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Susan asks…

what golf tournaments can i enter?

i live in the country and would like to know what sort of tournaments are easy to enter for a 26 handicap golfer

admin answers:

The only tournaments open to you are „flighted“ tournaments or tournaments which are based upon one’s handicap. Check you local golf club for montly and major tournaments and check out either the Golf Galaxy Tour or the Golf Channel Amateur Tour.

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Maria asks…

any tennis tournaments in this area?

ok so im 17 and im a girl and im looking to play in a tennis tournament anywhere in the brooklyn ny area or ny,ny……most tennis programs only go up to age 16 which suks
any1 know anywhere??
please help

admin answers:

Yes. You have to join the USTA first though. A junior membership is $19. After joining, you will be given a membership number called your „USTA Number.“

Once you join, you can use the USTA’s Tournament Finder to find tournaments in your area. There are plenty.


On this page, find the drop-down menu labeled „National/Section/District“ and select your area. Your area is „Northern.“

Next, find the drop-down menu labeled „Month“ and select the month in which you wish to play. Now click the „Find It!“ button and you will be shown a list of tournaments in your area during the month in which you wish to play. Click on the tournament you want to play and you will be taken to that tournament’s home page. You should see a link labeled „Click here to register online.“ Click that and you will be asked to provide your USTA number. Once you sublit that, you can choose and event to registet for. You are only elegible to register for the Girl’s 18 Singles, so select that event and then you pay the tournament’s fee the same way you would purchase something online.

Now remember, some tournaments give the winner more ranking points than others, and therefore they attract better players. The tournaments that give the most points are „L1“ tournaments. „L2“ tournaments offer a little less, then „L3“ and etc, etc. The tournaments that offer the fewest points are „L5“ however there are „L6“ tournaments that offer no points. Since I don’t know your level, I recommend you start with an „L5.“

Mark asks…

magic the gathering tournaments?

hey im new to playing magic the gathering in tournaments and was wondering if anyone knew of any websites that can give you the basic tournament rules that most people play by

admin answers:

Tournament rules are the same as the game rules for mtg games themselves. Check the WotC website for rules and other info.


Daniel asks…

yugioh regional tournaments?

how do you qualify and participate in regional tournaments and other big tournaments that offer prizes and stuff? is there anywhere that lists them all and how to qualify?

admin answers:

You just need to know where the Regional is being held to play.
In order to play you must pay a registration fee.

Be sure to check this BEFORE going to the tournament as it is a waste of everyone’s time if you don’t bring enough money for the tournament though if you just bring about $30 you should have at least $5 -$10 left over.

Be sure to get there EARLY. Almost all tournaments are scheduled to start at 10 am meaning registration starts at 9 am. Be there at 8 – 8:30 am. You have to right down all of your cards on a deck list and cannot leave out anything. If it’s your first one which it will be you’ll have to ask for a Konami Games Card which will allow you to participate and it’s free you just have to fill out a forum and be 13 years of age or have a parent sign for you.

John asks…

Texas Hold em Tournament?

I won a seat from a free roll tournament on players only. Now my question is I haven’t played texas hold em for very long at all. I don’t want embarrass myself in this tournament considering the tournament that I won was on the computer and this one is at a casino. How should I prepare myself for this tournament to be sure that I am knowing what I do when I get there?

admin answers:

The best advice I’ve ever read for REAL new players was from either Lou Kreiger or John Vorhaus…the Blackjack strategy.
Play only hole cards that would make a good blackjack hand with no hits. 2 face cards; A7 to A up; pairs 9s and up.
This in general is much tighter play than it may look and of course there is a much broader range of hands that COULD be played. But for a real newbie you should be playing only premium hands and avoid preflop confrontations. Most of the hands above could withstand a raise. You really don’t want to try many more hands too early in your „career.“
As you progress through the tournament you’ll start to get a feel for the other player’s styles and the overall feel of the tournament and you can start to play a few looser hands, but PLAY TIGHT EARLY.
Here’s the single best piece of advice that I’ve ever heard for new players, and in just two words:
Hold Em, especially Tournament Hold Em, is about survival, not pulling down as many pots as you can or racing against odds on hands that don’t have a good chance of winning. Be patient, play tight and don’t get overconfident. A tournament is never won or lost in the first 2 or even 3 hours.

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