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Michael asks…

where can i find and watch free full episodes of supernatural(only season 3&4!) without having to download?

youtube doesnt have season 3 or 4, also…..

after you tell me the name of the, please tell me how to actually start the movie, ive been to a couple of sites which list the episodes but i cant start the actual movie cuz i dont know how >.<

you say anything that doesnt answer this question, it is SPAM, and will be reported.

admin answers:

I mostly use to watch Supernatural online. If you click on this link it will take you straight to the Supernatural page:

It’s free to use and almost every episode of Supernatural is available including all aired episodes of seasons 3 and 4.

Basically, all you have to do is select the episode you want to watch and then there’s usually quite a few links to other sites which host that episode. I generally find that megastic is one of the best sites for watching episodes because it seems to load faster. There might be a lot of links for megavideo but the episodes only stay up for a couple of days before they’re removed so a lot of the megavideo links are probably dead ones.

When you click on the link for the episode – for example one of the ninjavideo links (they’re usually quite good too)
you’ll get a second window opening – if you see an ad for party poker – don’t worry, just ignore it, they pop up all the time – just click out of it and you should get a little screen (which you can enlarge to full size) with a big „play“ sign in the centre.

You might find that it takes a while to load and keeps stopping and starting – usually if you just let it run then come back to it and rewind it back to the beginning it should play perfectly.

Sorry if this explanation seems really long and goes on and on – hope I helped though : )

Carol asks…

what apps should i get for my ipod touch?

okay, so i have heaps already but I want more. can you tell me what some good apps or even songs or whatever are. thankyou. xx (im a teenage girl)- <<<<that may help. 🙂 thanks.

admin answers:

AP Mobile News – probably the best news app for the iPod Touch with a very large amount of news categories to choose from.

Conversions – can convert between a large amount of units and has the option to download other user created categories.

Cube Runner – an extremely fun and entertaining game that gives you the option to download user created levels.

Flixster – a very cool movie app that gives you a lot of detail about movies in the theater and upcoming DVD releases.

Google Earth – although the built it Maps app is good, Google Earth comes loaded with many more features.

HolyWars – a voting app with a very large database of user created questions that also tells you the location of answers.

I.TV – a very useful TV listing and movie app that tells you what’s showing on your cable or satellite company locally.

IVote – tell the world what you think about any subject at hand and even submit your own question for debate.

Joost – watch entire episodes of pretty much any show you want on demand with this awesome app. – a very good music streaming app that allows you to create your very own stations.

Live Poker – poker app created by Zynga that allows you to play poker online with other people the iPod Touch using wifi.

Pandora – the #1 internet radio app for the iPod Touch that lets you create your own stations to fit your music style.

Remote – control iTunes on your computer from your iPod Touch, with a working wifi connection of course.

Scribble – a very easy to use drawing app that comes preloaded with some very useful tools and enhancements.

Tap Tap Revenge 2 – by far the best play-along music game for the iPod Touch hands down!

Textfree Lite – send a daily limited amount of text messages to any US mobile phone for free.

TVUPlayer – allows you to watch streaming television of hundreds of channels right on your iPod Touch.

Twinkle – view twitter updates in an easy to use GUI and also find other twitter users nearby.

WeatherBug – keeps you informed of the weather any time and place and alerts you of watches and/or warnings.

Doodle Jump 99 cents
Scoops 99 cents
Baseball Slugger 99 cents
Jelly car free
Tap Tap revenge free
Bloons 99 cents
Trace Free
Cube Runner Free
Pocket God 99 cents
Icopter 99 cents
Papi Missle Free
Monkey Ball 5.99 (i think)
Line rider Iride 2.99 (i think)
Squares 2 lite Free
Lock ’n‘ roll Free
Arcade hoops lite Free
Sims 3 10$
Ishoot 99 cents
Uno 2.99 (i think)
Who wants to be a millionaire 2.99 (i think)
Rope n fly 99 cents
Word link Free
Do not press the red button (not really a game more of a time taker)free
Waterslide extreme free
Topple Free
Topple 2 99 cents
Tap of war
Brain toot (free) Free
Unblock me Free
Riddle lite free
Chicken panic (Free)
Stop It ! Free Free
The Imbecile test Free
Kids vs Zombies Free
Noise Trio Free
Stick wars 99 cents
Tap Defence free
geoDefence 99cent
Fieldrunners 2.99
Star Shower Free
Space Deadbeef Free
Stone Loops of jurassica lite Free
Wild west pinball Free
Catcha Mouse Free‘
Brick Breaked 3D Free
IBall3D Free
6500+ cool facts Free
IBeer 99 cents
Beer Pong Free
Checkers Free
Minesweeper Free
Suduko (im not sure) maybe 99 cents
Moron Test 99 cents
Light Bike 99 cents
Deer Hunter Free 3D Free
Digidrums 2.99
FS5 Air Hockey Free
Paper Toss Free
Maze Finger Free
Falling Balls Free
Beat Rider lite
All 51 games Free
Gun App Free
Arcade Bowling Free
pacman lite Free
Blink Free
Batterup lite Free
Chase the dot Free
Crack the code Free
Ouch 2.99
Room Escape Free
Fastlane lite Free
Dactyl Free
Cowabunga free
Knots Free
Islots Free
Lightning tap Free
Soccer Kickoff Free
Knights onrush 99 cents
Iswap faces 99 cents
Aqua baller Free

James asks…

What’s a good site to play some joker poker online for free?

admin answers:

Here’s a great site with a free joker poker game you can play online with no download or registration required. The site also has links to places where you can play for real money too.

Sharon asks…

Are they any Texas Hold Em games that I can play against my friend Online?

Like where we can meet up in a table n then the other people come n we play against em.
Ok which do you think is the best one out of all of them. And does party poker have that? if so how do i go about inviting theM?

admin answers:

There are a ton of poker sites from which you can download the poker room software. I recommend Poker Stars ( or Full Tilt Poker (

Once you are logged on, you can do a search for your friends and then invite them to play in any room you are in. Both sites offer free play as well as real money games.

Sandra asks…

Are there free online games like runescape that don’t require downloading?

I don’t want to download anything and i don’t want to pay.
I also want to be able to talk to other people on it.
Please give me suggestions!

admin answers:

Try You can play it without downloading except make sure you have java enabled.

You can play cool card games and the graphics is awesome. If you like it I can give you a club pogo pass that lets you play club pogo games for 5 days for free. It lets you play Texas Hold Em and other poker games.

Runescape requires a download too, but you just dont need a shortcut to get into it since its web-based. Its still a download that takes up space in your memory. If you want a 3-D game like this one, but an online interactive one….you should try or or

I think the most popular would be

The new pogo bowling game is really cute and you can create your own avatar like we do on Yahoo Answers. The other virtual games require a download but they are very addicting and they are interactive. They have really good graphics, and you can play them for FREE.

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