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Steven asks…

Ev training pokemon black 2 with pokerus and macho brace?(help find power items)?

How many evs with pokerus alone?
Evs with macho brace alone?
Both together?
Also where can i find the power items like power weight, lens specific where exacly to find items in the areas.
And how many evs with or without pokerus

admin answers:

Macho Brace doubles the EVs you get after a battle. Pokerus does that as well. If a pokemon has both, it’ll get 4x the EVs it normally does from a battle. The power items can all be bought from the shop in the Battle Subway or PWT for 16 BP each. You can also find some of them on the ground, but only some of them, not all of them. For Black 2, you can these ones at these locations:
Power Lens: Route 13
Power Band: Plasma Frigate
Power Anklet: Route 4

Power items give an additional 4 EVs on top of what you normally get. For example, lets say you battle a Litwick (which gives 1 Sp.Attack EV) and have the Power Lens equipped. You’ll get 5 Sp.Attack EVs after you defeat it. Pokerus would make that 10 EVs.

Hope this helps.

Ken asks…

Pokemon Black 2 EV training help?

So I’m training an adamant mamoswine to have good stats.He is level 100.But I used berries to start the ev’s over since he couldnt get anymore.So far he has 405 in total, 105 in attack,100 in speed,50 in defesne and in special defense and 100 in hp.
I have a pokemon with pokerus and want to pass it to mamoswine but I have a question.
If I defeat a basulin with a pokemon with pokerus and power anklet will I get 8 speed EV’s?
Basculin give off 2 EV’s in speed and pokerus doubles that and a power anklet gives you 4 EV’s in speed so will I actually get 8?

admin answers:

Pokerus + Power Anklet will yield 12 speed EVs, not 8. Basculin gives out 2 EVs normally, plus the 4 from Power Anklet for a total of 6. Pokerus doubles that to 12. So if you want to max out speed, you only have to kill 21 Basculin.

Donald asks…

my pokemon black team?

palpitoad lv 30 mud shot aqua ring uproar and muddy water
druddigon lv 40 dragon rage night slash flash cannon and surf
unfezant lv 51 air cutter razor wind fly and air slash
samurott lv 54 return aqua tail water pulse and waer pledge
deino lv 38 crunch slam dragon pulse and work up
tirtouga lv 35 aqua jet smack down curse and bulldoze
(all have pokerus :D)

admin answers:

It’s ok. Where are you in the game. Also, can I have one just to get Pokerus then give it back. Unfezant is only useful in game. You gotta evolve Tirtouga to Carracosta. I think you need to evolve your pokemon. I’m sorry, but I’d give it a 4/10. Evolve them all.

David asks…

I Need A Working Action Replay Dsi Code For Pokerus On Pokemon Black US Version?

ive looked at many forums for a working code, that uses marking, but nothing works

admin answers:

Pokemon Marking Codes (mark Pokemon in PC for it to take effect):

Have Pokerus

020195B4 FC24F7E8 02001E00 73B4B4FF 02001E08 24017E88 02001E0C 76884060 02001FFC BDF8BCFF

Michael asks…

Pokemon black trade cacnea?

I have pokerus, dw eevee, and a shiny driflim if you want it
Friend code: 4126.7921.9421
Name: ASH
I can battle too

admin answers:

Mine: 2279.6085.7636
Name: Stars
Pokemon Black
Need: Pokerus or DW Eevee or a shiny Poké or any starter…
Waiting in Wi-Fi Club…

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