Your Questions About Betsey Johnson

Nancy asks…

Betsey Johnson jewerly on ebay is it real?

I been bidding on betsey johnson jewelry on ebay and I was wondering if it’s really authentic/real the sellers are from china!!!!

admin answers:

I buy betsey johnson jewelry on ebay all the time but its not real. If your winning a BJ necklace for $2 its not authentic, maybe the more expensive ones on ebay are. The fakes will have the heart charm with BJ on it but its not high quality. Some even have the pink tags attached. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and receive one that looks authentic.

John asks…

How would you describe the Betsey Johnson brand?

How you you describe the Betsey Johnson collection/brand?
is this a certain STYLE?

admin answers:

Fun, colorful, cheerful, a Betsey Johnson dress can be a real mood brightener and a Betsey bag can make even the darkest winter day a bit lighter.

George asks…

Salary part-time job at Betsey Johnson????????????


I am going to apply to Betsey Johnson and I was wondering if anyone knew what the salary would approximately be for a part-time position. Thank you

p.s. This would be in California 🙂

admin answers:

Dunno but I LOVE BETSEY!! Good luck with the job.


In Canada i think it’s a little more than minimum.. Maybe $10-12

Lizzie asks…

Where can I find this Betsey Johnson tank top for cheaper?

Or will it ever go on sale, for like half that price??? I was looking for one on google all night and then i looked at the website and it was there!! (i wasnt expecting it to be since it came out several years ago) I REALLY want it but its too expensive right now

admin answers:

Ok, I love Betsey Johnson, and I know the shirt is supposed to mean Guys <3 Betsey Johnson (BJ) but people are going to think it means Guys <3 Blow Jobs

Jenny asks…

designs like juicy and betsey johnson?

does any one know of any designers like juicy couture or betsey johnson??…fun,girly..ya me out =]

admin answers:

I love Juicy it’s my Favorite, but like you said there is Betsey johnson, Chanel, Vogue, Down below are designers that might have to do with them

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