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George asks…

Where could i find free sheet music for a clarinet?

o.k i play clarinet and i want to find cool music to play on it. so yeah anything would be good, but i especially want music that is popular these days, like Poker face, or green day songs it wont matter thanks.

admin answers:

I doubt that there would be songs like that specifically for Clarinet. Clarinet doesn’t usually play these type of songs. If you want to play songs like these I would get the piano music and play from that. That way you get to practice transposing from sheet music. There are some websites but these mostly have classical/ballad type of songs.

Donald asks…

Reunion committee needs to find obituaries on former classmates for free. Where do we go?

Or if it isn’t free, what website gives you the most information? Is the most reliable?

admin answers:

will help you find death dates and places. (Click on Advanced to get a better search engine.)

The birth year will be one of three, usually. The class of 1950 was 17 – 19 when they graduated, so they were born in 1931, 1932 or 1933. The Mormons,

let you specify an age range, but RW (Above) lets you narrow down the location better.

Once you find someone, the library is your best bet. Some newspapers keep their obits on-line for a day, some a week, some a month, a few keep them there for a year.

Note that if someone is on the SSDI, he is dead, but if he isn’t he might not be alive. Not everyone gets a final claim from the SSA.

has some obits.

has a search engine for US Servicemen killed in Viet Nam

If you are not in the USA – some Canadians read and write English so well you don’t even know they are foreigners – then nothing here will help you.

On a completely different note, something I tell everyone who is planning a reunion:

The most important thing you can do to insure a good time is had by ALL is talk to the band/DJ beforehand. The kids who never left town and see each other every week at PTA, soccer practice and poker night are going to want to dance. The ones who did leave town and flew 1,500 miles to attend are going to want to talk, and they are not going to want to shout over the music.

The ideal solution, if you can afford it, is to hire two rooms, one for dancing, one for eating and talking. Unless you are from Beverly Hills High, you won’t be able to afford it. Having the music „on“ for 30 minutes, the off for 30 would be a reasonable compromise. Having if entirely off before and during dinner is smart too. Promise to pay the band/DJ the same amount of money as if they played all night. Impress upon them the desire of half the audience to talk. Reunions are not the same as dances or concerts. People (some people) want quiet time, to talk. Keep hammering that home to the Band/DJ.

Read more, if you like:

The World’s Stupidest DJ

The last reunion I went to was the 25th. The hard-working and well-meaning committee had mistakenly hired a DJ with a room temperature IQ. The man was thick as a plank and many bricks shy of a load. Saying his elevator didn’t go all the way to the top would be too kind. His elevator stayed on the first floor, making grinding noises. Before dinner we were all talking. He played so loud that everyone had to shout over the noise. No one danced. He kept turning up the volume, wondering, no doubt, why people were not dancing. Hmmmm. What would people who hadn’t seen each other for 10, 15 or even 25 years want to do? Sit and talk, or dance? We voted with our feet, but he didn’t notice.

After dinner, another pattern emerged. Mr. „Bright as a Night Light“ would play one slow tune and 10 – 15 couples would dance. Then he’d play 9 fast ones in a row and no one would dance. Duhhh, as my kids would say. Here were 200 people, average age 43, who had just eaten a big meal, and they didn’t want to bounce all over the dance floor. The man would have had trouble finding a pattern on a checker board. We stayed at the tables and shouted at each other over the music, again.

I left with a sore throat and ringing ears, determined that it would be the last reunion I went to in person.

Michael asks…

What is the best poker website?

I want to play for free, not betting anything as I’m not very good and want to practice, I do however want to play against other people. Can you do this on PokerStars?


admin answers:


You can play at PokerStars for free at their play money tables. However, we could advice you to have a look at 888 Poker; they are offer now a $8 free just by signing up and you will also be invited to their $10,000 daily free roll. You are also able to play their play money tables to train before you buy-in to cash tables.

So if you are looking for the best and most profitable way of gettings started for free I can strongly suggest 888 Poker. You can read more about 888 Poker and its advantages in our review

Best of luck at the poker tables

David asks…

Can you block payments to Ladbrokes Poker?

I’ll be honest, I’m addicted. I am a student and have really no money in my account and yet keep wanting to transfer money to play tournaments. My self control leaves me and because I am not seeing the physical money leave me, I feel detached from my losses. I’m with HSBC, can I set a block on the site/bank to prevent myself from transferring money to the poker website?

admin answers:

Did you try out the free no deposit bonus no money needed casinos?you paly with there money so if you loss you get ouf of town and you have fun .

Mandy asks…

How to get free slot play in Las Vegas?

I’m gonna be going to Las Vegas for about 5 days in March 2010, and I was wondering how to get free slot play/coupons/comps in Las Vegas. Do I sign up for each casino’s players club? Do the casinos have coupon books inside? Are there any casinos off the strip that offer any free buffets or free slot play? Could someone tell me the best way to get some freebies in Vegas, thanks.

admin answers:

Here’s some great tips:

First of all BUY a copy of the American Casino Guide 2010 edition – it’s like 13 bucks on Amazon and it includes a ton of match plays, free slot play and show tickets when you sign up for various cards, coupons for double points for slot machines at several casinos and a bunch of food deals like buy one get one free coupons for buffets and various restaurants and free drink coupons.

I go to vegas 3 or 4 times a year and I’ve bought the book the last 3 years – it’s a great investment. (In fact I’m going to vegas in a week and I just bought a second copy so I can get the coupons back that I used during my list trip a few months ago

Second when you go to a new casino (keep in mind that many share the same players card/ownership) check out if they have any deals for sign up – many will give you free show tickets (riviera gave me free tickets my last trip for any show I wanted) or slot play. Also its a good idea to concentrate your play on only a few cards, which you should always use. Particularly if you think you might want to return to vegas sometime in the next year. Many casinos are hurting pretty badly and will send mail offers for free rooms to even moderate slot players – I’m getting most of my stay comped this trip and I’m by no means a high roller (or even a moderate roller). Stratosphere is notoriously good from free room offers to even low rollers (not a bad place if you’re young and not rich), and the bconnected properties (Gold Coast, Orleans, Main Street Station etc) are also really good for future offers even to moderately low rollers.

If you like the slots do yourself a favor and gamble downtown or off strip (The Palms is just west of center strip (free shuttle from Bills to Gold Coast which is across the street from Palms), has awesome slots, even better video poker and is a pretty hip joint.

The other thing to do before you book a hotel if you dont have a comped room is to check for coupons codes for the various travel sites. Right now Orbitz has a deal for 40 dollars off 3 night hotel stays with the code AFFORB40 – you can get a room crazy cheap (under 10 bucks a night in some cases) Want to stay longer? Book 2 seperate 3 night stays and use the code each time.

Lastly cheap out the website – a really cool review site – that will tell you alot about the various vegas casinos.

Hope this helped.


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