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Ruth asks…

Web Sites to play poker without downloading anything?

Anyone know any sites i can play at? Not full tilt or poker stars, those require downloading.. cant download at work. Not myspace or facebook apps either, cant go on those sites here.

admin answers:

It is a free Texas Holdem Site. It’s the same applications that run on facebook or myspace. Just go to the website.

Mark asks…

how can I download poker and not play online?

Want to have poker on my computer and not go online.

admin answers:

Hey Nancy, it is possible to download poker software and play on your PC. There is a software called – Wilson Turbo Poker Software – it simulates poker players and it’s as close as it gets to playing poker online.

But I suggest you still to go to big poker site like PokerStars>>> Where you can play for free, participate in freerolls and win some money, and also play vs real people instead of some computer software.

Also if you want to choose more poker rooms you can always go to >> Where you will find offering you poker rakeback. Poker rakeback is a free money given to you by poker site. You probably didn’t know that 🙂 I encourage you to find out more about it.

Well, hope that helps.
And gl to you at the tables 🙂

Michael asks…

How do i block a webpage so that noone except me can open?

my little brother is playing a lot of poker in facebook lately and i don t like that.How do i block that webpage so only i can view it.Is there a program for this?

admin answers:

Yes.If you use vista you can set up parental controls for free from the control panel.Its tell u how often they visit a site and witch sites them visit.And you need a pass to change parental controls so u can block sites with that.And you can make it so he cant download anything.But if ur using xp do this.
Internet Explorer version 5 and later offer the ability for heighten security and privacy. You can block a site by following the directions below:

1. Load your Internet explorer
2. Click Tools
3. Click Internet Options
4. Click the Privacy tab
5. Under the Privacy window, Click Sites
6. Type in the site address that you want to Block and Click OK.

Linda asks…

What are some good FREE games for ipod touch?

I already have: Textpad, zapper lighter, facebook, trace, connect 4, solitare, checkers, air hockey, word bubble, and a few more.

I also have google earth, mood pad, falling balls, traffic rush, paper toss, dots free, papijump, toobz- free.

admin answers:

Here are some that I have: Brick Breaker 3D, Tap Tap Revenge 1,2, and 3 (I suggest you download all of them), Terminator Salvation, Iron Man, Glow Hockey, Battery Status, Battery Magic, Yo Mama Jokes, Compass, iHandgun, iRevolver, iShotgun, iMachinegun, iGun, Chainsaw, Doodle Buddy, Manica Marbles, Resident Evil Degeneration, Bowling, Remote, Yahoo, Chess, Spider Solitare, Pool Vegas, Football 3D, Wallpapers, Spawn, Guitar Hero, Smack It, BlackJack, Poker, and BIA.

Instead of any of this, I recommend you to jailbreak you’re iPod if you already haven’t. Use blackra1n. Yes that’s a 1. If you don’t know what to do, go to youtube. You can do anything with a jailbroken iPod. (not anything, but things that you would want to) Hope I helped.

Carol asks…

What is a good poker book for low level online play?

I am going to put £50 of english money into an online poker website, and would like to know what the best books out there are for begginer/intermediate players. please reccomend a good book for ONLINE PLAY =]

admin answers:

Don’t buy a book, there’s a wealth of info on the Internet. But you’ll have to be very tenacious and disciplined to not loose that £50 quid to start off with. Your favorite site while your learning should be The holy grail for any poker player. This will be more useful then any book imo!

If you’re really serious on a book, then you need to first decide what sort of games your going to play? Cash? Tournements? Single Table tournments? (Different books for different games)

Generally research the following.

Bankroll Managament
Table selection.
Poker stats VPIP/PFR/AGG/3bet
Opening ranges
Gap Concept (Not understanding this is far and away the biggest way beginners loose money initially.)

Download the following

Poker Tracker 3 or Hold’em Manager (HEM is better imo)
PokerStove (Free)

Use the following websites, when your not playing poker.

I am trying to collate alot of this info on my new website for beginners, be sure to check it out and pm me if you need any help with any of the above. Need some ppl to test it out on.

Also. If you do anything in this, Research „rakeback“, it will save you soooo much money!!!!

Be Lucky!

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