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Robert asks…

Light Heavyweight Super Champion Tournament Finals. Who do you pick?

Archie Moore vs Bob Foster
Bobby, I didn’t include Tunney or Charles because they despite being all time greats, were not light heavyweight champs.

admin answers:

Archie Moore vs Bob Foster:

This is one of the best match ups you can make between two Light Heavyweight champions. I should be an exciting fight but also technical to some degree. I really don’t think there is a power advantage and if there is it would be negligible as both are really great punchers. As for stamina and overall conditioning, I would definitely lean towards Moore (in his prime as a Light Heavyweight). With regards to chin I would also think Archie is the favorite. Heart is closer, but still I think Archie has more. Remember his fight with Marciano… He got up from the knockdowns and carried on fighting even though he was beaten and bruised and tired. That shows a lot of heart in a fighter. His fight with Yvon Durelle is also another good example of his heart. Speed would probably be Foster’s only advantage over Archie.
I think Archie’s experience would show if they fought. I think he would adjust to Foster’s style and might be able to take Foster’s hard shots for a while. However, some time in the fight I think Foster will drop Archie. This would probably be from Foster’s throwing many punches at once, not from Foster throwing a single punch and knocking Archie down. Archie would get up though and carry on as before. The is also a good chance Archie knocks down Foster in the fight, and maybe even twice during the fight. The combination of Archie’s power and Foster less-than-spectacular chin is justification for this.
I think Archie gives it everything he has and comes back from an early knock down to win the fight by UD. I would even go as far to say that Archie might be able to stop Foster late in the fight. That is a big possibility. But to be safe I’ll stick with Archie by decision.

„The Old Mongoose“ Archie Moore UD15 Bob Foster

Therefore, this makes Archie Moore the greatest Light Heavyweight champion of all time.

Also, in my opinion, he is THE GREATEST Light Heavyweight of all time. Yes, this means greater than Tunney, Langford and Charles. That is just my opinion though. Here is my list just out of interest.

Greatest Light-Heavyweights of all time:

1. Archie Moore
2. Ezzard Charles
3. Gene Tunney
4. Sam Langford
5. Billy Conn
6. Michael Spinks
7. Bob Foster
8. Tommy Loughran
9. Maxie Rosenbloom
10. Jimmy Bivins

Honorable Mentions:
Roy Jones Jr (when he retires, he will be very high on the list)
Dwight Muhammad Qawi (one of my favorite fighters ever)
Battling Siki
Jose Torres
Joey Maxim
Harry Greb
Jack Delaney
John Henry Lewis
Bob Fitzsimmons
Willie Pastrano
Matthew Saad Muhammad

Sandy asks…

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admin answers:

And I was like,
Baby, baby, baby, noooo way,
Baby, baby, baby, noooo way,
Baby, baby, baby, noooo
Thought you’d always be mine.

I just submitted myself in your tournament.
Ruv roo, Rica.

Sandra asks…

Champion of Champions Tournament?

100 World Champions from different generations are put into a single elimination tournament. You decide the winners to crown the Champion of Champions.

Round #1
Shawn Michaels vs. Yokozuna
Great Muta vs. Big Bubba Rogers
Ricky Steamboat vs. Black Bart
Jerry Lawler vs. Samoa Joe
Steve Williams vs. John Cena
Kerry Von Erich vs. The Undertaker
Stan Hansen vs. Triple H
Dusty Rhodes vs. Abdullah The Butcher
Kevin Von Erich vs. Chris Jericho
The Crusher vs. Brock Lesnar
Iron Shiek vs. Stan Stasiak
Larry Zbyszko vs. Tommy Rich
Greg Valentine vs. Taz
Shane Douglas vs. C.M. Punk
Fritz Von Erich vs. Chris Adams
Mad Dog Vachon vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
Genichiro Tenryu vs. Edge
Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Invader I
Rick Rude vs. Dick Murdoch
Masahiro Chono vs. Iceman Parsons
Masa Saito vs. Sandman
Billy Robinson vs. Raven
Superstar Billy Graham vs. Batista
Randy Savage vs. One Man Gang
Riki Choshu vs. The Rock
Kurt Angle vs. Otto Wanz
Sting vs. Mick Foley
Scott Norton vs. Kevin Nash
Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Kamala
Curt Hennig vs. Jimmy Valiant
Kensuke Sasaki vs. Jeff Hardy
Ron Garvin vs. The Miz
Big Van Vader vs. Sid Vicious
Ivan Koloff vs. Hercules Ayala
Terry Gordy vs. Randy Orton
Pedro Morales vs. Sabu

1. The Great Gama
2. Frank Gotch
3. Georg Hackenschmidt
4. Lou Thesz
5. Stanislaus Zbyszko
6. Strangler Lewis
7. Joe Stecher
8. Bruno Sammartino
9. Antonio Inoki
10. Orville Brown
11. Pat O’Conner
12. Verne Gagne
13. Buddy Rogers
14. Jack Brisco
15. Dory Funk Jr.
16. Harley Race
17. Bob Backlund
18. Giant Baba
19. Terry Funk
20. Ric Flair
21. Nick Bockwinkel
22. Gene Kiniski
23. Bret Hart
24. Carlos Colon
25. Barry Windham
26. Steve Austin
27. Rick Martel
28. Hulk Hogan
Dubbs – Andre did not make the cut because when he beat Hogan, he only held the title for a matter of minutes before selling it to Ted DiBiase. Jack Tunney who was WWF President at the time declared the title vacant. And as far as Benoit, I respect what he did in the ring but I can’t get passed what happened in his personal life.
Round #2 of the Champion of Champions Tournament coming this weekend. Give me a day to get the brackets set and then I will post.

admin answers:

1.) Shawn Michaels beats Yokozuna by count out after 2 Sweet Chin Music’s on the outside.
2.) Great Muta’s pins Bubba Rogers after using the mist.
3.) Steamboat pins Black Bart after a moon-sault from the top rope.
4.) Samoa Joe beats Lawler by submission
5.) Although Steve Williams would totally kick Cena’s ass, the fans will Cena to victory.
6.) Undertaker pins Von Eric with a Tomb Stone
7.) Triple H gets the win over Hansen via Pedigree
8.) Abdullah the Butcher pins Dusty Rhodes
9.) Jericho forces von Eric to submit via Walls of Jericho
10.) Lesner defeats the Crusher
11.) Stan Stasiak submits to the Camal Clutch, Iron Sheik advances.
12.) Zbysco defeats Rich via submission.
13.) Valentine and Tazz wrestle to a double DQ. (If you will it a hardcore match Taz wins)
14.) Douglas wins if it’s a hardcore match, otherwise Punk wins DQ.
15.) Von Eric pins Adams with a small package.
16.) Bam Bam Bigalow defeats Mad Dag with help from Luna Vachon
17.) Edge pins Tenryu
18.) Rude pins Murdoch via Rude Awakening
19.) Chono defeats Parsons after Hiroshi Tenzon interferes.
20.) Sandman wins if it’s a hardcore match and only if.
21.) Raven defeats Robinson with the Even Flow
22.) Batista is too vicious for Billy Graham.
23.) Savage defeats One Man gang by DQ, just like the Wrestlemania IV match
24.) Rock pins Coshu rock bottom
25.) Angled forces Wanz to submit to the Ankle lock
26.) Sting defeats Mick Foley with Scorpion Death Drop
27.) Scott Norton defeats Kevin Nash with a Clothesline from the top rope (He was worth so much more in Japan then WCW)
28.) Funjinami pins Kamala
29.) Perfect Plex, hennig pins Valiant
30.) Sasunki and Hardy wrestle to a time limit draw.
31.) Miz defeats Garvin
32.) Sid defeats Vader with a Power Bomb
33.) I think Koloff would win, but I don’t think Hercules would tap out to the bear hug, he’d win some other way.
34.) Orton pins Gordy RKO
35.) Moralis would win in a regular but Sabu tops him in a hard core match.

I’m a little confused, why is Bubba Rogers and Rick Martel in this tournament, yet Andre the Giant and Chris Benoit didn’t make the cut?

Ruth asks…

how to qualify for the masters golf tournament?

admin answers:

1. Masters Tournament Champions (Lifetime)
2. US Open Champions (Honorary, non-competing after 5 years)
3. British Open Champions (Honorary, non-competing after 5 years)
4. PGA Champions (Honorary, non-competing after 5 years)
5. Winners of The Players Championship (3 years)
6. Current US Amateur Champion (6-A) (Honorary, non-competing after 1 year) and the runner-up (6-B) to the current US Amateur Champion
7. Current British Amateur Champion (Honorary, non-competing after 1 year)
8. Current US Amateur Public Links Champion
9. Current US Mid-Amateur Champion for 2005
10. The first 16 players, including ties, in the 2005 Masters Tournament
11. The first 8 players, including ties, in the 2005 US Open Championship
12. The first 4 players, including ties, in the 2005 British Open Championship
13. The first 4 players, including ties, in the 2005 PGA Championship
14. The 40 leaders on the Final Official PGA Tour Money List for 2005
15. The 10 leaders on the Official PGA Tour Money List published during the week prior to the 2006 Masters Tournament.
16. The 50 leaders on the Final Official World Golf Ranking for 2005.
17. The 50 leaders on the Official World Golf Ranking published during the week prior to the 2006 Masters Tournament

James asks…

Alright Divas Champion Tournament!?

Here’s the instructions:You pick the match and then put the person you think would win that match who ever has the most votes wins!

Here we go!
Divas Tournament #1:

Candice vs Beth
Mickie vs Melina
Bree Bella vs Kelly Kelly

admin answers:


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