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Jenny asks…

What should I wear with my Betsey Johnson dress?

For my winter formal I’m wearing this Betsey Johnson dress:

what kind/color of shoes/jewelry should i wear with it? what kind of clutch? hairstyle ideas? (i have blonde naturally curly hair that’s about shoulderlength)

admin answers:

Hi Amanda,

I love the dress!

For the shoes you should find some black strappy heels ideally with a touch of gold accent. Since it’s a Betsey Johnson dress you can look for some Betsey Johnson shoes also:

For the purse a simple black clutch with a gold clasp would be nice.

Jewelry should be a gold necklace and earrings and maybe some gold bracelets.

Keep your hair natural. It sounds cute just like it is.

Have fun!


Robert asks…

is there a betsey johnson store at dublinpleasenton’s mall?

admin answers:

Nordstrom in Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton has Betsey Johnson jewelry, also Macy’s.

The jewelery section always has good Betsey Johnson and Juicy Couture stuff on sale. (from a review in July 2009)

I found two in San Francisco and one in Walnut Creek

I just realized this question is posted in New York City. If this is correct then I don’t know the answer.

Lizzie asks…

Betsey Johnson handbag question?

Does anyone know if there is a bag that is similar to the „Viva la Betsey‚ bag that is tall, and has a top zip closure? Ebay links would be great!

admin answers:

*here are some links for the actual bag:

William asks…

A Fabric Betseyville Bag (by Betsey Johnson)?

It is a big hand bag; can be used as a school bag. It is made in a tanish fabric, then has a a big pink heart on the front w/ white lace around it, says Betseyville on the heart in red cursive, plus a few more details.
PLEASE say you can find it somewhere… Plz and THx
And, if you give me a site, can you please give me the direct link? – If you don’t it’s even harder for me to find it…

admin answers:…then search „betsey johnson“….you will find it there.

Sharon asks…

I need a dress! like betsey johnson!

i love betsey johnson dresses. and i want one like that. Its for homecoming so i was thinking a mini evening dress. any suggestions?

admin answers:

I love those cupcake dresses she makes – too cute! Unfortunately, I’m not sure who else sells those styles. If you’re into shopping online, ebay has a lot of new Betsey Johnson dresses for a quarter of the original price.

Have you tried Macy’s or Dillard’s? Usually they have an array of styles. Also, Alyce makes cute dresses and some of them are like the cocktail dresses Betsey makes:

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