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David asks…

pitbull illegal in louisiana?

i have a dog that’s pitbull, and somewhere along his line he has a little chocolate lab.
i live in louisiana.

do you know if i could get in trouble for owning him and walking him? do i need a license or something?
And i live in Morgan City, which is in St. Mary Parish.

admin answers:

Below are the BSL passed or considered areas of LA.

Alexandria LA Unconfirmed BSL against Pit Bulls
Beauregard Parish LA Being Discussed Possible pit bull ban
Baton Rouge LA Being Discussed
Gonzales LA Being Discussed
Luling LA Unconfirmed Unknown
Morgan City LA Confirmed Pit bulls and Rotties are restricted (per Chap 18, Article II, sec18-64
Plaquemines Parish LA unconfirmed Heavy Restrictions pit bulls and Rotts
St. Parish LA Unconfirmed Unknown
Sulhur LA Being Discussed (07/07)
Welsh LA Unconfirmed Pit Bulls are banned

Check w/your local law enforcement or SPCA regarding licensing/registration of ALL breeds of dogs. Also, if you’re in an area that is ‚considering‘ ordinences, get busy writing letters to lawmakers, councilors etc….

Good luck!

Daniel asks…

new pitbull song? i like to do it?

theres a new song by pittbull and its techno and it says i like t do it and oh, oh my god. i have no clue what this song is called. maybe its not even pitbull but please post urls from youtube PLEASE HELP!!!! FIRST PERSON RIGHT GETS BEST ANSWER!!!! 😀 thanks <3

admin answers:

Pitbull is featured in it. Its called Pass At Me by timbaland ft. Pitbull… I love that song 🙂

Michael asks…

What do you guys think of Pitbulls?

Personally i don’t think there „vicious dogs“ they are some of the best family dogs ever Im currently volunteering at a Pitbull rescue, theres alot of abuse, abandonment and fighting Cases i see, But they turn into the sweetest dogs.
In my prespective its bad owners not dogs ;]

admin answers:

It all depends on how they are raised. I have 4 here in my care at the moment, and they all get alone just fine (one of them which is a rescue case, she was abused and kept caged all day every day), they all also get along with my cat.
It’s a crock of b*** that they weren’t bred as house pets, the original „pitbull“ was bred as a nanny dog, they protected the children in the UK from rats during infestations. They were loyal family pets back during world ward 1 & 2. Sargent Stubby is a famous pitbull who saved many many people during the war, he was given all kinds of awards. The original Petey, from the little rascals, was indeed a pitbull, and he „acted“ alongside of many many children. Pitbulls can be gentle, loving family pets if they are given the chance. But instead they are the most abused breed in the US today.
They are seen in the public eye as dangerous, and unpredictable. But it’s the owners of these dogs that are dangerous and unpredictable. People believe what the media leads them to believe.

People get scared of the picture that media has drawn in their minds. The majority of „pitbull“ attacks aren’t even pitbulls, but a mixture of many different breeds. There are MANY breeds that ressemble the pitbull and most people can’t pick out the real pit in a crowd. Since they have no idea what kind of dog it is, they just point their finger and say „OMG IT WAS THAT VICIOUS PITBULL“. People see it being easier to just do it that way.

Here are a couple of informative tools:…

There was also a video that I was in search of, but for some reason cannot find, but it was talking about „all dogs can bite“ you are more likely to be bit by a german shepard than a pitbull for instance. Why you ask?? Because german shepards were bred as atack dogs against humans, and despite what the media and people make us believe, pitbulls weren’t even bred to fight other dogs, let alone humans!! *GASP* Nope, they were actually bred to bait bulls, and some blodlines were bred to kill rats in England during an outbreak!! Amazing, how your favorite news source isn’t always right!!!

Secondly, here is another piece of interesting information… This article goes on to talk about the temperament testing of dog, and the ranking of the pitbull compared to others. Just for example so that everyone reading this doesn’t have to actually go to the link, „It is reported on temperament tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society the American Pit Bull Terrier has a current (December 2004) passing rate of 83.9% — compared to only 77% of the general dog population.“ So what this is saying, is that pitbulls passed the temperament testing for human agression in 2004 with a passin mark of 83.9% whereas other dogs, got closer to the 77% average mark.
Here is another little tidbit of information :Trust in dogs may be misplaced: study

Most people trust the family dog, but a federal study suggests that trust is misplaced. The study finds dogs we know and trust are the worst offenders for bites and attacks on people.

According to the study, the most common biters are

German shepherds
Cocker spaniels
Golden retrievers

So basically this is saying, that pitbulls aren’t even on the top biters list… I have also seen this list containing dalmatians, labs, and of course the dreaded chihuahua, answer this… Have you ever seen a nice taco bell dog??? The above statistics can be seen here :…

And last but least I want to say, pitbulls are very misunderstood dogs, they are also the most abused, abandonned, neglected, and starved dogs in north america. Almost any shelter you wil walk into you will see at least a handfull of pitbull & pitbull mixes. With so many bad owners out there, not training their dogs correctly, or even worse, training them to fight, using them as bait dogs etc. Wouldn’t you expect them to lash out?? I can tell you this much, if somebody starved me for weeks on end, and then put me in a ring with someone much bigger than me and let them attack me, then when I lost and couldn’t fight back they shocked me, hung me, burnt me etc, I sure would lash out too… So I say the problem here isn’t the dogs, the problem here is the human race and not knowing how to care for their dogs, train their dogs, and the most important thing of all, show love & compassion to these dogs.

James asks…

Y do people hate pitbulls?

and tell me if u do or don’t if u do heres a little something to tell u about them they were bred only to hunt bears and loyalty and thats it the only reason some are mean is because of their owners and coker spaniels and collies pass with more aggression than pitbulls
some of u say it’s about the bloodline and u won’t get one if u don’t know if fighting is in their blood line heres a story for u my uncle ed got a pit puppy from a long line of dog fighting champions that dog was the nicest little dog ever and if my grandma and my great grandma can handle raising about oh say 20 pitbulls than i’m sure some of u can all of my families pitbulls came from a horid bloodline and my grandmas pitbulls will lik ur fingers if u stick ur fingers in their cage yell shut up and they sit and lik ur fingers hm theres a story for u
follow the instructions on this pic

admin answers:


Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Pit Bulls?

Well, LOTS of people no thanks in part to some very damaging myths, the deeds of unscrupulous breeders/owners and the hyped up media coverage that has been plaguing this breed for years. So many untruths and half-truths have been repeated so many times that the general public has begun to believe fairy tales instead of fact. Its enough to make a bullydog supporter want to SCREAM!

Aren’t Pit Bulls MEAN and VICIOUS?

No more vicious than golden retrievers, beagles or other popular dogs! In a recent study of 122 dog breeds by the American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS), pit bulls achieved a passing rate of 83.9%. That’s as good or better than beagles … 78.2%, and golden retrievers … 83.2%. How did your favorite breed do? See for yourself:

Like any breed of dog, a healthy pit bull that is properly raised will remain loving and friendly. In the past 20 years, we’ve seen some sad examples of poorly bred and badly treated dogs that are the byproducts of irresponsible ‚backyard breeders‘ and cruel and abusive homes. These improperly raised, unsocialized creatures can show temperaments far removed from the traditional authentic pit bull. Don’t confuse these unfortunate misbreds with the huge majority of well-loved dogs in this country that remain solid in temperament, affectionate, trustworthy and friendly to their dying day.

Don’t Pit Bulls have LOCKING JAWS?
No. A pit bull’s ability to „lock on“ with it’s jaws is one WHOPPER of a myth that refuses to let go! The jaws of a pit bull are built just as any other dog’s jaw. There’s no ‚enzyme‘, no special mechanism that would make a pitbull’s jaws ‚lock‘. They’re DOGS, not alligators! What a pit bull does have is strength, tenacity, and determination. When he grasps something he wants to hang onto, his willpower is the glue.

Don’t pit bulls have to be TRAINED TO FIGHT?
NO! Pit bulls are terriers, and terriers tend to be scrappy with other animals if unsocialized, poorly managed or otherwise left to their own devices. Just as farmers have used Jack Russell Terriers to do battle with badgers, foxes and other animals, unscrupulous people have exploited the terrier drive in pit bulls against other dogs for ‚entertainment‘ purposes. Like many breeds, pit bulls can run the gamut from very dog aggressive to exceptionally dog friendly, but each dog shares some potential to fight other dogs if mismanaged. Avoiding dog fights involves understanding terrier traits and basic canine behavior in general. More info:

Dog-Tolerance Levels: Dog/Dog

Living well with: Multi Dogs

Socializing your pit bull: Socializing

A properly socialized, well managed pit bull should never have to get into a dogfight, because he’s accustomed to the presence of other dogs and – IMPORTANT! – he has a smart and responsible owner willing to keep him safe from situations that could invite the unhappy possibility of a scuffle.

Richard asks…

why does staffordshire bull terrier keep passing wind constantly?

i got him yesterday from a rescue home

admin answers:

I have pitbulls and this is hilarious to me!! Mine fart sooo bad, they can run ya out the room!! It doesn’t matter what ya feed them either, they still do it!! I guess it’s just in their lovely nature!! A loving pitbull breeder.

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