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Helen asks…

Why do contests often require you to take a math skills test?

Is it because they do not allow stupid people to enter contests?
For example the rules will say you must be 21, you must live in Canada, you must complete a math skills test (usually 1 simple questions) so it seems to be a legal thing?

admin answers:

Yeah, it is probably a legal thing. Many places have laws about gambling that have the unintended consequence of making certain kinds of contests illegal. I don’t know how it is in Canada, but in the USA, you often hear language in contest promotions like „offer valid in all states except [a small list of states]“, and gambling laws are usually the reason for these kinds of exceptions.

Often the distinction made by the law is between a „game of chance“ (where your chances of winning are essentially random) and a „game of skill“ (where a person’s own abilities can have an effect on the outcome). For example, where I live, because of the „skill“ component of poker, I could legally open a business where people gamble on poker for money or other prizes, but I could not have slot machines at the business that gave out money or prizes.

The math problem in the contest probably plays a similar role. It means that whether a person wins is not entirely a matter of chance— it depends in some small way on the abilities of the people who enter the contest. That tiny test might make the difference between the contest being legal or illegal in some province of Canada.

A second thought that comes to mind, if it is an online contest, is that it could be an effort to keep people from increasing their chances of winning by entering the contest a large number of times (using variations on their own name over and over, or a lot of fake names, or a lot of or real names of their friends, who could claim the prize for them if they won). Generally, nothing can stop a committed person with a lot of free time from violating the spirit of an online contest or poll by finding a way to submit lots of entries. Adding a little chore like a math problem to the entry process makes this less appealing.

Laura asks…

where is the best website for casino slots games?

there are lots of reviews about casino slots games but i don’t if i would trust those sites who reviews with rank 5/5 stars in all of their casino slots games. in your experience, which casino slots games is better to play to win money?

admin answers:

Doyle’s Casino is a well trusted online casino – sponsored by poker legend Doyle Brunson. They are offering nightly free slots tournaments to try out their casino too. More info on Doyle’s Casino here:

Maria asks…

What are the liquor laws in Vegas? Also, what are some good places to go drink that aren’t too pricey?

OK, so a couple of friends and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas. We are wondering what the liquor laws are like. How late can you buy beer? How late can you buy hard liquor? What are the prices like for buying beer and hard liquor at liquor stores? Also, what are some good places to go drink that aren’t too pricey?

We have never been to Vegas before and want to have a good time without spending ridiculous amounts of money. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

admin answers:

It’s Las Vegas, booze is available 24/7/365..The best place I have found to buy beer/wine/liquor is „Terrible’s Wine & Liquor“ at the Orleans they are open 24/7 and will beat any advertised price. Their prices are lower than I can find at home!

Drinks are free when you’re playing. If you’re a sports nut the best play is the LV Hilton’s „Super Book“. You can play great video poker(9/6 JOB-99.54%) on nickel or quarter machines, watch sports in the greatest sports book on the planet and drink free.

If you’re not into playing you can still drink on the cheap at Slots-A-Fun & Casino Royale they both have $1 bottle beer..

The Buffets at Orleans, Palace Station & Main Street Station all have great food at bargain prices.

„Graveyard Specials“ – a time honored tradition in LV – for a full list use this site >VEGAS INFO >“graveyard specials“ >you can also access every LV hotel web site to check rates, etc. //Nightclubs/Bars > restaurants >shows>buffets & more are all listed and are up to date, not months(or years) old like most LV web sites

The Las Vegas Advisor also has a full list of all the „free spectacles“ & free hotel shuttles.

The best way to save money on a LV trip is to avoid special events, large conventions and weekends. These drive room rates up. Go at the „right“ time and you can stay at 3 star hotels for $25-$39 or 4 stars for $49-$69 – go at the „Wrong“ time and the same room in the same hotel will cost 5 to 10 times as much.

May 28th – June 1st has some good rates – The cheapest time of the year to go is in December, after the National Finals Rodeo up until just before New Years > December 9th – 28th this year $1 beer and $1 craps which means the Orleans uses the place as a loss leader to draw players into the casino, Third there are over 30,000 of us who subscribe to the Las Vegas Advisor, hundreds of whom live in LV, Terrible’s is the name you get when it’s ask(forums) where to buy liquor/beer/wine.

If you like brew clubs, one I would highly recommend is at Main Street Station, after midnight they have 16oz draws for $1

Jenny asks…

Any suggestions for casinos in Canada, must be close to the falls?

For those who have been to casinos in Canada, could anyone give me suggestions? I’m not looking to stay the night, i’m just there for the night. I’m looking for atmosphere, customer service, and just how the casino ranks in comparison. Thanks in advance

admin answers:

I’ve been to both casinos (Casino Niagara and Fallsview) and can report enjoying (and winning at) both of them. I’ve stuck to the video poker and slots since the tables weren’t always attended at both. I would also call customer service a tie mainly because all I can really comment on are the cashiers. Fallsview has a newer vibe and look but Casino Niagara seems to have a bit better lighting, especially in walking areas.

BTW, both offer views of the cataracts, although Fallsview (thus the name) is a little closer to them. Also, since the Skylon Tower is right there at Fallsview, you have another viewing option that Casino Niagara can’t offer. Bottom line: Unless one place has a game the other doesn’t, either one should fit the bill for you. For instance, the last time I was there (last year about this time), Casino Niagara had electronic blackjack but Fallsview didn’t.

If the choices are just too close to decide, why not let the gambling gods decide your fate by flipping a loonie to make the call of where to go?

BTW, the casino ELF is referring to is Seneca Niagara. It is surrounded more by buildings, so it isn’t as open for a Falls view. It seemed to have a bit more open space than either of the NFO properties and was the only one of the three which automatically offered free parking without club membership (although Fallsview doesn’t always staff it’s parking payment stations, making their lots free as well).

I would recommend going to either of the Canadian casinos mainly because the 6% exchange rate (while still quite low) will give you a little more playing time in Canada at an identically denominated machine or table. If you play $100 in a quarter machine at Seneca, you’ll get 20 more quarters to play with (they nip a little off the exchange rate) in Canada.

George asks…

Where are the cheap places to gamble and drink in Las Vegas?

We are heading down to Vegas in August and I am not sure where to stay or gamble and drink. I hear that down town on Freemont St is cheaper but it is not very safe late at night. Are there places on the main strip that are reasonable?
Any advice would be great.
I was wondering if they have 2 and 5 dollar car tables any place on the strip also.

admin answers:

Cheap drinks?
If you’re on the strip, Casino Royale and Slots-A-Fun both have beer/drinks for around $1
Drinks are free if you’re playing, but they seem to arrive quicker and more frequently if you tip the cocktail waitress $1 per round or so.

Cheap places to gamble?
One of the best is the sports book at the Las Vegas Hilton. They have tons of .05c and or .25c 9/6 JOB(Jacks or better) video poker. I can generally put $10 in a .05c machine and play for hours, while watching sports in the greatest sprotsbook on earth and drinking for free.

The Nevada Gaming Commission releases info on where the best(slots/video poker) returns are, and Boulder Hwy* is the best area, followed by downtown(Fremont Street).
*Sam’s Town has a free shuttle from either downtown(California, Fremont) or from the strip(Riviera, Harrah’s) >I enjoy playing at the Eastside Cannery also, which is near Sam’s Town, and Boulder Station is a good one as well.

My absolute favorite for low level play is the Fiesta Henderson. They have „full pay“ video poker at the .05c and .10c level, all over the casino.

Las Vegas – gambling guide
Where to find the best games.

If you’re going to play, sign up for their PCC(Players Club Card). Many times just signing up will get you something.
These guys track the latest sign up promotions.

For great eats that won’t break the bank, try the „graveyard specials“, lunch buffets. There are also a number of steak specials that have been around for years(Ellis Island, Main Street Station’s 777, etc)
If you visit downtown I highly recommend either the lunch buffet at Main Street Station or their prime rib special(after 4pm) at the 777

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