enter a tournament ID just click on „find it.“ It will pull up all USTA tournaments in your region for the current month. If you want a different month at the top you will be able to click on whatever month you are interested in. When the list of tournaments for the month come up look for any that have open division play or if you are not an open player then look for tournaments that have NTRP divisions. Almost all tournaments will an open division for young guns like you.
Later. Good luck

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