Your Questions About Pokerus Pokemon Black

Joseph asks…

i need pokerus in pokemon black?

if anyone could help me that would be awsome!

admin answers:

I can give you a Pokemon with pokerus.

Mark asks…

Can someone trade me a Pokemon with pokerus? I have Pokemon black 2!?

Okay I don’t need like a really good Pokemon just a simple common one with pokerus.. I have wifi but how do I trade with someone?? Do I need an item whats a friend code how do I use it? Please I need pokerus!thanks a bunch!
You can’t catch black kyurem… Black kyurem is a form of normal kyurem. U have to catch kyurem and also catch zekrom.. Somehow combine them together.. Check if u need help

admin answers:

I have a pokemon with pokerus if you have a friend code it makes it easier to trade just go to the pokemon center and talk to the lady on the farthest right and select rendezvous and select my name once you register my friend code

Friend Code 0004 1126 3830

Daniel asks…

help with pokemon black?

how do you get pokerus. i used to have it on ruby/saphire but now i dont. so can some one please trade one with me or tell me how to get it

admin answers:

It depends, pokerus is quite rare but you’ll probably have a higher chance of getting a pokemon with pokerus if you go on to the GTS Negotiations but it depends on how much you want it and how much you are willing to give away for it, if you are going to use GTS Negotiations then I would recommend getting a shiny pokemon for one.
I hope this helps but otherwise if you want you can trade with me, I have a few pokemon with pokerus 🙂

Donald asks…

can someone trade me any pokemon with pokerus on pokemon black?

my friend code is 0218-8623-7997 the best i can offer is a level 1 charmander

admin answers:

I can trade you a pokemon with pokerus. I don’t really care what pokemon you give me. Just message me.

John asks…

Trade a pokemon with pokerus? (Black)?

I want to start EV training. Can someone help?

FC: 2108-4786-5614

admin answers:

I have a few Pokémon with Pokérus if you’d like.

I don’t want any particular Pokémon, any will do, even a Patrat or Lilipup.

Email me if you’d like to trade, I could also give you a Power item with the Pokémon to help you with your EV training if you want, I have one or two spare.

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