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Daniel asks…

If I Buy A New Graphics Card Do I Have To Get A New Power Supply?

Well i have a Gateway DX-4300

6gb of ram
AMD Athlon 7750 duel core processor 2.70 ghz
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
and i think 250 wat Power Supply
my graphics card is a ATI Redeon 3200
i want to buy

So do i need a bigger power supply?

admin answers:

Your Gateway DX4300 has a 300W power supply, but it’s very underpowered. (It’s probably a Bestec, or FSP, with 13A or 15A on a single +12V rail.) You definitely need to upgrade the power supply before installing a higher-end video card.

As another poster mentioned, it would be a waste of time to install a GeForce 8400GS, because it would still be too slow to run games properly.

This is an example of a parts combination that would work:

Corsair CMPSU-400CX 400W power supply (30A +12V), $55,

Zotac ZT-96TES3P-FDL, a low-powered version GeForce 9600GT with 512MB DDR3, $80,

By way of comparison, a 9600GT is more than seven times faster than an 8400GS.

Joseph asks…

Can I run a graphics card on this power supply?

Hello, I have just purchased a new KFA2 GeForce 9600 GT graphics card (Here’s the link to the page: ), and was wondering if I could power it with a totally separate power supply than what my computer uses to run. I thought this might have been a good idea, but my extra power supply is pretty old.

From what information I have now on the extra power supply, it’s a 480W SATA ATX POWER SUPPLY, made in 2006.
I have no idea what information is needed, so I’ll just put what i see on the label of the power supply!

AC INPUT 15V/230V 10A/6A 60/50Hz

**Okay, the next thing is a table, so I tried my best to make it look like a table of information**

DC OUTPUT | +3.3V | +5V | +12V | -5V | -12V | +5VSB |
________________________________ _______________
480W………..|..28A…| 38A | 17A…|1.0A | 0.5 A | 2.0A….|

Also, on that website about the graphics card, it says that on the Power Supply I need to have Two 4-pin MolexR supplementary power connector. What is that? What is MolexR? I know what Molex is, but is there any difference between Molex and MolexR?

I would really like to know whether this power supply is good enough for this graphics card with nothing else on it, or should I buy a new power supply? I might as well buy a power supply for the computer itself, considering that the power supply that’s in the computer is only 350 watts (the website recommends 400W), and I didn’t think that it’d be able to run on that. Plus, I don’t know if I have the right connectors on it anyways.

Also, I have an HP m8530f computer if that helps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I don’t think people understand this, but I have TWO power supplies, one 350W for everything in the computer, and another 480W (it’s made in 2006, though) power supply for the 9600 GT graphics card. I was just wondering if the 9600 GT will work on that old power supply.
Also, I don’t want to buy a new power supply besides the 2 that I have right now.
ALSO, my computer’s power supply itself actually does have the connectors for everything, and it says a couple of stuff about the outputs, I’ll try to put it here:
INPUT: 100-127V ~ /10A,
47Hz-63Hz 200-240V ~ /5A,

+12Va == /18A, 12Vb == /18A
+5V == /13A, +5Vstb == /2A
+3.3V == 15A, -12V == /0.8A,
+12Va &12Vb *some foreign language stuff* / *other stuff* 300W.
MAX CONTINUOUS OUTPUT POWER EQUAL TO 350W; *some stuff* / *some stuff* 350W.

Maybe I could run it off that power supply? Probably not, I guess it has 18A, but what does that +12Va and 12Vb mean? Well, I might try it on the other power supply anyways…

Thanks for the help so far!
AND another question….

What’s the worst thing that could happen if I plug in the graphics card to the 350W PSU that’s already in my computer? Will it blow parts? Or just freeze up sometimes?

admin answers:

You only have 17 12V rail amps, so you darn well need a better power supply for the 9600GT. With rails distributed like that, you’d think that puppy came out of a Pentium II or Pentium III. Seriously, it’s fundamentally a circa-2001 design inside, I’ll bet! It’s capable of powering the 9600GT, which draws about 8 amps on the 12V before overclocking, but it’s inadequate when also powering your PC. Also, having an empty load on all but one rail can cause cheaper group regulated units like yours to act erratic; a state you’d be in running just a 9600GT off it.

If you can, just ditch both supplies and buy one new unit. It’ll be a lot more efficient, for one, and also it will provide cleaner power. I suggest this cheap Antec Earthwatts EA430. It’s pretty efficient, and being a SeaSonic build, is reliable and very stable. Thing’s actually capable of peaking a good bit above 430 watts, so you can safely draw over 350 watts day in and day out on the thing with a thirty percent margin of safety.


Newegg has that identical model video card in stock for the same price, so why not do this order from them?

4 pin molex connectors are just those 4 pin plugs that have been kicking around for at least twenty years, and are used for things like drives. Most supplies seemingly have far too many, so that’s fine. I own the Antec Earthwatts 380 little brother, and I can attest that it DOES have two molexes to spare after powering one optical and two hard disks. If you need more, people sell splitters.

Alright, if you don’t want to buy another, I guess you CAN run a 9600GT off the 480 watt generic. Just be careful, because based upon the rail ratings, it’s some pretty natty fresh off the boat Taiwanese stuff that’s based on an ATX 1.3 design of 2000-2003. It’s your 9600GT, so you take the chances if that thing runs away because you’re putting all the work on the 12V with no loads elsewhere. I say you should spend the 60$ – 30 MIR check for somthing better, but that’s just what I say as someone who insists on the use of quality SMPS units.

And yes, my whole reply was predicated off system running off 350 watter and the card running off the 480 watter. Wouldn’t be surprised if your HP’s PSU has a stronger 12V rail, though. My circa-2006 HP OEM Bestec is rated for 18 amps 12V- bet yours is closer to 22.

Donald asks…

I am trying to get a new power supply. Is it compatible with my pc?

I want to get this one but, in the description it says supports Support Intel „Pentium 3“ „Pentium 4“, AMD „Athlon XP“ and any new Intel /Athlon version, but I got AMD PHENOM II X 4 processor. Does that matter?

Here is my pc specs:

admin answers:

Does it have the same power connectors your motherboard uses?

Susan asks…

video card for my computer?

i have a Compaq presario sr2010nx and i want to know what type of video card it takes so i can upgrade it and play games

admin answers:

Okay. You have a 250 watt Bestec power supply and a PCI-e 16x slot. Given how this machine has a slow single-core CPU, I don’t suggest spending much money on graphics. The HD4650 is fast enough to play the latest titles on moderate settings, and is currently at Newegg for $40. I’d suggest buying a better power supply, too, but the card draws less than 50 watts, so really, it should work even on a 250 as long as you don’t plan on marathon gaming sessions. If you decide to buy a better power supply, a cheap FSP, Silverstone Strider or Antec Basiq of 400+ watts is a great choice.


Mary asks…

What kind of Power Supply does this need?

I’m looking for a good Motherboard that supports the AM2 Socket & DDR2. I’m almost ready to order the GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 785G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard (found on Newegg(.)com), but before I do that, I need to make sure that my Power Supply would work.

How would you even know? My specs are AMD Phenom II 2.5Ghz Quad-Core Processor, 2 DDR2 800Mhz RAM sticks. I’ve been using my Power Supply for years on a regular ATX board. Should my Power Supply be fine on this Micro ATX?
I have a 400 Watt Power Supply that I’ve been using with no problems for roughly 3 years.

admin answers:

Long as its not a bestec, and the atx, psu connector and auxillary cables will work than u should be fine. 300 watt is all that is required for amd phenom II X4 quad core cpu. However if you up your graphics card in the future id go to a 600 watt +

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