Your Questions About Pass To Me Pitbull

Lizzie asks…

My pitbull passes gas.?

He makes a little squeek noise from his anus whenever he strains himself jumping or whatnot. How can I cure this flatulance?

admin answers:

I feed my dog nothing by top of the line dog food. He doesn’t get treats or human food (I’m an evil mommy, I know, but it’s for his health). He’s not even 3 years old, and the dog just farts ALL the time.
Some dogs, like boxers, just are known for flatulence.

Sharon asks…

The extermination of Pitbulls?

Can anyone shed light on the current bill being discussed in the California Government about the cull on pitbulls ? The bill number is SB861, but I can’t find it…….Surely animal lovers around the world can stop this legislation from being passed……….

admin answers:

The answers are on Snopes, I saw it a few hours ago.

It appears its all a big misunderstanding and that basically a nice excuse for a bit of public hysteria

Nancy asks…

new pitbull song!!! i need help!!!?

wats the new pitbull song called thats passed on La Kalle 100.7 its not krazy its somthing with samba????

admin answers:

„Mi saba cochina“ by mersyone feat Pitbull. I am not 100% on it though

George asks…

Pitbull question!!!!!!!!!!!?

why do pitbulls raise your home onwers insurance?
and how much does it raise it?

admin answers:

Because of the notoriety of the breed for aggressiveness. I know, its not all pitbulls-alot of it is irresponsible owners however the few truly agressive dogs and the lots of irresponsible owners who’s dogs have attacked people and other animals has caused the insurance industry to raise rates to cover the liablilty in case it is your dog that hurts someone. In some counties andcities in California (maybe elsewhere too) owners of pitbull type dogs are required to carry a 1 million dollar liability policy on their pets. Also in San Bernardino couny California where I live they just passed a law that pitbull and pitbull type dogs in unincorporated areas must be spayed/neutered. I am sure this law will begin to spread to other breeds too that are considered aggressive.

William asks…

what is the most rarest pitbulls?

admin answers:

If we as owners do not do a better job of keeping our dogs in check all pitbulls are going to be rare my wife and i have 7 some we’ve saved from the pound and our county tried to pass a law against pitbulls but a group of us dog owners showed up at meetings and had it changed to a dangerous dog law which includes all dogs. But laws are being passed all over country against pitbulls. And before long there will not be any pitbulls. Sorry if I’m a little long winded but i love my dogs and i don’t want anyone to be able to just take them away just because of what kind of dog it is. They are some of the smartest and sweetest dogs I’ve ever had all they want is someone to love them and they will love you back you can see it in there faces. It’s the owners that make bad dogs you can make any dog mean. So all dog owners need to pay attention to what kind of laws are being passed. If they get the pitbull what pet is gonna be next. Yours if someone thinks you should not own it. Well i could go on but just a little warning you may want to keep up with what kind of laws are being passed in your state or city or county or they may be knocking on your door to take your family member away

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