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Maria asks…

ECB want to host rebel champions league tournament (your thoughts)..?

The ECB are discussing plans to host a rebel Champions League tournament without the involvement of the Indian Premier League.

This has all started because
The BCCI want 50% of the rights to the champions league tournament and will not sanction players from the ICL or teams who have used them to qualify. The ECB however are suggesting a more equal share in the rights and use of ICL players.

1. Do you think it is fair for the BCCI to demand 50% of the rights to the Champions League & to not allow ICL players, or teams that have used ICL players to win the domestic trophy to play?

2. Is there any point in hosting a rebel tournament, when it wont attract star names, or much interest from anywhere besides England?

Why is the ECB intent on competing with the BCCI!!

and WHY are there so many money-grabbing Twenty20 tournaments being created?

admin answers:

1. I rarely stick up for the BCCI but I’ll make an exception here. They’ve ’set-up‘ the tournament and stuck up the prize money so why can’t they ask for 50% of the rights, Before the Twenty20 Cup started Lalit Modi said: „any ICL player playing for any team automatically disqualifies that team from participating“ in the Champions League. „No exceptions will be made under any circumstances“ now this seems pretty clear to me. Cash-stripped Glamorgan obviously thought of the big picture and didn’t play Jason Gillespie in the Quarter-final, Kent decided to play their ICL players so can have no complaints.

2. If the figure of £750m over 10 years which has been bounded about is even half realistic then there’s certainly a point. It won’t be a rebel league as such because it will be under the auspices of the ECB and with the big money on offer then the top foreign teams will be interested, where it fits in comparison to the Champions League and various foreign tours this winter god knows.

I’m not a huge fan of Twenty20 and the amount of tournaments starting up is a worry because 1) if they overlap Test cricket it leaves players having to make a choice between club and country and 2) even if they don’t overlap it will indirectly lead to shorter Test series to fit them in. Two Test series aren’t the way forward, a three Test minimum should be in place for all series, bar those involving Bangladesh (until they reach a competitive level).

Helen asks…

Greatest wrestlers never to be world champion tournament?

Owen Hart vs. La Parka
British Bulldog vs. Dean Malenko
Christian vs. Matt Hardy
William Regal vs. Jushin Liger
Terry Taylor vs. Rick Steiner

Choose winners and rate
Forgot one

Rikishi vs. Lance Storm

British Bulldog & Dean Malenko – 3 votes each

Rikishi & Lance Storm – 3 votes each

admin answers:

Christian (Hey he was NWA world heavyweight champion in TNA. Check it! Also people coun ECW as world championship.)

1. Liger
2. Dynamite Kid
3. Malenko
4. Owen Hart
5. Brian Pillman

(How come Kid and Pillman are not in your list?)

James asks…

Best Ever WWE Intercontinental Champion Tournament Results:?

The winner of a tournament to find the best Intercontinental champion of all time was Bret Hart, as picked by you, the good people of Y!A Wrestling Section. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the outcome? Who do you think should have been the tournament winner if not Bret Hart/

admin answers:

I think Bret Hart was the deserved winner.As talented and exciting a wrestler as HBK is, Bret would be the better all-round.He was trained by his father Stu in the Hart Dungeon, so he has the right background.He was nicknamed „The best there is, the best there was and the best there will be“ and rightly so.Bret was the most gifted wrestler of his generation.A multi-time champion in WWF and WCW with an excellent wrestling style using technical mat-based work and a high flying style.

Donald asks…

Champions league of Cricket without „World Champions“ Pakistan & its champion Sialkot Stallions?

Points I have in a single Questions:

1- I just wonder how the league of champions that is „Champions league“ of Cricket will be anything without „World Champions Pakistan“, & Pakistani contribution in it, its 5 times domestic t20 champion Sialkot Stallions is not invited, its a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat shame to this leauge of 2nd or 3rd rate champions without „World Champions Pakistan“ & its champion team Sialkot Stallions who won domestic t20 competition 5 times out of 6.

2- There is no Pakistani umpire in this tournament, „Alim Dar“ of Pakistan is just awarded the best umpire in the world, Asad Rauf from Pakistan was also a nominee, so why not any Pakistani umpire is in this league, I wonder why?

3- Losing finalist teams of their respective domestic teams also participating in this tournament, fact of the matter is losers of final are not champions but winners are, so losers of finals should not be invited, so this is yet another dent to this name that is „Champions league“. ( Website of whatever league), I simply can’t call it as „Champions League“.Sorry.

anyone can answer me in a descent honest,sincere manner?

admin answers:

Well Mr. Pegasus Rising is wrong on several points….here are some of them!
1. He agrees that this champions league is club level cricket so it is getting unnecessary importance!……australia won worldcup in 1999, 2003, and 2007 in a row..but it does’t mean that other teams like South Africa, New Zealand, England, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan are not good enough!!!!!
2. I agree with the comments on umpires!
3. Mr. Pegausus….if the team who plays wonderfull is called champions then why team india and south africa are not called t20 champions?????


Lizzie asks…

Will there be a Champions League Tournament in FIFA 10?

Does anybody know if the upcoming Fifa 10 will have a champions league tournament? Fifa 09 didn’t have this in tournament mode or manager mode and I was wondering if they will include UCL in Fifa 10.

admin answers:

No, their won’t be a UEFA Champions League tournament in FIFA 10 as Pro Evolution Soccer own the rights to the Champions League until 2012. EA Sports have apparently signed a 4 year contract as of 2012, but until then PES have the rights.

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