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Jenny asks…

How to write an invitation to a gathering to remember someone who passed away 4 years ago?

I would like to have a gathering of family and friends this month coming up in remembrance of a very close family friend who passed away 4 years ago. He means the world to me and it is still hard for me so i felt that a gathering of the ones who loved him would be good for everyone but I don’t know how to write and invitation or what to call it HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

admin answers:

You are invited
to a gathering to honor and remember
„the person’s name“
bring a memory and/or a picture
we want this to be a „glorious time of fellowship for the people who loved „the person’s name“
so please bring funny stories and ancedotes of „the person’s name“
nothing sad!!
~~coffee and cake served…or bring a favorite side dish~~

Charles asks…

Why isnt my medal of honor limited edition online working?

I just got the limited edition MOH Warfighter limited edition for Xbox 360 and installed the online pass with limited edition content so it says I have all the map packs, yet when I try to join a match it says „The server is now running on content you don’t have, look in the Xbox LIVE marketplace for additional available content or make sure that all your content is installed.“ I’ve checked in my storage settings and it says online pass and limited edition is installed. Help please.

admin answers:

It would have to be on the same gamer tag ( I think I’m a ps3 guy) restart your system reinstall it CALL SUPPORT these bastards are making u pay big bucks and when they don’t take the extra three hours to test it its their problem! NOT YOURS! DON’T MISSUNDERSTAND ME! Btw don’t let em off the phone till they solve it as long as you payed for the product and you did not personally modify/ harm the product, they will not be able to say, „I’m sorry sir but we over here can’t find the source of the problem“ -bs CALL EM. It’s the only way unless something as simple as restarting your system will fix it.

Paul asks…

What is the best way to not cry about our dog who passed away?

What can be the best ways to stop crying about our dog who passed away a few weeks ago but still not forgetting him? I am going crazy. I constantly think about him and always dream him with me at night. I keep thinking what I would have been doing if he was there. What do I do?

admin answers:

Concentrate on your memories of all the good times you had with him. Celebrate the time you had. He’s no longer in pain, and he is at the rainbow bridge. He’ll wait till it’s your time to join him, and he doesn’t want you sad.

It’s fine to think or dream about him, but concentrate on the good times and good memories. You honor him by doing that rather than wallowing in miserable thoughts of your loss. He wouldn’t want you to be unhappy. -!-

Donna asks…

Does Stanford usually look at your freshman year?

I was having a bit of a rough time during my first quarter of freshman year. But I managed to get mostly B’s and one D. Pretty bad, I know. The rest of the year of freshman year, I managed to pass with honors though.

I’m currently a junior. And I’ve managed to keep my grades up. I don’t live in the US btw. So, my grading system is diffirent and I don’t know my GPA but my heart is set on Stanford.

Does Stanford look at freshman year?

admin answers:

They see your freshman year grades, but in the greater context of your overall GPA (they’ll do the calculating however they want to; each school calculates your GPA differently), it’s the least important year, and junior year and the first part of senior year are really what matter at the end of the day. Make no doubt, most of the people who apply and get into Stanford have pulled straight A’s their entire high school careers, so it will be an uphill battle for you to break even with them before having to try and surpass them somehow, but don’t sweat too much about freshman year grades, especially since you can’t do anything to change them.

Mark asks…

How to I become a high school honors science teacher?

I had a Biology honors teacher in high school that also taught Chemistry Honors, and Anatomy and Physiology honors…what degree or degree(s) should I pursue to become qualified in teaching chemistry and biology honors?

admin answers:

You will need to be certified to teach biology and chemistry. That would mean you would need to have a major in at least one of them and perhaps in both. At the very least you would need a major in one and a minor in the other. You would also need to pass the education-related courses necessary for teacher certification.

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