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Carol asks…

Do they serve free alcohol at the casinos in Shreveport, Louisiana?

If you go to the casinos in Lake Charles, LA they serve completely free alcohol. Meaning that you can walk up to the bar in the casino and get free drinks even if your not gambling. I was blown away by this and I was wondering if it was the same way in Shreveport.

Thanks for your help.

admin answers:

If you walk up to the bar and ask for a drink, you pay for it, however some of the bars have video poker machines in them, as long as your playing any slot machine or table game or video poker, drinks are free.

If you tip your waitress drinks have a way of appearing more often

Mark asks…

Is it legal to sell/own a home-made gambling machine?

I have a tabletop video poker machine that accepts real money. I made it myself but don’t want it anymore, so I would like to sell it. Is it legal for me to sell it in the state of Arkansas? Does this apply to other gambling machines?

admin answers:

I’m not sure about Arkansas, but here in Missouri, my son bought a slot machine which is electronic, but pays out in free games and/or tokens. He got it at a store in a local mall, so it was legal. How much do you want for your machine? Better ask a local lawyer about owning and/or making such a machine and if it is legal to sell it under ‚collectable‘ label. Of course, you ask ‚hypothetically‘, of course, to see if you can make one, etc, etc.

Chris asks…

What’s the online casino with the best player loyalty program?

When I play at Harrah’s casino, they give me cash back for my slot machine and video poker play. Do online casinos offer similar loyalty programs?

admin answers:

I think JC has the best player loyalty program. They give away all kinds of freebies to loyal players. Read about the incredible gifts they gave one big player at

It has a free real $500 play offer that is really cool. They are the best online casino sites.

Lisa asks…

What is the best casino in Vegas to gamble at?

I am definately not a high roller, just plan to spend a couple hundred at blackjack or other table games. Might even play some video poker. Which casino is the best in Vegas? Which one gives you the best comps, free drinks, etc…
we are staying on the strip, but planning to go to Fremont St.

admin answers:

Putting a couple of hundred into action (that’s what they call it, „action“ rather than „spending“) won’t get you any comps.

They all give free drinks but the most frequent free drink service will be at the smallest casinos.

On the strip, I wouldn’t gamble anywhere except Slots A Fun (next to Circus Circus) and maybe O’Sheas. I was just there last month and walking through the strip casinos was depressing. They all have the same silly stupid machines that look like children’s video games, and high limit table games.

Your best odds are downtown at the lowroller casinos like El Cortez and Gold Spike. 9/7 and 9/6 video poker is a thing of the past on the strip. Nearly all machines are fancy multiplayer games with terrible odds. Table games on the strip are silly… Pai Gow poker, Caribbean Stud, Casino War, blackjack with six decks and 6:5 payoffs on blackjacks.

The one oddity I did notice last month was a new kind of Texas Hold Em game where you play against a dealer like blackjack. What was odd about it is that the dealer can’t fold, even if his hand stinks. I thought that might be an advantage for players. You can’t go „all in“ or bet like in a regular poker game though, so I’m not sure if these new Hold Em games are worth trying or not.

Ken asks…

In St Louis Missouri do the casinos serve beer on the gaming floor? Is it free?

Just wonding if the Missouri casinos serve beer on the gaming floor, not just in the bars at the casinos? Also is the beer free while gambling like it is in Vegas and Biloxi? Thanks

admin answers:

Not free unless you are in a high stakes poker room for a tournament. Things are tight everywhere. Even in Vegas not all the casinos offered free drinks unless you were at high stakes tables. Those at the slots were often paying to drink.

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