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Joseph asks…

How can I enjoy Online Gaming in India? Where can I find a list of game servers and how can I connect to them?

1) Which are the most popular online games in India and
2) Where can I find a list of game servers (fast ones, ideally located in India)
3) How can I connect to an online server to play it?
4) Is there a site where I need to register in order to connect to a game server or is it free for anyone to connect to.
5) I have a 256 KBPS broadband connection. Which game do you think can be played without hitches?
6) How much data transfer do you expect will happen in 1 hour of play?

admin answers:

If you like to play „Texas Hold’em“ and other poker games, for free, I’d suggest a really good site where I’ve seen folks from all over the world play. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to play Texas Hold’em especially.


Its free, and you’ll enjoy it!

Ken asks…

I’m going to Las Vegas for the first time. Any tips? What games should I learn to play before going?

I don’t know how to play any of them. Do the machines like video poker or slot machines have instructions on the side?

admin answers:

Slot machines are pretty self explanatory. You put in the money and hit start.

Now many machines will have more than one win line, and you can choose how many you play. The more you play, the more it costs, but the greater the chance of winning something.

You can also typically play 1, 2, or 3 credits per spin (sometimes more). You always want to play max credits, because if you don’t you will often be shorting yourself the chance to win the biggest jackpot.

Some slot machines are located in a special area where the payout is advertised (like 98% payout) or something like that. You want to play in areas like that if you find them. This lowers your house edge a lot.

You always want to get a players card and use it on all the slots and on any table games you play. This can earn you free stuff. Do this FIRST before you play anything.

Video poker is again pretty obvious, if you know poker hands. You can tell from the payout table which machines are better than others. You can research that online before you go.

As for table games Blackjack is the most popular and very easy to learn the basics of. The casino will probably give you a tip card if you ask for one that tells you basic strategy.

Roulette is pretty simple to learn too, although the house edge is 5.26%. Mind you it could be that high playing most table games if you don’t know what you are doing.

Most casinos have ‚training sessions‘ where you can learn most of the basic table games. Ask about them at reception. They are free, although it might be nice to tip the dealer who teaches you.

I see some people mentioned learning Texas Hold’em. I don’t know when you are going, but that is a pretty tall order. While the basics of the game are simple, quite frankly if you’ve never played before, you are going to get killed at the table. So I really wouldn’t try that. Stick to the simple house games for now.

Robert asks…

How do you persuade your parents to use their credit card so u can play on online gaming sites?

Im slightly addicted to poker and play on for free. I am 15 and obviously don’t have my own credit card, how can i persuade my mum to borrow hers? i only want to play with a tenner!

admin answers:

Don’t start. You are beginning on a long road of gambling addiction, that can end up seriously affecting your life. Remember what you are reading here.

James asks…

What is the best site toplay texas holdem for free online?

I have windows 8 and am looking for a good website to play poker, preferably Texas holdem for free, but interactive, so I am playing with other people not just a computer.

admin answers:

If you do not live in the USA I would recommend playing at they have the biggest online poker site. They have play money and real money games and they also have freerolls (tournaments where you don’t have to pay to play but can reward real money prizes). If you do live in the USA you can still play on but only for play money or you can play one of the few sites that allow US players but there are not many players and the sites aren’t very trustworthy.

Betty asks…

What is a good online poker site?

I been looking for a free online site to play poker for fun, but all i have been finding are poker sites in which you play with real money. All suggestions would be appreciated.

admin answers:

Almost all real money poker sites have play for fun poker tables. I like ongame poker network sites and they certainly have play for fun (called Trial Games or Play Money).

You can also play freeroll poker tournaments on those sites, it’s fun and free and you can even win real money.

There is also a very popular poker application on Facebook.

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