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Donna asks…

war of the roses glitching into walls and hiding places on london tournament?

I’ve seen people glitching into walls and such how does one get into the walls and hiding places where no one can get them on london tournament?

admin answers:

It’s a bug. Go into the video options and switch “Max Stacking Frames” to 1. If you come across any other issues, let them know.

Robert asks…

Is this a good tournament ready Burning Rose Deck?

Extra deck
Black Rose Dragon
Stardust Dragon
Splendid Rose
Queen of Thornsx2
Gungir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Brionic, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Drill Warrior

Monster Cards
Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis
Botanical Girl x2
Mystic Tomato x2
Lonefire Blosssom
Twilight Rose Knight
T. G. Warwolf x2
Tytannnial Princess of Camelllias
Botanical Lion
Drilll Synchron
Phoenixian Seed
Samsura Lotus
Cherry Inmato x2
Gigantic Cephalotus
Lord Poison x2
Revival Rose
Summoner Monk

Spell Cards
Black Garden
Mark of the Rose
Miracle Fertilizer
Mystical Space Typhoon
Raging Mad Plants
Lightning Vortex
Curse of Fiend
One Day of Peace
Foolish Burial
Frangrance Storm x2

Trap Cards
Ivy Shackles
Bottomless Trap Hole
Torrential Tribute
Wall of Thorns
Mirror Force
Curse of Anubis
Call of the Haunted
Plant Food Chain

I forgot the complete Layout of the deck. I do not have my Black Rose Dragon or most of the my plant cards since they are in storage and i will get them back soon but if someone can please see how solid this deck is and tell me how good or bad it is please post it

admin answers:

Sounds like a good strong deck

Charles asks…

Who will win the Rose Bowl today?

admin answers:

Ok two things – one the Rose Bowl isn’t today. 2 – Ohio_golfer – OSU isn’t playing in the Rose Bowl – they’re playing in the Fiesta Bowl. Get your bowl games right people.

As for the Rose Bowl – I;m cheering for Texas, but I think USC is going to win. I think you may have gotten a little confused – the Tournament of Roses PArade is today. I think that the parade is actually gonna get some rain this year….

Lizzie asks…

Best Player in the Draft Tournament (Day 4)?

Here are the usernames in the championship:
Beasley & Wade
Jerry J
(you guys are tied)

Make sure you explain why you chose who you chose, it could win you the tournament.

Championship Game: Derrick Rose vs. Michael Beasley

admin answers:

Your 2008 Rookie of The Year MICHAEL BEASLEY!

Beasley would be the better one because of his offensive and defensive precense. He is tough plays with heart and adjusts to the game quickly. Beasley is also better because he is also tougher and quicker for his size he is excellent at picks and is able to rebound. Rose’s offensive exicution is probably way worse averaging like 5 TO in the Summer League. Beasley also is better because he has Good Offensive exicution. Getting picks very well. He has a good shooting touch and a good defensive precense. That Rose has not getting owned by Mario Chalmers. Beasley plays with aggresivness that Rose does not have. Beasley quickly adjusted to th quickness of the NBA game and quickly adjusted after getting owned in the second game where he quickly adjusted. Rose is also injured which might make him like Greg Oden. Beasley will most likely win the ROY due to the fact that he has a better team which he would learn from. Beasley also had a better college career and Summer League. Beasley would also kill Rose in a one on one game to to size athleticism and talent. So Beasley would win. Beasley has the most talent in the draft and should have been drafted first.
An explosive combination of strength and athleticism. Can score from virtually anywhere on the basketball floor. Utilizes his length, quickness, and leaping ability to grab rebounds both in and outside his area. Plays with aggression and confidence. That’s Michael Beasley possibly the next LBJ not MJ but LBJ.
A rare combination of speed, elite athleticism and poise at the point guard position. Uses quickness and strength to power his way to the basket and can finish with incredible body control. Makes good decisions in the open floor.
Well that’s all Rose is speed. Other than that he is nothing not even close to Beasley’s lv. Probably going to be like Rondo or Hinrich. Not CP3 not a good scorer and not like D-Will also a scorer. They are able to defend which Rose does not have.

Carol asks…

What’s the Rose Bowl Parade like?

admin answers:

It’s really exciting, beautiful, very busy, lots of people, results in lots of trash, and it’s crazy (and cold) the night before (police haven’t been on the ball like they should be the last couple of years), people throwing hard stuff at cars, etc.

Watch it on TV or your computer and see!

Rose Parade

I really like to go to where they park the floats on the east end of the parade route and see the floats up close. My son goes to the parade to hang out with his friends, and see his princess/queen friends. Often we volunteer to help make floats, for Sierra Madre or South Pasadena. You can volunteer to help make floats with many of the local cities.

Showcase of Floats

My dh is at the Rose Bowl now, he says he’s the only person not wearing red (both teams are red).


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