Your Questions About Tournament Of Champions

Joseph asks…

What is behind the decline and fall of college basketball?

The tournament is still pretty interesting but the regular season is nigh unwatchable.
Eric – it’s not just that. You must not have been around during the late 80s and early 90s when college basketball was AWESOME.

admin answers:

Players leaving early, too many games on TV and too many teams in the tournament. Players leaving early makes it hard to build a good team and for fans to get to know them, Way too many games on TV cuts down on the demand for watching. And there are not 68 teams worthy to play for the championship. If they cut the field to 32 teams and only took conference and conference tournament champions you would see interest grow immediately. This format would make the regular season and conference tourneys relevant again and be a good lead-in to the NCAA’s.

Sharon asks…

Whats your opinion of the new catfishing world champions?

The world catfishing championships were held recently and the group catfish fight club from muncie, indiana took home the 1st place trophy and 50,000 in cash. They also set a record for most pounds ever caught in tournament history. With two blue catfish weighing in at a whopping 57 and 48 pounds each. Plus 4 flatheads over 20lbs each, and several channel cats between 2-8 pounds. They shattered the previous total poundage mark by 62 lbs. Are they the real deal or just one hit wonders?

admin answers:

Competitions to slaughter our fellow creatures are a bizarre and barbaric form of anthropocentricity.

One day when we’re all living on Soilent Green we may colllectively realise that, but of course, by then, it willl be far too late.


Mandy asks…

Will Pakistan make short work of the minnows of the tournament?

Or Will West Indies make it hard for Pakistan?

What are the chances of West Indies in Champions Trophy?

admin answers:

Yes Pakistan will make short work of the WI. The WI don’t have the talent, and have had a very poor preparation with all the bullshit surrounding Chris Gayle and the WI cricket board.

I suppose they might fluke a win or two against some of the better teams but I doubt it. As far as them winning the Champions Trophy they haven’t got a hope.

Susan asks…

What is a good title for a poster of basketball champions?

I need a good title.
This is their second year winning the tournament championship.

admin answers:

If the champs get a banner…How about „Another Banner Year“
„Twin Titles“
„Defending Champs“
„Twice as Nice“

Nancy asks…

If Mexico beats Spain in the U-20 match would you consider them possible champions?

Alright the 3 best teams right now in the U-20 tournament are Spain, Portugal and Colombia. Mexico only passed due to right combinations, but still they didn’t do too bad. Mexico lacked precision and accuracy up front. Defense, they did ok,. However why is Francisco Flores still on the bench? He did good in the Sub 17 World Cup, same with Julio Gomez who didn’t get called up. I would have taken Fierro at least because simply because he knows a couple teammates and that brings chemistry up.

So if Mexico beats Spain would you consider them possible contenders for title or do they need to face the other two which are Portugal and Colombia?

admin answers:

I wouldn’t say champions but they’ll be a favorite to make it to the final
. Gomez was out of form and having disciplinary issues so he wasnt called up
And Abella took Flores spot during the Toulon tournament where he stood out scoring goals and thus convinced almaguer to he start him in the WC

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