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Michael asks…

Thinking of buying a ps3 Good or bad idea?

So lately I just got tired from my ps2 and now I’m thinking of buying a ps3 can anyone tell me what are the good and bad things about buying one or even if I should buy it?
Just need some opinions because can’t seem to make up my mind about it, Thanks.

admin answers:

The best graphics

Best future proofing, the games being on blu-ray and the processing power of the PS3 means that the games are going to keep getting better and better over the lifetime of the PS3.

It plays blu-ray movies, but that only matter if you have an HDTV

There is no subscription to the PSN network, you don’t have to pay extra to play online.

It’s much more reliable than it’s rival.

It has firmware updates, so that it will be able to keep up with the times, and have new functions added to it.

You can buy PS1 games, special PSN games, (small games that don’t take up much space on your hard drive, but that are a lot of fun. You can download the latest free demo’s of upcoming games. Free wallpapers and themes. You can buy new map packs and other extra content for games that you own, and some game content is free.

I can’t remember what it’s called, even though I have it, lol, but there is a free service that lets you stream music video’s of your choice and make play lists, it needs a little more work, but it’s pretty good, and free.

If you like to meet other gamers, and play things like poker and bowling, then there is Home, which is a bit weird at times, but interesting, and free.

Note: If you buy a new one, which you should, remember that new PS3’s do not have backwards compatibility, they won’t play PS2 games, so if you want to play your old games, remember to keep your PS2.

Donna asks…

Anyone know of a good casino game?

I’m looking for a good game that will allow me to play a bunch of different casino games, like blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, etc. Anyone know of a good download-able or online game that encompasses most casino games? I’d prefer it if I can download it, but if someone knows a good online game that would be good too.

admin answers:

Try this site, for an example.
I think this one is a free online site and can be downloaded. There seems to be quite a few online to choose from…good luck 🙂

Charles asks…

where can i find free slot games-double diamonds on my computer without downloading?

something more interesting other than the usual games, maybe some games with bonuses.

admin answers:

Won’t find Double Diamonds online but there are hundreds of bonus slot games you can play for free.

Best thing is no signup or download is required – just click and play. The free games section is located in the middle of the page of the link I posted in the source.

You can play individual games or a launch a casino suite with a bunch of slot, poker blackjack or roulette games. Some new additions include Hitman and Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword.

You can also play The Three Stooges slot by RTG but you’ll have to install a casino for that, but it is still a lot of fun. There are also some Rival Casinos that will give a free no deposit cash bonus just to try their games as well.

Maria asks…

What’s the best free working online poker bot you can download?

admin answers:

The one that doesn’t work.
Don’t cheat.

Sandra asks…

Does anyone know of a poker gambling site that is open to Americans and does not require a download to play?

Hoping to find a site open to Americans with easy deposit that can be played through the web broswer

admin answers:

There are many online casinos available to US players. I have dealt with Royal Vegas Casino for 8 years as a player and as an advisor to online casino players and can recommend them very highly.

There are a number of easy deposit options that you can read about on their site here before you go and play.

Select your desired currency if it hasn’t already geo-targeted you and then look for the „Play Lite Casino“ button on the left of the casino homepage. This is the non-download version of their casino.

They are powered by Microgaming Viper Software, in my opinion, the best casino software provider on the Internet. Awesome graphics, sounds, support, gameplay and they introduce new games every month.

You can always play for free so there’s no harm in having a look and trying the games out before you decide to deposit.

That’s my pick of the best US online casinos out there anyway. I’m sure others will have other ideas.

Best of luck where ever you end up anyway!

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