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Paul asks…

Where can I play regular poker online?

Well, since I can’t sleep, I’d like to play some poker, and no I don’t want to make bets with my cash, just want to amuse myself while I have insomnia. I downloaded a few games and they’re all texas hold ‚em, went to a few sites and half of them are online casinos that want cash, any suggestions?

admin answers:

Well if you don’t want to deposit your own money to play you can register with a site that gives you free starting capital. There are few of them out there, but the best that I found is:
To get the free money you have to:
1. Register
2. Read their poker strategy articles
3. Pass their quiz
4. Open an account on one of the poker sites
5. Enter poker account details and wait for the money

They give the starting free 50$, and when you collect certain amount of points they give you an additional 100$

P.S. They don’t accept USA players, and they perform random id security checks, though yet non of my friends that registered had to pass an ID check.

Ken asks…

Where can I play poker or cards online for free without downloading and registering?

admin answers:

There is actually many games for poker online. For example you can play poker games here for free
Hope this is what you are looking for!!

Lizzie asks…

Where’s a good place to download a free texas hold’em game?

I’m looking for a good free downloadable texas hold’em game. I’ve looked around some but all the ones I’ve found are either really lame, a 1 hour demo, or cost obscene amounts of money. Can anyone help?

admin answers:

I don’t know where you can download a free Texas hold em game but i can tell you where you can get a FREE $50 Bankroll and play online poker for free with real money. Visit, you will have to pass a simple poker quiz and you will be rewarded with a $50 bankroll, you will also have the chance to earn a further $100 Bonus Dollars by playing a certain amount of hands. Thats $150 of poker money absolutely free, i believe that is better than playing some free computer game. On the other hand you can always play for free money at any of the poker sites on the net, e.g. Full Tilt, Pokerstars etc.

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Nancy asks…

what is a good online game I can play for free?

I used to play poker and am tired of it….. any ideas for a good free online game? Something that I can build on and play often? I would like it if it would save my progress…….thanks!

admin answers:

Here I go. I’ll do my best.

If you’re looking for a good free online game, you can’t go wrong with League of Legends. Personally, I don’t like it, but it’s extremely popular and relatively easy to learn, from what I hear. I don’t think you can save your progress, but the game itself is solid and isn’t pay-to-win.

League of Legends:

Shooters are big in terms of online gaming, the first one that comes to mind is Team Fortress 2. Again, I don’t like it, particularly because of the ‚cartoonish‘ atmosphere, but again it is extremely popular and I’m fairly certain it isn’t pay-to-win. So you know, to play TF2 you need to have a Steam client installed and an account created. Both of these and TF2 are free. TF2 is backed by a strong community and lots of community contributions.

Team Fortress 2:

I used to play a browser-based MMORPG called RuneScape a long, long time ago. Recently it’s gotten a bit too mainstream for my tastes, but you might enjoy it. As I said it’s browser-based, so you don’t need to download anything to play. You just need to have a Java plugin running in your browser. There is a client you can download, but it’s not mandatory. Also, I’m fairly certain they’re working on an HTML5 version of the game. The base game of RuneScape is free, but there is a paid version, called Members, if you’re interested.


A couple games I play:

Recently, I’ve gotten into two military shooters: Warface and Contract Wars.

Warface is a well-made military FPS by Crytek, the producers of Crysis and FarCry. It’s free, and extremely good-looking, being made with CryEngine. The playerbase is hurting a bit right now due to some bad decisions (won’t go into that) but the game is solid. As I said the community is small but generally friendly. I have hope that the community and playerbase will recover in the coming months. Take note that Warface is also a browser game, it runs on CryEngine through a plugin called the GFACE Experience Plugin. This can take some time to get used to.

Warface also features co-op alongside the regular PvP. There aren’t many co-op missions to choose from at the moment as the game is in Open Beta. Also, it takes a really, REALLY long time to unlock stuff. But, the starting weapons aren’t what you’d call underpowered. Overall the game is pretty balanced.


Contract Wars is another free FPS I play, and quite honestly, I love it. I used to play it as a way to kill time between classes, but now I can honestly say I have fun playing it. It has microtransactions like any F2P game, but it’s hardly pay-to-win, at least, not in my experience. Sometimes you’ll even get premium guns (albeit only for a day or two) by leveling up.
The game runs on Unity3D through the Unity browser plugin, and isn’t resource intensive at all – my 2011 laptop can run it just fine. It might be a bit difficult to learn the interface at first, but it’ll get easier with time. I can probably say this is my favorite free FPS I’ve played yet.

Contract Wars:

There’s my two cents. Hope I helped.

Maria asks…

Do you play poker online for real money?

What website do you use?

How do you feel about Full Tilt

admin answers:

FullTIltPoker is a great site. Sign up at to get their best bonus packages, and to avoid the hassle of downloading the ‚play money‘ version. Use bonus code RIVER88 to ensure that you are getting the best bonuses too. You can read an independent review of their site at and you will also find free poker tips from the pros!

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