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Helen asks…

Vostro 200 processor upgrades help!!?

i have multiple questions. i want to turn my vostro 200 to an above average gaming machine but i’m afraid i might damage my computer. if theres anyone out there who can answer my questions please help!! 🙂

i have an 8800gt with 550w power supply. am i depriving my 8800gt of power??

vostro 200, i opened it and i saw G33M02 as the motherboard and did some research, i’m planning to get a Quad-Core. any objections? i mainly want to get it so it would operate better with my 8800gt. :\ i don’t think my 8800gt is working as powerful as it should!

i’m also considering overclocking my current processor (E4500) i want to clock it to a good level of performance for gaming. i read that i shouldn’t overclock with the fan it came i want to get a new fan…i don’t know what kind of fans would work/fit. help!

any suggestions? i just want to have constant 60-100fps in TF2.
<3 that game.

please help!! :]

admin answers:

The max power draw for a 8800GT is 105W, so no, it’s not underpowered.
The G33M02 is not compatible with a quad core, for that, you would need a G33M03 motherboard. When ordered with an Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad processor, Dell’s are equipped with a FoxConn G33m03 motherboard and a LiteOn 375W power supply. When ordered in any other configuration, it is typically equipped with a FoxConn G33m02 motherboard and a 300W Bestec power supply. The G33m02 and G33m03 are essentially identical except for the power regulation section of the motherboard. Essentially, the G33m02 is a depopulated (cheaper) version of the board which only has 6 voltage regulator IC’s as opposed to the 11 voltage regulators on the G33m03. In practice, this means that the G33m02 version of the motherboard is physically incapable of providing enough current to operate the Intel Q6600 CPU. In essence, if you do not order the Quad Core processor with the system initially, you will NOT be able to upgrade it to one later.

James asks…

Buying a New Video Card, help?

Okay, I own an HP a6203w Desktop computer, with an integrated Nvidia 6150se video card (crap), an AMD Athlon 6400×2 4400+ 2.3ghz Processor, and 4 gigs of DDR2 Ram. I was looking at video cards and came across the ATI Radeon 5670 HD 512MB and 1G version. The 512MB version, from what all I read about it on different reviews, said it was for minimal power consumption and ran strictly off the power from the PCI e slot.

I have a 230 or 250 watt powersupply, not sure which, and I have been told by a few people that I can run it, I was just wanting mass opinion and thoughts, and proof/reviews if you have it, of the consumption of the card (NOT THE ENTIRE SYSTEM), under load, and idle. Thanks.
Okay, to the first two answers. I did the research I could, I found out what I could, I just wanted more opinions.

With the Radeon HD 5670, ATI takes DirectX 11, triple-monitor-capable graphics cards further into the mainstream, hitting the all-important $99 price point. Its gaming performance is noticeably lower than the beefier Radeon HD 5750 card, which, at the time of this writing, sold for about $40 more. But the HD 5670 is plenty powerful enough for mainstream gaming at medium resolutions, and its single-width, 7-inch form factor makes it more amenable to today’s smaller desktop PC cases.

The card also draws all the power it needs (61 watts under full load, according to ATI) from the PCI Express x16 slot that it occupies on your motherboard. That means fewer users will need to upgrade their power supplies, or track down a six- or eight-pin PCI Express power connector.

That is from a review on I found similar reviews on tomshardware and such.

admin answers:

The stock 250 watt power supply (Bestec ATX-250-12V) is a piece of crap. It’s worthless.


The recommended power supply for a Radeon 5670 is 400 watts or greater,

Just plan on upgrading the power supply and video card at the same time. It will run better, and improve the long term reliability for the whole computer.

David asks…

Computer power supply not turning on?

Have a dell inspiiron 454 for 2009 and the power supply in it is a 300w bestec. All youtube videos I have watched show a bad power supply with the flashing light in the back of the power supply flashing, but my one does not flash at all. I accidentally plugged it in with watt setting in the power supply on 125w (or 115w there is ony two settings 230w and 1**) so not having the switch on 230w and having it on 125 connected to a 240v plug socket may have killed it. i also hope it not *gulps* the mother bored has not been fried :(. So most likely it is the power supply but I hope the motherboard has not been fried. I don’t know if it is…. Also when I accidentally plugged it in on 125w I heard a slight sound when you rub your sleeve against the wall gently so I took it out switched to 230w and then it would not turn on.

admin answers:

you gotta get a new one just to find out if mobo fried
theyre cheap enough

Linda asks…

Do you know of a replacement for my Bestec ATX 250 12Z PSU?

It will be great if it is in stock at Best Buys or Electronic Fry’s 😀

admin answers:

Corsair CX 430w:$abcat0507009&cp=1&lp=2#tab=buyingOptions

Paul asks…

Building a New Computer… Question about different components and compatibility?

I’m about to build a PC…

What are some of the things I should be aware of with the compatibility of the following components:

Tower case
Power Supply
CPU Coolers (like fans and water cool)
Video Card (PCI express)
Sata Hard drive
Optical Drive (dvd and cd)
Card Reader
Network Card
Sound Card
Power Protector
Extra Case Fans

I really want to know what are the things to look for in the SPECs to make sure that all of these components will work with each other when I purchase them.
(For Example: I know that if I buy an ATX motherboard with 775 socket, I need to buy a Tower that is ATX and a processor that is a 775 socket.)


admin answers:

You have to give more info than that… Is this your first one? Is it going to be for gaming? Lots of Video? Sound? Just kep in mind, dont get a bestec power supply, they will kill your pc. I personally only trust AMD, I dont like Intel… But thats just a preference of mine… SeaGate or Western Digital brands are the best hard drives available right now for their cost… Also, If this is your first, I would use a GigaByte board, they are great boards and easy to set up… Heres some links to a good setup for ya…
this is just a good cheap setup… You can use whichever pci cards/cd drives you want.. Just make sure that you get a pci-e enabled boards and pci-e video cards… They are proven best…

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