Your Questions About Betsey Johnson

John asks…

Purses similar to Betsey Johnson?

I was looking at her purses but I don’t like any that much, does anyone know anyone similar to her style? Or anything just very fashion forward but not overly priced? Thank youu.

admin answers:

First try Sam Moon. There may be one near you. They are overloaded with bags, some like Betsey Johnson, and other things similar.

If not try searching on Ebay and Amazon!

Robert asks…

Betsey Johnson bag?

I was on vacation in CA and went to the Urban Outfitters in Santa Monica and almost died when I saw the beauty before me. I found in a discrete location on a display table, a gorgeous baby blue patent leather Betsey Johnson bag. It was huge with a bow on the front with zippers outlining it. I cannot stop thinking about this bag and will not rest until I have it. It’s $350 if memory serves me correctly. The guy at the store told me it’s called the „BJ Bow Satchel.“ I called him up to find out what the name of the bag was because I can’t find it anywhere on the internet. I searched the internet high and low and googled the shit out of it and cannot find it anywhere. Can someone help?
This bag isn’t out of season, I was just there 3 days ago.

admin answers:


not exact, but somewhat fit your description? Sorrry hun, i tried!

♥ ♥ ♥

Susan asks…

Brands like Betsey Johnson?

I looove Betsey Johnson, but they don’t have a store in St. Louis and the online selection is limited. What are brands/stores with dresses like Betsey Johnson’s? Links(: Thanks!

admin answers:

Here are some dresses that sort of look like Betsey Johnson:
hope i helped:)

Chris asks…

Betsey Johnson purse/?

Hi I am about to buy my first Betsey Johnson bag. Could you please attach a link to your answer so I can see any sugestions on what purse I should get. My price range is about $50-$150, if that helps you at all. Im really up to any bag. I just want to see what other people like and dislike. THANK YOU!

admin answers:

1. Http://

2. Http://

3. Http://

4. Http://

5. Http://

6. Http://

7. Http://

8. Http://

9. Http://

10. Http://

11. Http://

12. Http://

13. Http://

14. Http://

15. Http://

Ok! I know it’s alot, but I couldn’t help myself, I just love Betsey Johnson. I included all purses that I liked within your price range, hope I helped and good luck choosing the right one!

David asks…

betsey johnson peace heart purse.?

where can i find the betsey johnson purse with the heart peace sign?
send linkss.

admin answers:

I think you are referring to the „prisoner of love“ bag. Unfortunately that style has been discontinued. I did find it here:

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