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Paul asks…

Is there a certain threshold in Nevada casinos where you can claim your winnings tax-free?

ex: winning a certain amount (let’s say $2000) before you have to fill out 1099 forms and that junk.

admin answers:

It depends on what you are playing.

Poker Tournaments: $5000
Slot or bingo winnings: $1200
Keno: $1500

And the casino should provide you with a W-2G form if you are over the threshold. Also available at:

Nancy asks…

Where do i find the megaspin in zynga poker on facebook?

i have gold coins but idk where the megaspin slot machine is i know you can use it for 2 gold coins but i have no idea where to find it can someone help me out?

admin answers:

You can click Lucky Bonus on your left side to access the Megaspin in Zynga Poker.

If You need Free Zynga Chips You can Visit Here:

Betty asks…

Lookin‘ for a new online casino to play. Which new internet casino is the best?

I like big bonuses, blackjack, video slots, and some of the gimmicky variations on video poker. Any good new online casinos that you know about?

admin answers:

I really like JC. They are a new Microgaming Casino with very aggressive promotions, a full suite of games, and fast payouts. You can read more about them at

It has a free real $500 play offer that is really cool. They are the best new online casino site.

Chris asks…

Are there any places we can rent a room for an activity or event in Osaka?

I’d like to host parties, musical events, and poker nights somewhere in Osaka, but I have no idea where I could go to rent space. Does anyone know where I could go?
Poker is only illegal if it’s played for money. There’s a Japanese Poker Players Assocation in Tokyo, but they only play with chips and the winner only gets prizes which, like pachinko, is completely legal. But thanks for the warning!

admin answers:

Almost all large restaurants have function rooms available.
Parties would be OK, but probably not music.
There’s usually a set menu and fixed price per person, with the all-you-can-drink option for a bit extra, and a time limit.

Lots of places in Namba or Umeda. Pick up a free paper lot „Hot Pepper“ full of restaurant ads and deals.

Competition in the Osaka restaurant business is fierce, so you can easily find deals for as low as 3000yen/person without drinks. Be ready to pay 5000 for a nicer place with drinks and better food. Beware restaurants that provide rooms that „seat 50 people“ yet really only have room for about 40, plus 10 more chairs wedged in.

For small gatherings, you could probably just get a smaller room „ko-shitsu“ at a restaurant. Many restaurants have private rooms for groups of 4,8, or 12.

If you want to play poker, your best bet is probably to get to know a barkeep and frequent one place that isn’t too busy, yet is gaijin-friendly. If you stick to using poker chips, ask first, and are a good customer, I don’t see why there’d be a big problem.

Same for music.

Gambling is „illegal“ in Japan, except for betting on horses, bicycle races, boat races, the lotteries (several), pachinko ($250billionUS annually) , slot machines, and under the table mahjong betting.
Still, al the legal betting is run by the govt (races)., the banks(lotteries), or the yakuza(pachinko and slots).
Trying to gamble with friends in public might be, odd.

Donald asks…

Can I get comps from playing lots of poker?

If I play poker (1$/2$) for like 6-8 hours straight, can I ask the pit boss for a comp? The casino im going to already has the VIP card system, I doubt ill get much from that.

I’m going to Fallsview Casino or Casino Niagara.
I’d always have atleast 100$ infront of me for the whole night.

admin answers:

They are not going to comp you anything special for playing 1/2 or any poker for that matter. The card system is all you will get for playing poker and it’s like .50 an hour depending on the casino. The reason that table game and slot players get comped is because there playing against the house so the casino makes alot more money off of them than just the rake that they make from poker players. I regular at one casino near me „60-100 hours a week, all poker“ and all I get in the mail is there tournament schedule while my girlfriend might go once or twice a month to play slots and she gets free rooms, food, gas and even „easy play“ cash, LOL.

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