Your Questions About Betsey Johnson

Jenny asks…

betsey johnson dress for less?

does anyone know if i can find this betsey johnson dress for less? like a cheap knock off or anything really

admin answers:

I absolutely love this dress. Do you want one by that designer, or just one that looks like that?


Mark asks…

Betsey Johnson, Anyone? Help!?

does anyone know where i can find cheap bestsey johnson?
purses, dress, jewlery..
i want a good price becuase i find it to be expen$ive.. help! =(

admin answers:


and this:

Just google cheap Betsey Johnson stuff.

Good luck! 🙂

Maria asks…

Are these Betsey Johnson earings authentic?$(KGrHqV,!ikE7CphSMm6BOww,rm8fQ~~60_12.JPG

I can’t really tell and I don’t see it on the website either. How would one know based on this photo?
* I didn’t think Betsey Johnson would have fakes but I was surprised to find out there are apparently. Just making sure.

admin answers:

Yes those are authentic betsey johnson is not a designer brand faked due to the fact that betsey is not very expensive imo its actually fairly priced for designer

Thomas asks…

where can i find an affordable betsey johnson party dress type thing?

i was going to be either a mouse or a fairy for halloween, but then i asked on here and most people voted for me to be a fairy, and i really want a betsey johnson mini dress for my costume but i cant find any cheap ones that are my size, so does anyone know where i can find dresses kind of like those ones? it doesnt need to be betsey johnson. i’m talking about ones kind of like this:
thats the one i liked, too bad it’s only available in a size 8 and 276 bucks! if i cant find anywhere, i’m just going to be a mouse

admin answers:

I would look on ebay.
I found this dress:|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

It is cheap.

And I found a dress reallly similiar to yours and $100 cheaper, but still expensive.

Here is where you should look, there are a lot of pages:

Sandra asks…

betsey johnson????

1)where,when and to whom the entreprenur was born??

admin answers:


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